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Project Syzygy
Life without cards


  • Works with Henrik Tanner, head of Academy security.
    • This is probably less of a direct work relationship, and more of a cross-departmental relationship.

Regarding the Blackout on 10-AUG-06:

An intentional act of sabotage irreparably damaged the data link and cause it to shut down. The blackout was simultaneous, but it's clear that the data link problem was completely separate. [CRR equipment detected an anomaly which it does believe is linked to the blackout. Her group is still examining the data and was not prepared to discuss its conclusions.] "So far, it's clear to us that the blackout and the damage to the data link were two completely separate events,


  • Shoes Conversation (Part 1)
Perplex City Errorlogs#2470936999.cache
  • Shoes Conversation (Part 2)
Perplex City Errorlogs#2662497757.cache
  • Shoes Conversation (Part 3)
Perplex City Errorlogs#5957496696.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#6303535475.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#9457138217.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#8525166427.cache

The Perplex City Sentinel

Archin1.jpg Gatehouse 24 set the stage for our earliest interaction with Perplex City. A series of Errorlogs reveal co-workers who discussed policy, and friends who discussed Shoes. Also, tidbits of culture, including an odd Video and an ancient quote are introduced. The entry on this wiki regarding covers this material, as well.

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