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This is a list that shows some of the biggest clues we've recieved so far.

Early Errorlogs

Before the hunt was even properly afoot, players discovered eleven logs that had leaked out of the Perplex City Academy system. It includes discussion of cute shoes, office bitching, and an ominous appearence from Fran Mendling, who would later be killed during the theft of the Cube.

Academy History (from Abbey Road)

A printout was received at the Abbey Road event. It was a vigenere cipher, and it revealed information about the history of Perplex City's leading institution, The Academy.

Pietro Salk's Files

Pietro Salk, a leading investigative journalist for The Sentinel, is approached by a shady character calling herself The Advisor, who reveals she was part of the Cube Theft plan. She gradually provides him with more information surrounding the operation, but soon enough Pietro is murdered. We eventually discover that The Advisor is Monica Grand, but when Sylvia Salk goes to meet her, she finds her bleeding to death. She dies moments later, but leaves us a clue that starts us off on The Receda Trail.

Third Power Correspondence

Halfway through The Receda Trail, alas, we blew our cover and were discovered by the Third Power. This made the Clapham event something of a bait-and-switch, but at least we managed to get to these email logs. They show correspondence between V, the operational mastermind of the Cube Theft, and people allied with the conspiracy on Earth.

The Granier Diaries

Violet Kiteway went to visit her uncle Sanjean Adamek, who by all accounts has a totally sweet pad. In fact, it dates back hundreds of years, and happens to have a Third Power symbol in it. It turns out it was put there by the builder of the house, Anthony Granier. Then it transpired that his diary was at Violet's workplace, the PXC Academy Library, but you had to be an author to get at it, so we wrote a book. And then! We finally got it transcribed for us. Read it here.

More Academy Email Leaks

You really think they'd have stepped up security by now, huh? But alas the "you've completed all the cards in a set" emailing widget also ends up forwarding players juicy internal memoranda from the Academy. Squeee!


This page is a comprehensive listing of what passwords to use on what sites.


Neville Clark, over at the Department of Cryptology, gave us the location of an access system for some hidden departmental information. this, in turn, led Kurt to talk to Karen Moro.


As e have learned more about the city, we have gained a greater sense of layout and geography. In this way, we have also acquired a small variety of maps. They are collected in the Maps article.


This document is a list of over-the-counter and prescription drugs available within the city.


All known ages and birthdates of everyone who's anyone.