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Receda.png The Receda Trail

The Receda Approach - The Receda Sign - The Receda Institute for Somnatherapy - The Receda School of Music - Receda's Revenge - Receda Resorts

Monica Grand died giving us the trailhead of keywords. The Third Power lead us all over creation .. only to beat us over the head in the end. The jerks.

Oct 04 05 10:42:33 <RecedaGame> #### INSTRUCTIONS: Please wait for the '>' prompt before typing any command. All commands before this will be ignored by the system and only the first command is processed each time. Remember, only one person can play at a time. To be added to the queue, type /msg RecedaBot queue when the bot is online and you will receive voice when it is your turn to play. If you become stuck type 'hint' and the system will try and put you

Oct 04 05 10:42:34 <RecedaGame> back on track. ####

Oct 04 05 11:00:19 <RecedaGame> #### INSTRUCTIONS: Please wait for the '>' prompt before typing any command. All commands before this will be ignored by the system and only the first command is processed each time. Remember, only one person can play at a time. To be added to the queue, type /msg RecedaBot queue and you will receive voice when it is your turn to play. If you become stuck type 'hint' and the system will try and put you back on track. ####

Oct 04 05 11:00:26 <RecedaGame> The game will begin in 10 minutes

Oct 04 05 11:11:38 <RecedaGame> We are experiencing some problems with the load on the game server, please stand by. You may be disconnected momentarily.

Oct 04 05 11:14:03 <RecedaGame> Server problems have been fixed. The game will begin in 5 minutes.

Oct 04 05 11:18:04 <RecedaBot> ### The bot has queued all previous messages - More than one queue message may result in being removed from the queue permanently.

Oct 04 05 11:18:52 <RecedaGame> WELCOME TO RECEDA'S REVENGE!!!

Oct 04 05 11:19:30 <RecedaGame> Home

Oct 04 05 11:19:30 <RecedaGame> Welcome! You are about to embark on Receda's Revenge, an exciting adventure game based in Ye Olde Perplex City.

Oct 04 05 11:19:30 <RecedaGame> You're 15 years old, and you live with your mother; your father died a long time ago, in mysterious circumstances that no-one likes talking about. Your mother works at the nearby tailors as an assistant.

Oct 04 05 11:19:30 <RecedaGame> This is where you live. It's a tiny house with only three rooms, for a kitchen, bedroom and living area. From where you are, you can see all the rooms - clean, but spare. There is an air of want throughout, reflected by your fraying clothes and the old, many-times repaired furniture. Occasionally you dream of better things, and wonder whether there is more to life than this.

Oct 04 05 11:19:33 <RecedaGame> You wake up, and realise that you've overslept! Your mother has already left for work, and you're late for school.

Oct 04 05 11:19:36 <RecedaGame> There is a wardrobe, a cabinet and a sock puppet here.

Oct 04 05 11:19:39 <RecedaGame> You can move outside.

Oct 04 05 11:19:41 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:19:47 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game +v Loric]

Oct 04 05 11:20:03 <Loric> open wardrobe

Oct 04 05 11:20:22 <RecedaGame> You open the wardrobe. There is a chest inside.

Oct 04 05 11:20:32 <Loric> exam chest

Oct 04 05 11:20:52 <RecedaGame> The chest is a normal wooden chest.

Oct 04 05 11:20:56 <Loric> open chest

Oct 04 05 11:21:33 <RecedaGame> A scroll with the word 'CENTRE' lies inside.

Oct 04 05 11:21:34 <RecedaGame> There is a knock at the door.

Oct 04 05 11:21:35 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:21:44 <Loric> get scroll chest

Oct 04 05 11:22:07 <RecedaGame> You cannot pick up these items.

Oct 04 05 11:22:13 <Loric> inventory

Oct 04 05 11:22:25 <RecedaGame> You have no items.

Oct 04 05 11:22:32 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:22:34 <Loric> open door

Oct 04 05 11:23:06 <RecedaGame> You open the door and walk outside. An old man, waiting at your door, quickly walks up to you.

Oct 04 05 11:23:06 <RecedaGame> The old man stares at you, searchingly. His face is weathered and pockmarked with scars, and he stands painfully with a stoop, leaning on a cane, but you can sense a certain kind of dignity and pride that is buried under decades of toil. He's wearing an sad set of clothes; they're finely made, with good material, but they've been worn for ten years too long and need a good wash. He has an oddly-shaped head. You wonder what h

Oct 04 05 11:23:06 <RecedaGame> is story is.

Oct 04 05 11:23:14 <RecedaGame> "Lad," he begins, "I know it may seem strange, but I know who you are. Who you really are, I mean. You weren't born here, in Perplex City." He gestures with his cane around at the street and crowds. "You were born in a far away place, and your father... your father, he was a great man. May the lords bless him. You don't belong here, among this scum. I know you must feel that yourself, sometimes. Your fate, your destiny, is m

Oct 04 05 11:23:15 <RecedaGame> uch greater than that."

Oct 04 05 11:23:15 <RecedaGame> A gentleman in a dark coat bumps against the old man as he hurries down the road, and apologises quickly. The old man seem startled and unsure, but continues. "I've travelled a long way to get here, longer than you can imagine, but the journey was worth it, just to see you, my l-" he cuts himself off, coughing.

Oct 04 05 11:23:24 <RecedaGame> "Forgive me, but I must..." says the old man, who then collapses onto the ground, clutching his head.

Oct 04 05 11:23:24 <RecedaGame> You pull him into your home and lay him down, but he pulls you close with frenzied eyes and says, "I need to tell you what you must do. You need to get me a potion, the Elixir of Glimdrang, or I will die from this infernal poison the Lord Flaganroth has given me." You eyes widen.

Oct 04 05 11:23:27 <RecedaGame> "I don't have long, the poison is strong. Do this for me now," he croaks, "or I will die, and the beautiful, nubile Princess will die, and the kingdom will die! And maybe you'll die as well! Prove yourself, young lad, I know you can do it..."

Oct 04 05 11:23:31 <RecedaGame> You stand up in determination. You don't want to see this old man die. You don't want to see the kingdom die. And you really want to meet this Princess before she dies. Adventurer, your first Quest is to get the old man the Elixir of Glimdrang!

Oct 04 05 11:23:34 <RecedaGame> WELCOME TO RECEDA'S REVENGE!!!

Oct 04 05 11:25:43 <Loric> open cabinet

Oct 04 05 11:26:15 <RecedaGame> You open the cabinet again, but something heavy falls off the top shelf and lands on you. You die.

Oct 04 05 11:26:16 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:26:21 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Loric]

Oct 04 05 11:26:50 <RecedaGame> You have been resurrected as a new person. You are still inside the house.

Oct 04 05 11:26:52 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game +v tangohead]

Oct 04 05 11:27:27 <tangohead> open wardrobe

Oct 04 05 11:28:06 <RecedaGame> You open the wardrobe again, despite the fact that you have already opened it and looked inside, but something heavy falls off the top shelf and lands on you. You die.

Oct 04 05 11:28:11 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v tangohead]

Oct 04 05 11:28:28 <RecedaGame> You have been resurrected as a new person. You are still inside the house.

Oct 04 05 11:28:37 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game +v Juxta]

Oct 04 05 11:28:54 <Juxta> Get scroll

Oct 04 05 11:29:02 <RecedaGame> You take the scroll

Oct 04 05 11:29:05 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:29:08 <Juxta> Read scroll

Oct 04 05 11:29:53 <RecedaGame> You read the scroll, which you have already read, which still says 'CENTRE'. While handling it, you cut yourself and bleed to death.

Oct 04 05 11:29:55 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Juxta]

Oct 04 05 11:50:10 <Sasuntsi_Davit> knock on the Academy doors

Oct 04 05 11:50:42 <RecedaGame> You knock on the door, but it remains firmly closed. A young Academician standing at the top of the gates drops a very heavy book on your head, probably conducting a physics experiment. Oh well, it's not your fault. In any case, you're dead, and it's probably not a good idea to try and get into the Academy through the front door.

Oct 04 05 11:50:45 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:50:45 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Sasuntsi_Davit]

Oct 04 05 11:52:21 <chippy> talk to the nice policeman

Oct 04 05 11:52:38 <RecedaGame> The nice policeman doesn't seem so nice, and impolitely ignores you.

Oct 04 05 11:54:13 <RecedaGame> Since there is no exit to the south, you walk into a wall, weakening the structure such that it collapses on you. You die. I guess you shouldn't try walking into walls.

Oct 04 05 11:54:17 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v chippy]

Oct 04 05 11:57:54 <josiah> enter school

Oct 04 05 11:58:41 <RecedaGame> You enter the school, where the teacher on duty collars you and sticks you in detention for being late. By the time school is over and you get back home, the old man is dead. Game over.

Oct 04 05 11:58:42 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 11:58:43 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v josiah]

Oct 04 05 12:04:10 <RecedaGame> Mixture Street

Oct 04 05 12:04:14 <RecedaGame> Mixture Street has a (ha ha) a mixture of shops, residential, entertainment establishments. A theatre might be right next to a nursing home; a museum next to a podiatrist. It's an interesting place to be, and it usually has all sorts of fads in it, like this new 'electricity' that they're talking about. One of the more interesting places is the new White Code Tavern, which is proving to be popular with Academicians; it has a

Oct 04 05 12:04:14 <RecedaGame> strange sign with white symbols on a navy background, below the head of some famous scholar. It's said that in order to you get in, you have to decode the symbols.

Oct 04 05 12:04:14 <RecedaGame> You can move northeast, east, or into the tavern.

Oct 04 05 12:04:17 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:04:31 <dysper> examine symbols

Oct 04 05 12:05:13 <RecedaGame> The code on the sign looks like it's been altered. It says: "0110000101100011011000010110010000110011011011010111100100100000011100100011000000110000011011000111101000100001001000000110101000110000001100000010000001110010001000000111000001110111011011100011001101100100"

Oct 04 05 12:05:13 <RecedaGame> Someone has drawn a curly mustache on the head.

Oct 04 05 12:13:53 <Cassandra> say acad3my r00lz! j00 r pwn3d to grille

Oct 04 05 12:14:24 <RecedaGame> The White Code Tavern

Oct 04 05 12:14:25 <RecedaGame>

Oct 04 05 12:14:25 <RecedaGame> Congratulations! The door creaks open.

Oct 04 05 12:14:25 <RecedaGame>

Oct 04 05 12:18:57 <RecedaGame> "Yeah, of course I know. The Academy! We all get given a bunch when we join. I tell you what, I have a lot in my office, and I'll tell you the way to get there if you tell me a good joke. I'm a really helpful guy, after all. Good job you met me," he says, perking up.

Oct 04 05 12:18:57 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:20:20 <RecedaGame> He says impatiently, "Well, I'm waiting..."

Oct 04 05 12:20:21 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:20:49 <Cassandra> Here's a good one! Why is a Raven like a writing-desk?

Oct 04 05 12:21:19 <RecedaGame> "I don't know, why is that?" he says, with narrowed eyes. This had better be good, you think to yourself.

Oct 04 05 12:21:21 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:22:10 <Cassandra> Because Poe wrote on both!

Oct 04 05 12:22:45 <Cassandra> Can I buy you a drink?

Oct 04 05 12:23:00 <RecedaGame> The Academician laughs wildly. For some reason, he enjoyed the joke. You don't know why. He takes a moment to compose yourself. You wait patiently.

Oct 04 05 12:23:01 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:24:27 <RecedaGame> He says, "If you go to Villier Park, which is in the southwest of the city, there's an entrance to the catacombs. It's like a back door into the Academy. If you can find your way through, you can get to my office. Here's a key." He hands over the key and you take it.

Oct 04 05 12:25:49 <Cassandra> talk to barmaid

Oct 04 05 12:26:12 <RecedaGame> The barmaid looks at you blankly, trying to figure out your unspoken words.

Oct 04 05 12:28:00 <Cassandra> Not I - my dying father's last request was one last drink of Fletcher's, right from the White Code Tavern.

Oct 04 05 12:28:39 <Cassandra> I promised him that, even though I've failed him in so many things, I would fulfill this last wish.

Oct 04 05 12:29:03 <RecedaGame> She says sarcastically, "Yeah, I'm sure. Well, you'd still need to pay. Unless you want to do me a favour. I'm feeling a bit low ever since my boyfriend disappeared, I don't suppose you could get me some flowers?" You don't know why she can't get the flowers herself, or indeed why she's telling you this, but whatever works.

Oct 04 05 12:29:38 <Cassandra> What flowers would you like?

Oct 04 05 12:30:12 <RecedaGame> "Any! I'm not picky. Apart from daisies. They don't count."

Oct 04 05 12:30:13 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:30:52 <Cassandra> Of course I will! Anything I can do to make you feel better.

Oct 04 05 12:31:10 <Cassandra> One last thing: are there any libraries of note around here?

Oct 04 05 12:31:13 <RecedaGame> "Enough! Just get me the flowers already!"

Oct 04 05 12:39:15 <Cassandra> carefully pick flowers that are not daisies

Oct 04 05 12:39:44 <RecedaGame> You take the flowers that are not daisies.

Oct 04 05 12:39:44 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:39:56 <Cassandra> go back to White Code Tavern

Oct 04 05 12:40:42 <RecedaGame> You attempt to walk directly to the White Code Tavern, with no diversions, but end up walking into a private house, getting shot by a crossbow and dying. Better not try that one again.

Oct 04 05 12:40:42 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Cassandra]

Oct 04 05 12:47:52 <RecedaGame> You give the flowers to the barmaid with trembling hands. You hope you didn't pick any daisies by accident, for fear of being bludgeoned by her ample bosum. Luckily, she looks dreamily into your eyes and says, "Ah, these are wonderful! Here's the Fletcher's Spirit you watched." She hands you a bottle and busies herself looking for a vase.

Oct 04 05 12:51:56 <RecedaGame> For no reason whatsoever, despite the fact you were doing so well, you fall down and die. It's no fault of your own, but it just seems like the gods have decreed that your time has passed.

Oct 04 05 12:53:44 <RecedaGame> Villier Park

Oct 04 05 12:53:47 <RecedaGame> This is a sad, neglected park, with overgrown grass and strange rips in the grass. A lone tree stands next to a strange dark piece of ground.

Oct 04 05 12:53:47 <RecedaGame> You can move out of the park.

Oct 04 05 12:53:47 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:54:04 <Atrophied> examine dark piece of ground

Oct 04 05 12:55:17 <RecedaGame> The dark piece of ground looks suspiciously like there is no ground at all there. In fact, yes, upon further examination, there is no ground there, and it is in fact a hole. Your powers of deduction have been put to good use again.

Oct 04 05 12:55:20 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:55:36 <Atrophied> enter hole

Oct 04 05 12:56:54 <RecedaGame> You gingerly lower yourself into the hole, thinking, for no good reason, that its bottom would be but a few feet away. Instead, you fall to your death many feet below. You'll probably need something to help you get down. It is quite deep though.

Oct 04 05 12:56:54 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 12:56:57 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Atrophied]

Oct 04 05 12:58:38 <brat-sampson> look round

Oct 04 05 12:59:44 <RecedaGame> You look around. Nothing has changed. While you lamely wait, two men carrying a sheet of glass (some kind of window, you think) walk straight into you, smashing the glass such that you start bleeding copiously. You die painfully. Clearly the gods are not to be mocked.

Oct 04 05 12:59:50 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v brat-sampson]

Oct 04 05 13:08:43 <oliverkeers13> northeast!

Oct 04 05 13:09:17 <RecedaGame> You walk with determination!

Oct 04 05 13:09:36 <oliverkeers13> go to quays

Oct 04 05 13:09:57 <RecedaGame> Excuse me?

Oct 04 05 13:10:10 <oliverkeers13> go to David's Quays

Oct 04 05 13:11:16 <oliverkeers13> talk to man in booth

Oct 04 05 13:12:17 <RecedaGame> The man looks at your blank expression, confused. He soon bores of this, and looks back to his exciting job. While this is happening, some dock workers carrying cargo trip over a rock, throw it on your head, and you die.

Oct 04 05 13:12:19 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v oliverkeers13]

Oct 04 05 13:13:23 <BrianEnigma> die.

Oct 04 05 13:13:48 <RecedaGame> I'm sorry, I don't understand that

Oct 04 05 13:17:31 <RecedaGame> You hear the schoolbells ringing. Maybe you can win some money off the kids at school. Some men carrying a box of spoons walk hurriedly past.

Oct 04 05 13:17:46 <BrianEnigma> take spoon

Oct 04 05 13:18:02 <RecedaGame> The men have already gone.

Oct 04 05 13:18:37 * BrianEnigma takes a deep breath

Oct 04 05 13:18:38 <BrianEnigma> w,sw,s,s,e,e,n,e

Oct 04 05 13:20:00 <RecedaGame> Alleyway

Oct 04 05 13:20:00 <RecedaGame> You enter the dark alley again, against all reason. A shadow detaches itself from the wall, and you die. Painfully. Stupidly.

Oct 04 05 13:20:00 <RecedaGame> You can move west.

Oct 04 05 13:26:28 <Spankit> prop ladder on the wall

Oct 04 05 13:26:34 <RecedaGame> Dancing with death, you prop the ladder against the wall. It wobbles dangerously... ominously... but it stays! It looks pretty steady.

Oct 04 05 13:26:34 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 13:26:52 <Spankit> climb ladder

Oct 04 05 13:28:07 <RecedaGame> Fanhill School Playground

Oct 04 05 13:28:11 <RecedaGame> You climb the ladder, and get over the wall. Somehow you didn't break any bones on the way down, lucky that.

Oct 04 05 13:28:11 <RecedaGame> You stand inside the playground of your school. People are playing games of pyramid and chasing each other around. There's a group of kids sitting at a bench testing each other with puzzles for money.

Oct 04 05 13:28:11 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 13:28:35 <Spankit> go to bench

Oct 04 05 13:29:25 <RecedaGame> You stand in front of the bench. One of the boys there challenges you to a puzzle. If you solve the puzzle, you get 20 lecks. Otherwise, who knows what consequences there'll be...

Oct 04 05 13:29:28 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 13:29:40 <Spankit> accept challenge

Oct 04 05 13:30:40 <RecedaGame> The boy looks up, sneeringly. "Have you seen that Jaunty Paul show, with the game where you have three doors and there's a prize behind one of the doors?"

Oct 04 05 13:30:40 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 13:31:23 <Spankit> no, explain it to me

Oct 04 05 13:31:46 <Spankit> i mean yes

Oct 04 05 13:32:56 <RecedaGame> The boy sighs at your ineptitude, and looks like he's going to hit you. He reluctantly decides against it. "What kind of puzzler are you? There are three doors. Behind one of them is a prize. You get to choose one door. The host then opens one of the other doors and shows that it's empty. He allows you to switch doors. Should you switch, for a greater chance of getting the prize?"

Oct 04 05 13:32:56 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 13:33:20 <Spankit> yes!

Oct 04 05 13:34:11 <RecedaGame> The boy laughs in your face. "Of course not, you idiot! It's fifty fifty for both!" He jumps on you with his puzzler gang and beats you to death before the teachers can reach you. It's a pretty bad school, near the bottom of the league (can you tell?)

Oct 04 05 13:34:11 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Spankit]

Oct 04 05 13:34:17 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 13:34:23 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game +v FreeMorpheme]

Oct 04 05 13:34:41 <RecedaGame> You have been resurrected in a new body. You are back at the bench, and the boy is waiting for your answer.

Oct 04 05 13:35:12 <FreeMorpheme> no

Oct 04 05 13:36:01 <RecedaGame> "Curses. You're too smart for me, young whippersnapper. Here's your lecks. Now scram!" he says.

Oct 04 05 13:36:01 <RecedaGame> You take the lecks and climb over the wall and arrive back on Fanhill Street.

Oct 04 05 13:54:38 <FreeMorpheme> n

Oct 04 05 13:55:03 <RecedaGame> You move north. Despite your careful planning previously, you are eaten by a grue. Even your sock puppet is no use against it. You wish you hadn't spent all your time waiting around before - you could've gotten through the maze by now. You die.

Oct 04 05 13:55:06 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v FreeMorpheme]

Oct 04 05 13:59:18 <Juxta> East

Oct 04 05 13:59:48 <RecedaGame> You move east. The gods frown upon your presumption, for there is no floor here. Too bad. You die.

Oct 04 05 14:09:17 <Scott> e

Oct 04 05 14:09:59 <RecedaGame> You move east. You're sucked into a large, revolving, gigantic fan. You are chopped to pieces. Oh well. You're dead, obviously.

Oct 04 05 14:10:02 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Scott]

Oct 04 05 14:12:09 <RecedaGame> Troll Bridge

Oct 04 05 14:12:12 <RecedaGame> You find yourself in an open space, with wide pit full of spikes and snakes and stuff in front of you, barring your way from a well-lit area further ahead, where there are two corridors branching off to either side. The only way across the pit is over a bridge. Standing on the bridge is a small troll. He looks bored, and is reading last month's issue of 'Troll Quarterly'.

Oct 04 05 14:12:12 <RecedaGame> You can move south or across the bridge and to the north.

Oct 04 05 14:12:12 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:12:40 <josiah> ask troll if I can cross please

Oct 04 05 14:13:04 <RecedaGame> The troll grunts, "No," barely glancing up from his magazine.

Oct 04 05 14:13:04 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:13:19 <josiah> put on the sock puppet

Oct 04 05 14:13:32 <RecedaGame> You put the sock puppet on your hand.

Oct 04 05 14:13:35 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:13:54 <josiah> let sock puppet ask troll if he can cross

Oct 04 05 14:14:38 <RecedaGame> The troll looks enchanted by the small puppet. It says, "Why, little one, you just have to ask nicely." Naturally, you all find this very weird, but the sock puppet seems to take this in its stride.

Oct 04 05 14:14:42 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:15:07 <josiah> let sock puppet say "Mr. Troll, would it be okay if we could both cross please?"

Oct 04 05 14:15:39 <RecedaGame> The troll mulls this over. "Do you have to bring the human?"

Oct 04 05 14:15:39 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:16:09 <josiah> let sock puppet say "I'm afraid so, Mr. Troll, I'm sort of attatched to him. He won't be any trouble. Pretty please?"

Oct 04 05 14:16:55 <RecedaGame> "That's very odd," says the troll. "What kind of sock puppet are you, anyway? Troll Quarterly tells me this is very unusual."

Oct 04 05 14:16:55 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:17:56 <josiah> let sock puppet say "Just a normal sock puppet, just taking him (refers to human) for a walk" while with other hand pushing troll firmly into pit of death, while the troll is distracted

Oct 04 05 14:19:08 <RecedaGame> The troll falls into the pit of death, looking horrified at the sock puppet's betrayal. "Why did you do such a thing, dear sock puppet? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" You ignore the troll and walk over the bridge.

Oct 04 05 14:19:08 <RecedaGame> You can walk to the east or to the west, or south back over the bridge.

Oct 04 05 14:24:32 <filmguy1013> examine bookshelf

Oct 04 05 14:25:01 <RecedaGame> The bookshelf tells you the direction to the 3rd Volume of Mages. You find it and take it.

Oct 04 05 14:26:22 <filmguy1013> ask the scholars if they know of any books related to the third power

Oct 04 05 14:26:44 <RecedaGame> Silent assassins flit out between the bookshelves and slice off your head. They leave a note on your body which says, "No talking in the library." You die.

Oct 04 05 14:26:47 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v filmguy1013]

Oct 04 05 14:31:53 <Sasuntsi_Davit> is one of the scholars female?

Oct 04 05 14:32:08 <RecedaGame> No.

Oct 04 05 14:35:09 <dysper> write on paper with pen "do you have a spare library card I can borrow, please" and show the paper to the scholars

Oct 04 05 14:36:24 <RecedaGame> The scholars write back, "No, you will have to fight us for it. We earned these after much toil." They stand up challengingly.

Oct 04 05 14:36:27 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:36:36 <dysper> hit scholars

Oct 04 05 14:36:42 <dysper> quietly

Oct 04 05 14:37:10 <RecedaGame> You hit the scholars for 2 damage. They both go down to 8HP!

Oct 04 05 14:37:10 <RecedaGame> They hit back for 3 damage. You drop to 7HP.

Oct 04 05 14:37:10 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:38:02 <dysper> kick scholar 1 and let sock puppet hit scholar 2

Oct 04 05 14:38:28 <dysper> hard but silent - ninja style

Oct 04 05 14:38:44 <RecedaGame> Scholar 1 takes 1 damage, going down to 7HP. Scholar 2 dodges the sock puppet, and remains at 8HP.

Oct 04 05 14:38:44 <RecedaGame> They hit back for 3 damage. You drop to 4HP.

Oct 04 05 14:38:44 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:39:27 <dysper> let sock puppet hit scholars in between their legs

Oct 04 05 14:40:35 <RecedaGame> The scholars cry out in pain, and the silent assassins swoop in, beheading them. The assassins nod to you in honour, as one group of warriors to another. You take a library card.

Oct 04 05 14:41:05 <dysper> go to lobby

Oct 04 05 14:42:31 <RecedaGame> As you wait, you stumble and fall, due to your reduced health. You die. Well done... you were smart, but not smart enough. You should've tried for the balls earlier.

Oct 04 05 14:42:31 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v dysper]

Oct 04 05 14:46:58 <Riiick> enter Nocke's office

Oct 04 05 14:47:08 <Riiick> using key if needed

Oct 04 05 14:47:29 <Riiick> knocking if there is anyone in there first

Oct 04 05 14:47:36 <RecedaGame> You try to enter the office without the key, but the doorhandle is electrified as a security system. You die. Too bad.

Oct 04 05 14:47:36 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:47:37 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Riiick]

Oct 04 05 14:48:46 <RecedaGame> Nocke's office is overflowing with paper everywhere - you had to shove the door open just to get in. Piles of paper cover the sofa, the chairs, the cabinets and even a statue of someone's head. There's little room to walk about. In the corner is a rubbish bin with a glint of glass reflecting from it.

Oct 04 05 14:48:46 <RecedaGame> There is a chest here.

Oct 04 05 14:48:46 <RecedaGame> You can leave the office.

Oct 04 05 14:48:47 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:49:02 <Talos> Open chest

Oct 04 05 14:49:27 <RecedaGame> You open the chest. Inside is a scroll with the letters "NC".

Oct 04 05 14:49:28 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:49:35 <Talos> take scroll

Oct 04 05 14:49:41 <RecedaGame> You take the scroll.

Oct 04 05 14:49:42 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:49:48 <Talos> look in bin at glass

Oct 04 05 14:50:02 <RecedaGame> The glass appears to be some lenses.

Oct 04 05 14:50:03 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:50:10 <Talos> take lenses

Oct 04 05 14:50:22 <RecedaGame> You take the lenses.

Oct 04 05 14:50:24 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 14:51:34 <Talos> return to potion shop

Oct 04 05 14:52:05 <Talos> take the long way ...

Oct 04 05 14:52:35 <Talos> enter lecture theatre

Oct 04 05 14:52:35 <RecedaGame> You don't know the way back, so you stumble around the Academy corridors. Eventually a passing Academician takes pity and puts you out of your misery. You are dropped from the Academy walls in a physics experiment. You die.

Oct 04 05 14:52:39 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Talos]

Oct 04 05 14:59:17 <RecedaGame> Maze of Twisty Passages

Oct 04 05 14:59:18 <RecedaGame> You stand in a maze of a twisty passages, all alike.

Oct 04 05 14:59:18 <RecedaGame> Suddenly all of the lights flicker out. You can't see anything. You can't see any exits, but you can still move.

Oct 04 05 15:00:35 <Loric> w

Oct 04 05 15:01:20 <RecedaGame> You walk into a wall. You die. It's a pretty spiky wall. Shame about those directions.

Oct 04 05 15:01:27 --- RecedaBot sets modes [#receda-game -v Loric]

Oct 04 05 15:10:40 <Muffin> Say to Alric " I have the ingredients to the potion of Glamdring!"

Oct 04 05 15:11:01 <RecedaGame> He replies, "Don't you mean Glimdrang?"

Oct 04 05 15:11:28 <Muffin> Sorry, of course, I meant Glimdrang. Its been a very taxing day so far.

Oct 04 05 15:12:23 <RecedaGame> "I can imagine, getting all that stuff." You give him the ingredients, and half an hour later, he emerges from the back room with a purple potion in a jar. You take the jar. Aren't you glad there were magazines to read while you were waiting?

Oct 04 05 15:12:25 <RecedaGame> >

Oct 04 05 15:12:55 <Muffin> Sure am! Exit shop

Oct 04 05 15:13:25 <Muffin> Taking magazines, of course...

Oct 04 05 15:18:56 <Muffin> Give the old man the potion!

Oct 04 05 15:19:47 <RecedaGame> The old man takes the potion gratefully, and then with surprising swiftness, pockets it. He discards his cane, whips off his cloak and towers above you, laughing maniacally. You shrink back, holding your sock puppet out in front of you, defensively. He looks at it with scorn (but doesn't bat it away, you notice). He says, "You fool! I am the dark Lord Flaganroth, and you shall never see your Princess or the Kingdom!" A flash

Oct 04 05 15:19:48 <RecedaGame> goes off, and he uses the distraction to disappear out of your house, having taken everything that you had of value, which wasn't much.

Oct 04 05 15:19:48 <RecedaGame> You cower on the floor of your home, wondering how you were so duped, when you see a scrap of paper he'd left in his haste. It says, "The key to the kingdom is" and then there's a slash in the paper, with "sortails" written to the right of it. Maybe it is a clue to your next quest to save the Kingdom, reclaim your family's glory, and save the Princess!

Oct 04 05 15:19:51 <RecedaGame> There is one last chest left in the corner. You open it up. It says "TOWN".

Oct 04 05 15:19:53 <RecedaGame> You have finished the FIRST QUEST OF RECEDA'S REVENGE!!