Astrid Lindstrom

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Champion, year 248AC



  • Professor Lindstrom became Senior Fellow of Mathematics and Logic in 266AC
  • She continues to head the Academy's 55-strong group researching number theory, as well as lecturing the department of Cryptology
  • Professor Lindstrom joined the Academy directly through her excellent performance in the PCAG
  • She placed highly in the PCAG contests in 245 and 247, and won the championship in 248
  • Her work in the area of Groshniev's Theorem won her the Allanson Prize in 253, after the prize had remained unclaimed for almost forty years.
  • She continues to compete in Puzzle Open tournaments and is a trustee of the PCAG schools programme.

Family Life

  • In her free time, Professor Lindstrom enjoys crash-ball and mountain-climbing


The Perplex City Academy

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