Sanjean Adamek

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Champion, year 223AC



  • Became Senior Fellow of Arts in 252AC
  • Had a series of wins in the PCAG in 223
  • Became a Junior Fellow when he was only 26
  • His contributions to the Academy's visual puzzles have been of an extraordinary standard, six times winning the Taversen Award
  • Book Intricate Design, published in 235, is a classic in the field
  • Has won the Rincente Prize, and is currently the holder of a Special Fellowship in Graphical Coding
  • Is a painter of some renown in his own right, and his works have been exhibited at the prestigious Restructure Gallery
  • Lives in the Old Town, in a house built by Anthony Granier.

Family Life

  • Descendant of the original Master Vianne Adamek
  • Professor Adamek and his wife Annaliese are the parents of four children and have six grandchildren.


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