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The Perplex City Wiki will be undergoing maintanance at 10:00PM GMT on Wednesday 15/03/2006. The wiki will be unavailable for approx. 30 Minutes. We will be upgrading to the latest version of MediaWiki.

This Wiki has been set up for the storage and indexing of Project Syzygy / Perplex City based documents, images, and other stuff! Also, it's here to enable people to fire up speculation, puzzles and other stuff to get it out to the people and get them to look into it.

Please note, due to frequent spam attacks, we have a new User Policy! In short, you must be logged in to edit pages, and you cannot create a user without an administrator's approval. See the article on "User Policy" for more.

Perplex City Information

Game Overview

Puzzle Cards are being sent to Earth by Sente, the Perplex City Academy staff, and Mind Candy to find the missing Receda Cube. The citizens of Perplex City desperately want the Cube returned as it is a cornerstone of thier society. The next step to finding The Cube is to complete many Puzzle Cards and get clues to the location of the cube.

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Hot Topics

Current pages to watch:

Information Archive

  • Linkslist - The ARGing community is absolutely rich with links to, from, and about Perplex City! From IRC logs to Google-style maps, you'll find it all here. All the important stuff, all in one easy to locate resource.
  • Puzzletools - ARGers old and new may find use for these cryto and organizational tools.
  • Unsolved mysteries - Many questions. There are secrets in every corner of this city. We attempt to collect the most pertinent ones here.
  • Timeline - Cataloging major events which affect especially Earthly citizens. If Perplex City were easier to write a traiul for, it might look something like this. (needs updating)
  • In-game Timeline - The lengthy history of things in the city. Births and deaths, eras and epochs, listed in order, back to the dawn of civilization.
  • Main Characters - The city is populated by 5 million people. most of them are none of our business. Some of them, however, are especially interesting.
  • Groups & Organisations - "As branching factions fractal in symbology, a oneness which breaks unity from roots will claim we’re all the same."
  • Websites and Site Mirrors - All the strictly In-game website; that is, websites designed and maintained by citizens of Perplex City.
  • Misc Documents - With great questions come great answers. sometimes, in the form of paper. sometimes in the form of more questions.


Getting Started, aka Look Here First!

News & Updates

Frequently Used Tools