Lancewood Archipelago

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  • Contains thirteen islands, the last of which is Hobbs Island, site of the Lancewood Laboratory. For further information see Hobbs Island Transcript.
  • Also known as the "Isles of Gyvann" or the "Holy Isles" because of its assocation with Cubeheads; they used to have a retreat there
  • Famous for wildlife, giant tretretretre skeletons, naval battles and pirates
  • Academy researchers went there during Granier's time, but the records show only that they studied zoology and geology
  • Difficult to navigate

The Puzzle

  • First revealed to Earth on September 15, 2006 when Kurt solves a puzzle Anthony Granier had left 300 years ago for his children. Scarlett found the puzzle along with a note and passed it along to us. We couldn't figure it out, but Kurt did. Granier took readings from the islands. Kurt had the map needed to put the answers together.
  • Granier's note to his children accompanying the puzzle says in part: "If your heart is in the matter and you wish to learn more of your father, there is a place which contains much knowledge. I cannot write its name, but this puzzle will lead you to it. I am confident you will find out its secret. Should you travel there at last, go safely and forgive me."