Tanraga Mountains

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  • A Mountain range somewhere to the North of Perplex City
  • Some ancient Land Art has been found in this region.
  • Hiking trails wind their way through the Tanraga region, which are commonly frequented by students on vacation.
  • Visitors are cautioned: There are a lot of brackish pools and still ponds along the trails.
    • A standard kit for hiking in the area should include treatment pills and filtration systems.
    • Using untreated or improperly treated water may lead to nausea, vomiting, serious dehydration, high fever, and so on.
    • 30-MAY-06 - Twelve hikers were hospitalized after using bad water while camping in this area.

Scarlett Kiteway began a late-summer-2005 vacation here with her boyfriend Brede, and some friends Sanj and Margot. This turned into a big adventure when they met Allain and detoured to Viendenbourg...


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