Nathan Earlywine is Guided by Dark Forces

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

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This page is intended to collect the insurmountable proof about Nathan Earlywine. Note: this is all in the name of fun and should not be taken as in-game canon. Although Earlywine really is a jerk, and much of what follows is factual. So I guess, yeah. It's mostly canonical.

Earlywine says "The council is working hard to protect your interests." But what interests exactly is he supporting? He has historically come out in favor of government surveillance, job insecurity, increased military funding in times of peace, non-environmentalism, and may have had some involvement with such underworld powers as the Third Power. Who exactly asked for all this? Who is he really working for?

  • He is just a bit power-hungry. Unhappy with a seat on the City Council, he wants to be the Leader. But does he have practical qualifications? Sure he can represent the needs of those he serves (whoever that may be at any given moment). But does he have Camryn Scott's ability to take care of the day-to-day needs of the city? And why does he feel a need to have supreme exectuive power?
  • He has supported increased military funding, even in times of peace. His logic is that the military does more than "play with toy soldiers." However, much of what he ascribes to being the job of the current military tends to be more characteristic of black-ops teams. Essentially, Earlywine supports combative militant enforcement of civilian and martial law.
  • He reopened Silburn-Griggs Mine. Although it isnt called by name in the press, Earlywine strongly supported reopening "a historic silver mine", which was backed by a renovation society of some kind. That sounds a great deal like Silburn-Griggs. To recap, Miranda Katsoulis was discovered in the mines, hiding out, waiting to ambush prominent members of the Academy. She was killed before she could be brought to justice, but it is known that she was part of The Third Power, and they were directly responsible for the Cube Theft. It is believed The Third Power were using the mines as some sort of hide-out or communications station, which only became possible after Earlywine had the mines opened. Is he directly connected to the third power?
  • Earlywine wants to replace the AQSYS aircraft with a cheaper lightweight fleet. On the surface this sounds benign enough. However the existing system has served all needs for many years. A lightweight fleet will have reduced functionality, while serving only to confuse and annoy. And what of this new fleet? Who will be designing it? Why does he want it so badly? The city's overall savings will be moderate to non-existent in the long run. So te biggest advantage it will bring would be new equipment. But surely Earlywine will want to have a heavy hand in that. Just what you need: The All Seeing Eye of Sauron peering over your shoulder.
  • When the scientists in charge of AQSYS balked at his suggestions, Earlywine threatened to have them all sacked. Isn't it likely that the people in charge of the program, who have been running it for years know what is best? And if a new system is to be put in place, wouldn't it be far wiser to be sure all the old staff is around to be able to effect a smoothe transition? Why does he want this new system so badly, and who would he have run it?
  • There is no evidence, only speculation, but it has been suggested by Douglass Finlay that he was setup by his political opponents to appear to have been spying on those who were running against him for City Council Leader. If such a setup were to be engaged, Earlywine would have all the requisite resources inside the City Council's office to establish such a spying setup, and then place the right info in the right hands to make it look as though Finlay were behind it all. There is no proof of this being the case, but there is also no proof that it is not the case either. And, to be sure, it is Earlywine who has been affected most by Finlay's campaign, both positively and negatively. Prior to the scandal coming to the surface, it was Finlay who was beating Earlywine at the polls; after the scandal, Earlywine was the loudest objector to Finlay's apparent sins.
  • he has used the blackout as an opportunity to sling mud at not ony his opponent, Camryn Scott, but also at the Academy. Why does Earlywine want a regime change at the Academy so badly? Who would he have run the place? What new puppets would he put in places of power?