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Susan Marchant (78AC - 150AC)

According to "Perplex Issue Zero"

Was the first researcher to focus solely on the Cube. She studied it in near isolation for over twenty years. She described phenomena we have only been able to test in the last twenty years - all of which have thus far proven stunningly accurate. Marchant was famously driven mad in her twighlight years. She claimed that the Cube was a self-aware entity, and that it was communicating with her via her senses.

Archin1.jpg Gatehouse 24 set the stage for our earliest interaction with Perplex City. A series of Errorlogs reveal co-workers who discussed policy, and friends who discussed Shoes. Also, tidbits of culture, including an odd Video and an ancient quote are introduced. The entry on this wiki regarding Perplexcity.com covers this material, as well.

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