Henrik Tanner

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Henrik Tanner
Perplex City
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Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Associations Academy Security Director, friends with Anna Heath


  • Academy Security Director
  • Had been in the position less than a year when the Cube was stolen
  • Made the first researches into the missing Academy equipment, such as Reynolds Ionizers and Klebold Plates.
  • Helped Anna Heath in the investigation into the parts.
    • Agreed to change security settings so that the parts could be tagged.
  • Uncovered the Earth Link Infiltration, as reported 05-JAN-07.

It is clear that some communication has been happening without authorisation, and for some time. ... We fear that this communication has been going on at least since the [executive] order [NE-3309] went into effect, and possibly even quite a bit longer.

  • After Sente Kiteway's house was broken into (and torn to shreds), there were calls for Tanner to be sacked from his job as head of security.


  • Was, many years ago, in a relationship with Anna Heath.
  • Presently is seeing a woman who works in the Maitland Museum.
  • Paints mazes in his spare time.


Gatehouse Logs

Perplex City Errorlogs#1817413596.cache
  • Email from his partner (?)
Perplex City Errorlogs#4274663919.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#6303535475.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#9457138217.cache
Perplex City Errorlogs#8525166427.cache

Perplex City Sentinel

Anna Heath's blog link

  • entry, 14-JUN-06, "Secrets and Lies"
  • entry, 20-JUN-06, "Into the Lion's Den"
  • entry, 29-JUN-06, "Secret Rendezvous"

Archin1.jpg Gatehouse 24 set the stage for our earliest interaction with Perplex City. A series of Errorlogs reveal co-workers who discussed policy, and friends who discussed Shoes. Also, tidbits of culture, including an odd Video and an ancient quote are introduced. The entry on this wiki regarding Perplexcity.com covers this material, as well.

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