Shannon Powell

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  • Long-time Perplex City Council Candidate.
  • Has for Council Leader four times in the past
  • Consistently repeats the same positions, advocating significant cutbacks in basic public services such as police, education, and health care, in order to divert the funds to massive public works projects, primarily art installations.
  • These beliefs have largely kept her out of the seat throughout her political career.

Scott, Earlywine Even in Polls

Recent polls indicate that sitting Council Leader Camryn Scott and Council Member Nathan Earlywine, both candidates for the Council Leader post, are now running neck-and-neck in public opinion following popular candidate Douglass Finlay's exit from the race. The poll also shows fellow candidate Shannon Powell trailing with a scant 2% of the vote, and a full 18% of those polled remained undecided.

Sentinel, news in brief, 11-SEP-06


    • article, 20-JUL-06 "Earlywine Presses Advantage in Debate" link
    • news in brief, 11-SEP-06 "Scott, Earlywine Even in Polls"
    • article, 19-OCT-06 "Earlywine Wins Leader Post, Scott Retains Seat on Council" link