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  • Perplex City player
  • 27 years old.
  • Real name "Ben Whitehouse". Answers to many nicknames.. personal favourite Beej or Iggy. Feel free to ask for explanation.
  • Is a "Gay". (Hasn't found this to be a major impediment)
  • Perplex City Profile is here
  • Has the special distinction of being published in The Perplex City Sentinel's View From Earth Column. Had several dismissive letters to the Sentinel about his article.
  • Was a signatory of the "Open Letter to Nathan Earlywine"


  • Perplex City Sentinel Articles:
  • article, 12-JAN-06 "View from Earth: Sexual Politics" link
  • letters, 19-JAN-06 "Sexual Politics"

Flurry of Responses

When I read the View from Earth column 'Sexual Politics' last week, I was horrified at the Earth-centric base assumptions the author made. Unlike on Earth, where artificial categories of people are by turn oppressed and defended, we have no such bizarre subdividing in Perplex City. We have many notable men in the city who love men, and many notable women who love women, as well; but why is this placing of affection something that needs to be separated and defended? I know that I have never been attacked or snubbed because of my own relationships with women. What next, will we be scolded for not vigilantly defending the rights of people who have green eyes?

Charlotte Fanning

I find myself puzzled by the View from Earth column, 'Sexual Politics,' of last week. The author appears to believe that there are no homosexual people in Perplex City, or that such a group is vilified and secretive, as it apparently is on Earth. I can assure you that this is not the case. Many successful and highly-respected 'gay' persons have very visibly dated and even marry individuals of their own gender. Among them are, of course, myself, Academy Senior Fellow Margaret Wildwood, and the PCBC's CEO, Walter Cove-Houghton. It's not that we have shame or fear; it's just simply not significant enough to remark upon.

Keenan Thoreau

I wonder at the View from Earth column of last week that accuses Perplex City of being intolerant of same-gender sexual preference. I, for one, have never felt that my individual rights limited by my sexuality; though it is amusing to note that the Sentinel and other press want me to be romantically involved with Joya, despite the fact that this is not historically in my nature.

At any rate, I assure the concerned people of Earth that there is no concerted effort to obliterate same-gender romances, nor any effort at all. Though we do appreciate the sentiment, I suppose.

Ryan Cahill