Gregory Dempsey

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Gregory Dempsey
Perplex City
Greg dempsey.jpg
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Associations Key engineer;
Formerly at Centrifuge;
Head of Locus Technology


  • Let go due to security flaws in next-generation keys, namely susceptibility to a new aspect of the Djinn virus.
    • He claims he was made a scapegoat for the failings of the entire next-gen key division
    • Considered suing Centrifuge for false accusations.
  • After leaving Centrifuge, started a new business - Locus Technology.
    • Offices are situated in the Old Town.
    • Has plans to reinvent the private key services sector.
  • Was asked for commentary by the Sentinel, after the trashing of Sente Kiteway's private residence.
    • Advocated the complete sacking of all of the key officials in the Academy, including Henrik Tanner.


  • Perplex City Sentinel
    • article, 27-JUN-05, "Key Developer Axed" link
    • article, 8-DEC-05, "Iona Interviews... Gregory Dempsey" link
    • article, 18-JAN-07 "Academy Security 'Sievelike,' Says Expert" link