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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth



  • This website was found by following leads posted in England about something happening in Toronto.
  • See : The Receda Approach for more about this.
  • The website claims "Two worlds will change forever." Presumably, that would be Earth and Perplex City
  • After a video was seen live in person in theaters in Toronto, a viewing of the video became available on the website as well:
    • The two main points of the video are:

25powers.png Cube1.png

  • The many images pop into place somewhat randomly, then fade to the schematic of The Receda Cube.
  • Most likely the idea being conveyed in the 25 small pictures is "Power". (Money, government, religion, electricity, and so forth.)
  • The video contains no sound.

Soon after the video, other Information was spotted on The Receda Sign website:

Meridian Cross Studios

USA: 1 800 959 2138 | UK: 0207 526 4577

This led people to The Receda Institute for Somnatherapy.

Receda.png The Receda Trail

The Receda Approach - The Receda Sign - The Receda Institute for Somnatherapy - The Receda School of Music - Receda's Revenge - Receda Resorts

Monica Grand died giving us the trailhead of keywords. The Third Power lead us all over creation .. only to beat us over the head in the end. The jerks.