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  • Financial organization established to serve those people and businesses housed in Ascendancy Point
  • As with most organizations dealing with Lecks, many transactions are electronically handled.


Some access is available at these locations:


  • The Perplex City Sentinel
    • More news in brief, 11-JUL-05 "Ayano Convicted"
    • article, 22-AUG-05 "Ayano Accuses Boss" link
  • Rupert Ayano, former accounts analyst for Ascendancy Point's in-house financial association, Comprendo Finance, has been convicted on charges of fraudulently receiving over PCL800,000 in forged expense reimbursements and inappropriately obtained bonuses and benefits. Ayano will serve five years in prison and must repay Comprendo Finance for every leck stolen, plus an additional PCL150,000 in punitive fines

More news in brief, The Perplex City Sentinel, 11-JUL-05