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This article has been marked as a part of the PXC Wiki Project, an effort to improve the quality and content of important articles.

Please make sure this article is currently up-to-date and easily accessible to new players of the game.

Interested in editing the Perplex City wiki? It's easy, available to everyone, and free.

What is a wiki? According to Wikipedia: A wiki (wee-kee or wick-ey) is a type of website that allows anyone visiting the site to add, remove, or otherwise edit all content, very quickly and easily. . .This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative writing.

The goal of this wiki is to catalogue and cross reference every piece of information given to players, and to present it in a neutral, speculation-free way.

Getting started

The Perplex City wiki invites all Cubehunters to register for an account and edit the wiki, whether you've just solved your first Puzzle Card today, or have been around since the Project Syzygy days. Here's how to get started:

  • First, check our User Policy for information on how to get a logon.
  • Done that already? If you're new to wiki editing, familiarize yourself with the markup language (it's very easy) by reading the basic guide here.
  • Read the Editing Guidelines for this wiki, so you have a sense of what a wiki page should look like.
  • Don't forget to add info to your userpage! That can be found at User:Yourname. See Scott's or Laura's for examples.
  • Now you're ready to edit!

Where to edit

Need some ideas on how to get involved? Here's some things you can do!

Create a new page with the latest information from the world of Perplex City. The easiest way to do this is to type the page's title in the search box. If the page exists, you'll be taken to it, or given a list of related pages; otherwise, the Search results will invite you to start an article with that title. Be sure to check out the Wanted Pages for our most-needed new articles.
Update an existing page. To do so, just click on the article's edit tab, and start writing! Not sure what needs editing?
  • Stubs are short articles that could use some expanding. Fill us in with more details!
  • Articles marked for Cleanup may have good information already, but are presented poorly. Organise and polish them to make them shine!

Not much of a writer? Here's some other ways that you can be involved!

Citations, please! This wiki is about facts, not spec. While we try to cite our resources as much as possible, some articles may be missing citations or may have broken links. You can browse around random pages and look for missing references, and then add them to the bottom of the article.
Categorize, Categorize, Categorize. Make it easier for visitors to find related pages by applying categories to articles. Need an example? The Puzzle Cards article has a category at the bottom: naturally, the Puzzle Cards Category!. You can also help us out by creating a short one-line description for category pages, as seen on Category:PuzzleCards page.
Make it pretty! The Perplex City wiki has many templates that you can use! You can see a list at the Category:Templates page, or by selecting Template from the dropdown on the Allpages special page. Templates act as shortcuts, so that you can quickly add information to an article during editing. One example of a template is Template:Infobox_building, which you can see in action here!
Flag it! See an article that needs some work? There's some special templates you can use to call attention to it:
  • {{cleanup}} flags an article for future cleanup. Use this on articles that are in decent shape, but could use a little expansion or re-organisation.
  • {{stub}} is used to flag short articles that can be expanded. Only flag articles that you know for sure are missing information.
  • {{citation needed}} marks a statement in an article as requiring backup.


Our Editing Guidelines cover proper article formatting and gives stylistic advice. Need to learn more about wiki editing? Check out the following resources on good ol' Wikipedia:

Basic Editing

Specific element help


Protected Pages

Some pages, like the Main page, are protected. If you spot something that needs to be changed on a protected page, leave a message on the article's discussion page and an administrator will take care of it.