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  • Violet Kiteway wants us to write a book for her.
  • She plans to have it published by Seaside Press.
  • Once it's published, she can use her credentials as a published author to get access to the diary of Anthony Granier



  • Deadline For Entries Is December 16th!!
  • Entries should be themed: Games
  • Use this page as an index of other pages.
    • For example, if Sente were to write a piece on his family, he might format it like so:
Tales From Earth:Kiteway Crazies - User:Sente  28-NOV-05, 5000 words
A short treatise on my lunatic daughters, both of whom cavort with strangers.

Index of articles

Tales From Earth:The Assignment - User:Enigmaster 29-NOV-05, 1337 words (:D) Editor:Centipede
A short story, illustrating one of the many pressures of student life.
Tales From Earth:Coffee Addiction - User:Coxtin 29-NOV-05, 1081 words Editor:SledgeCallier
A NON_AUTOBIOGRAHPICAL story about a man who loves coffee.
Tales From Earth:Carnival of Monsters - User:MikeyJ 07-DEC-05, 192 words Editor:SledgeCallier
An excuse to insult people.
Tales From Earth:Collaborative Effort - The Unfiction Community Editor:Scott
(A work in progress - A proper title is to be deteremined.)
This story is being written and assembled by a volunteer collection of forumers.
Tales From Earth:Draco Venatio - User:Scott 01-DEC-05, 2100+ words Editor:Centipede
Dragons play games, the likes of which no man has any business playing.
Tales From Earth:Expedition - User:Forg 29-NOV-05, 1290 words Editor:Centipede
Another day comes, another day goes...
Tales From Earth:Games-Sports-Ultimate Frisbee - User:kobeyu and ??? 01-DEC-05, 614 words Editor:SledgeCallier
(Abandoned -- feel free to finish it - A work in progress)
A description of one of Earth's newer sports.
Tales From Earth:ilovenatalie.exe - User:GasparLewis  2-DEC-05, 1300 words and a big pile of numbers Editor:Centipede
William's girlfriend is missing, and somebody planned it.
Can he solve his way to her rescue? Or rather... can you?
Tales From Earth:Kabuki Belly Dancer - User:Mokey F. Rock 08-DEC-05, 2584 words Editor:Centipede
A short story of escaping reality.
Tales From Earth:DVD Games - User:MagikGuy 9-DEC-05, 1600 words Editor:SledgeCallier
A review of the Harry Potter 'Scene it?' DVD game.
Tales From Earth:The London 2012 Olympic Bid - User:Frankie Roberto  3-DEC-05, 1000 words Editor:Centipede
An article on London's successful 2012 Olympic Bid.
(comments, feedback and proof-reading welcome)
Tales From Earth:Moonbeam - User:Cronogenesis 06-DEC-05, 2,087 words Editor:SledgeCallier
A stranger a letter and an ancient coin... A rewriting of part one an old series I once wrote and did noting with.
Tales From Earth: The night - User:Specterz  29-NOV-05, 500 words Editor:Centipede
A little rant about nights on Earth.
Tales From Earth:Number Cruncher - User:Cronogenesis 07-DEC-05, 0 words, lots of 0's and 1's (Not really)Edited by SledgeCallier
A nice little binary puzzle I quickly wrote. The code should work but feel free to check it.
Tales From Earth:Perplex City D20 Module - User:Scott 01-DEC-05, 0 words
(A work in progress)
A role playing game module based in Perplex City.
Tales From Earth:peta - User:Coxtin 29-NOV-05, 1225 words Editor:SledgeCallier
A story in which a monkey gives relationship advice which is unwelcome
Tales From Earth:people games - User:Hituro 11-DEC-05, 2000 words Editor:SledgeCallier
Playing games with People
Tales From Earth:Ramblerhymes I and II - User:GasparLewis  29-NOV-05, 1000+ words Editor:Centipede
A free-form, semi-poignant tirade about nothing... in a good way.
Tales From Earth:Reality? Virtually! - User:Sentinel  28-NOV-05, 2581 words Editor:SledgeCallier
A discussion of the ever blurring boundaries between reality and the world of gaming.
Tales From Earth:Spay's Invaders - User:Gibbet 09-DEC-05, 1331 words Editor:SledgeCallier
This is not a game!
Tales From Earth:Tower of Cards - User:Gibbet  04-DEC-05, 1242 words Editor:Centipede
A story of persistence to fulfill a lifelong dream.
(Feedback will be welcomed)
Tales From Earth:Tuberunning - User:ammonite 03-DEC-05, 866 words Editor:SledgeCallier
London is a game.  In many ways.  This is about a few of them.
Tales From Earth:Where's My Meniscus and other time wasters - User:TheBozzball 02-DEC-05, 3186 words Editor:Centipede
A description of the games played by a group of people in a place.
Tales From Earth:Chanko-nabe - User:ammonite 09-DEC-05, 6583 words Editor:SledgeCasllier
A girl who fell in love with a sumo-wrestler.
Tales From Earth:The Rebel Pirate - User:Cronogenesis 11-DEC-05, 271 words
Somebodys stolen the ships booty! But who is the culprit?
Tales From Earth:Pawn - User:Zaeil 11-DEC-05, Illustration
Lone pawn on a chessboard, watched by more powerful pieces.  Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:Hide and Seek Peek - User:Zaeil 11-DEC-05, Illustration
Peeking while others hide.  Black and white illustration.