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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • More details found in VHC tempfile, detailing human and canine experimentation.
  • First mention: Kurt on August 25, 2006 from his blog. Searching around for who ordered the parts used in the wormhole he uses a password he saw on Sente's desk while waiting for Violet for a lunch date.
  • The password shows the parts were ordered by Special Project 487.
  • Karen told Kurt that there was one word associated with the project: 'axiom'


  • Quirky Acuity
    • entry, 06-OCT-06 "Back on the road again" link
  • The Path of Least Time
    • entry, 10-OCT-06 "Search Agent" link
  • Perplex City Sentinel
Shirt.png Viendenbourg Heritage Centre

Violet & Scarlett went to Viendenbourg, and were shocked by the appalling display of ... tourism. Kurt managed to dislodge a choppy piece of data, affectionately known as the VHC tempfile, the contents of which changed everything.

Contents: Emails from Aparna | Emails between Sente Kiteway and Chadwick | Lab reports | VHC Security log | VHC gif file

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