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  • President and CEO of Hesh Records
  • Officially formed Hesh Records: 01/01/246
  • Lives in a Mobius Strip mansion/bachelor pad.
  • Age: 45 (as of NOV-05)
  • "A confirmed, and unabashed, womaniser," "infamous ladies' man"
  • A self-made man
    • Grew up in a slum neighbourhood in the Old Town
    • Began his career as a DJ but quickly moved on to music production.
    • He borrowed 20,000 Lecks from a Carrick Foundation grant scheme to found Hesh Records
    • Within ten years had turned it into more than 20 million.
  • The Sentinel speculated about problems arising between Helix and Tippy. Eventually, that relationship blew up in Tippy's face. She helped us get back at him a bit by giving us clues to the password to his private file area. (see below)
  • Hesh was rumored, in early June 2006, to be engaged to PCAG star Serena Duncan. The facts eventually came out that Duncan was frightened to be attached to such a heavy philanderer. The pair has had a tumultuous relationship which some speculate is ideal for them.

Office & Professional Information

  • Office number: 701
  • Password: appassionato

As found in his personal file space, 10-APR-06

Other apparently deleted, locked, or unavailable files include:

  • tips.jpg (probably a picture of Tippy Ankron)
  • RFD Surprise (Something nice for Roll For Damage)
  • 4Q Sales.pdf (The latest report on how Hesh Records is doing)
  • Revised Distr--? (The current list of who is selling Hesh albums within the city)
  • PCSO Member--? (Something regarding the Perplex City String Orchestra, which Hesh attends regularly)
  • Internal Security
  • Phantom Ma--?


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