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This seems like the best place to talk about the wiki as a whole. I have a couple of things I'd like to discuss. xnera 15:06, 28 September 2006 (PDT)

Stubs & Cleanup

When the Hobbs Island Transcript stuff started happening, I came over to the wiki to add the findings. My first visit was to the Main Page, where I took note of Main Page#Stale, topic. I think adding this to the main page was a GREAT idea! Hopefully it will invite people to edit the wiki. It certainly got my interest; I browsed the each of the lists, looking for something to work on, and eventually decided to cleanup the Ascendancy Point article (now completed!).

I was kind of surprised each of the lists were so small, though, so I've spent some time hitting the Special:Random link and adding the stub and cleanup tag as needed. I'll likely go back and edit many of these myself, but at least this gives people some idea of what needs attention.xnera 15:06, 28 September 2006 (PDT)

Major Pages, somewhat orphaned?

While hitting Special:Random, I came across several resourceful pages that I either didn't know about, or had known about at one time but forgotten due to not seeing links. Some of these pages are Passwords, T:M, T:I, and Trails. While these are all linked from the Main Page, I suggest we add more links to them, to make sure people are aware of these pages. For example, we can add a link to Passwords on any article that contains a password, perhaps in the References section that so many articles have. xnera 15:06, 28 September 2006 (PDT)

Article Style

I've noticed that many articles appear to be written in list format. I think this is fine for shorter articles, or for doing quick updates. However, for longer articles I prefer paragraph-style, like I did for Ascendancy Point and Jake Maine. What's everyone else's preferences?

I know I tend to be verbose, but I think this is a GOOD thing when it comes to wikis. For one thing, being verbose allows you more opportunities to add links to other articles, which is a wiki's strength. Wikis are only as good as their links.

I feel that verbosity would benefit the newer player, or folks who need a refresh. Many articles have only a limited amount of detail, that relate only to the subject at hand. They're "trees". I prefer to write "forests", so we can see how something fits in the whole picture (hence my verbosity on the Jake Maine article. How does everyone feel about this?

Another benefit to adding additional detail and linkage is that it may help players discover aspects of the game they weren't aware of beforehand. For instance, I am pretty darn certain that I found out about 3PGroupwareManager via the wiki, and not from The Story So Far page (which I had been reading through at the time). Thoughts? xnera 15:06, 28 September 2006 (PDT)

Help Pages

Since we've now opened up registration, this would be a good time to review the Help files and make sure they're up to snuff as we'll likely have new members soon. I intend to attack the Wiki editing page, but I also think the Quick start and Getting started pages could use a look-see. Are there any others that we should review? xnera 15:06, 28 September 2006 (PDT)