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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

The Website

Groupware Manager was found on the 22nd Oct from the live event/online support.

For more information on the people discussed, See: 3PDossier


The Auditor page held a short piece saying that in 48 hrs it would go live.

On Oct 24th at ~6:00pm BST the site changed.

It now contains the following text:

 Select an Account 
Select an account to the right to view the enabled modules.
 Enabled Modules  
The Administrator has enabled auditing of these user account modules.

 Disabled Modules  
The Administrator has disabled auditing of these user account modules.

 *email attachments 
 *file attachments 
 *to-do lists 
 *news/website clips 
 *rss/atom feeds 
 *online calculators 
 *events calendar 

On the right of the page is a drop-down list of usernames (O1 to O8) referring to each of the operatives (excluding V and the "Big Boss").

Each Operative's page requires a different password.

The Passwords

Notice: those are Letter Ohs, not the Number Zeroes.

O1 - password
O2 - star
O3 - power
O4 - dream
O5 - joy
O6 - head
O7 - wind
O8 - watch

These were all determined based on information from The Receda Trail.

The Emails

Much reference is made to The Receda Trail in these messages.

Emails To and From O1
Emails To and From O2
Emails To and From O3
Emails To and From O4
Emails To and From O5
Emails To and From O6
Emails To and From O7
Emails To and From O8
Emails To and From V ... are numerous.

See Also:


The Third Power

They are an ancient society of very secret intentions. Pietro Salk tipped the ice-berg, and it cost him his life. The Police has brought them to their knees during Operation Bayonet, but they have been around a long time, and they aren't likely to be stopped so easily. They have Operatives on Earth, as well is in Perplex City. V appears to be a #2 man, but who does #2 work for?

Anthony Granier | V | Roberto Solitano | Caine Johansson | Miranda Katsoulis | Unnamed operatives on Earth