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A close-up of the Receda Cube, showing the markings on its side.
  • Pronounced: /reh-KAY-deh/
  • An excellent primer on what the Cube is, and why it is so important, can be read at the Academy Website:
  • Really, you should go the clever way and find that page yourself:


  • It appears the cube was designed as a very top secret project by a team including Dr Kennard, Dr Cook, Anthony Granier, Edwina Mountling, and overseen by Vianne Adamek. (reference)
  • It was "discovered" in the Catbite gorge in 7AC.
    • Some speculation suggests the cube was actually a weapon, as the "gorge" is more of a massive crater.
    • It does not appear as though anyone else in the city has made this connection.
    • And indeed, there was a War on. One of any number of causes could have created the crater.
  • Perplex City Academy was, at the time of 'discovery', a repository for any unusual or potentially dangerous articles discovered.
  • Perplex City, having just come out of a state of War, collectively was awed by its beauty, and beguiled by its appearance.
  • After deciding that the Cube was not immediately dangerous, Academy officials placed it on public display where it remained as an uninvestigated curiosity for over 30 years

Physical Properties

  • It is a metallic cube measuring 10cm on a side
  • It is of indeterminate mass, as weight measurements of the Cube have been known to fluctuate over time.
  • It will react with water, liquid mercury, and acetone.
  • One face bear markings, and it is still unknown within Perplex City whether the markings are original or later additions.
  • As designed, it has a capacity for conscious decision making; Nothing one would call "thought", as such. It has intelligence, of a sort, but it can neither talk nor think. It needs a weak intelligence to govern the trillions of material processors inside it, but it has no capacity to disobey.
  • In the modern era, detailed scientific analysis using a range of tools, including electron microscopy, MRI and TNI scans, as well as various metallurgical and spectrometric investigations, has provided limited information
    • Hesketh Zeller died spectacularly while researching its properties.
    • Susan Marchant intensively conducted early research on the Cube, and her descriptions proved eerily accurate once technology caught up over a hundred years later. In her later years she began to claim that it was a self-aware entity that could communicate directly with her senses.
  • The people of Perplex City have determined that the Cube is not made of any known naturally occurring substance within their world.
  • Monica Grand speculated that it was some form of weapon.
    • This was supported later by statements made by Miranda Katsoulis, just before her death.

Spiritual Signifigance

  • The Cube is acknowledged as a beautiful artistic object in its own right.
  • The presence of the Cube is said to convey a sense of peace and harmony.
  • Many observers have reported a sense of tranquility overcome them when they are in the presence of the Cube, but researchers are undecided on whether this is an objective phenomenon or a cultural one, perhaps inspired by Perplexian Cube-focused spirituality.
  • A number of religious groups in Perplex City hold it in special reverence, including The Brotherhood of the Six.
  • The Cube was discovered following a period of turmoil and trauma for Perplex City;
  • The discovery of the Cube coincided with the onset of a peaceful era for the entire region which has continued through to today.
  • The city, then, has come to consider the Cube a talisman of this lasting peace.
  • Superstition holds that loss of the Cube will result in new peril and conflict for its people.
  • After the Kiteway daughters' escaped in the Lancewood Labs revealed the cube was in fact a great weapon designed and built by the Academy, a heavy sense of despondency settled across the city.


See main article: Cubism
  • Cubist Theology extends back through history for centuries.
  • A fundamental tenet is that cubes are works of man, and never to be found in nature.
  • The shape of a cube is representative of the struggle for civilisation to improve itself and provide for its people.
  • The Receda Cube, then, with its undeniably unusual physical properties, holds a special significance for the religious faithful in Perplex City, as a manifestation of the aspirations of mankind.

According to The Brotherhood of the Six

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The Cube

  • Currently held without cause in the Perplex City Academy by those who do not venerate its ancient light.
  • It is an incarnation of the One True Cube, which is One with the Universe.
  • It is mentioned in the writings of the Holy Ealianos as one of the true forms of the Lord.
  • From time immemorial, the Cube has been a secret symbol of holiness among all worshippers.
  • It takes many forms including:
    • the four sacred pillars of Jagesh (which are doubled at festive times, symbolizing the creation of the cube from the square)
    • the square-walkers at the Temple of Barribant, who walk a square, labyrinthical path.
    • the ancient monuments at Rhat-Mamar, built with cube-shaped stones and the standing stones which were unearthed in our own Catbite Gorge
    • "Cube-shaped stones in a pattern of squares" (It is unclear what is meant here.)

The Perplex City Cube itself has been worshipped by many societies and cults (although without the true writings of Gyvann this worship has been incomplete at best). Some of these names will be very familiar, although their link to the Cube has often been concealed: The Archers of Dawn, the Quadrilists, the Fire of the South, the Third Power, the Society of Elders, the Tarsians, the Kababah Clan.

Those who wish to learn more about these ancient organisations should read Andrew Lencival's masterwork: The Third Power, the Archers and the City of Dawn: An investigation into the Power of the Perplex City Cube and those who have guarded it.

The Theft

See main article: Theft
  • Stolen 16-JAN-04 (267 AC), sometime before 2AM, during the fireworks display at the academy ball.
  • Security cameras and sensors were offline throughout the Ball
  • Thieves reprogrammed portions of the Academy's security systems, disabling three different forms of security without tripping warning alarms
  • Security personnel discovered the theft at 2am when security guard Fran Mendling failed to check in for her shift change
  • It is now known who stole the cube, and why.

Cube Returned Safely

The Academy has reported to the Sentinel that the Receda Cube has been safely returned to Perplex City. The Cube has already been transferred to the Academy Museum, where it is expected to return to public display as soon as next week.

Meaning of the word "Receda"

Receda has been speculated to mean a variety of things.

  • In Old English, Receda is the the plural of Reced, with the meaning "Houses", "Buildings", or "Halls".
  • It appears in the text Beowulf, in the sentence "receda under roderum"
  • Due to the fact that Cubism focuses on building and construction spaces for mankind as a spiritual activity, this root has some potential.
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Artists' Impressions of the Cube