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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

  • This site was discovered to have a series of images, and 27 hotlinks.
  • Notice also, the third power symbolS:
    • On the lower right of the top image on the second page.
    • On the mid-to-lower left of the midle image on the second page.
  • It is possible the area of trees seen on the second page were previously seen in Monica Grand's Image.
    • Note the two are not exactly the same place, but they may have been at, say, the same photoshoot, or on the same property.
    • An important difference, however, is that Monica's photo was probably taken in or near Perplex City, while the Receda Resorts photos were probably taken on Earth.

  • It was soon decided the numbered hotspots should be used like a QWERTY keyboard of letters, 1-26.
    • Thank you to Tanner for that insight  :)
      1. 99 is a 'submit' or 'enter' button.

  • This last page seems to almost taunt us along:
Communications are insecure; we have detected an unknown network of agents operating counter to our interests. This website should throw them off track from getting the seventh and final keyword.

New rendezvous for the keyword will take place in London, UK, 22nd October. I will be in position to monitor events. More information will come soon, but be prepared. If they try to come, we have contingencies in place and I am confident they will not be able to retrieve the keyword, no matter what they do.

Increased chatter and traffic analysis has shown that a number of agents may arriving to monitor or disrupt the handover. As a security precaution, you will be required to verify your identity at a number of waypoints before we meet; you will also receive information regarding the final meeting point and time at these waypoints. It is highly unlikely that the unknown network will be able to cause any real problems as they are lacking in numbers and capabilities.

You will require real time internet access and online assistance in order to co-ordinate with us and receive instructions. If necessary, use a contact you trust and give them the standard cover story.

It appears that a member of the unidentified Earth network (henceforth designated 'UEN1') has identified our meeting place in Clapham. We haven't discovered how they found the information - possibly through one of our auxilaries in London - but this is not a serious cause for concern. They are still not aware of the tasks you will have to carry out prior to the rendezvous, or its final location.

Therefore, Saturday will go ahead as planned, and we have the utmost confidence in you that you will complete the tasks without any trouble or interference. Naturally, you will be constantly monitored during the day, and have access to support information in emergencies.

This particular member of UEN1 has, rather foolishly, published this information on a public website. We have already identified him and are moving to isolate and neutralise him.

  • As many players as possible are requested to be available in IRC or in London or by phone this saturday!!!

Receda.png The Receda Trail

The Receda Approach - The Receda Sign - The Receda Institute for Somnatherapy - The Receda School of Music - Receda's Revenge - Receda Resorts

Monica Grand died giving us the trailhead of keywords. The Third Power lead us all over creation .. only to beat us over the head in the end. The jerks.