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  • Isabella Levenay was, herself, a high fashionista of Perplex City
  • Died: 2002 (265 AC)
  • Started her career of art and fashion in 1940 (203 AC) in the Artist's Quarter
  • Has been described as "a draconian perfectionist who was cold to her family"
  • She started an Upscale fashion store, also named Isabella Levenay.


  • The Levenay fashion label is one of high fashion and prestige in the City.
  • Primary sales products include shoes, handbags, clothes, and a highly-regarded chain of retreat spas.
  • Since her death, the company she founded has scandalously become the staging ground for internal family feuding.
  • The Levenay corporate empire is estimated to be worth PCL 7.8 billion, as of July 2006.
    • This is up from PCL 7.2 billion, since July 2005.
  • In mid-October 2005, The Levenay Company hired Ursa Hayden as a new designer, specializing in Earth-conceptualized fashions.
  • Boutique house Flattery may have taken as much as 4% of the Levenay market share over the course of 268AC.
    • Oscar Levenay sees no threat from designer Rhygsveldt and Flattery, however. "Sales go up, sales go down," he said. "We stick to pure lines and colours, and nevermind passing fads. Levenay is about looking timeless."



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