Northside Nature Preserve

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Development Conflict

  • The Old Town is seen by many as crowded, expensive to maintain, and crime ridden.
  • The Perplex City Council elected to open up the Northside Nature Preserve to development
  • In March 2005, The Northside was approved for sale to real estate developers.
    • The sale was approved by a close vote on the council, 5-4, with Camryn Scott casting the deciding vote
    • All monies from the sale will go into the city's general fund
    • A Protection League was setup to try and stop the sale of the land.
    • Vote was supported by such developers as Mobius Development Corp
  • In April 2005, a protest was staged, and many were arrested, including Academy professor Estelle Sedgewick
  • In June 2005, this area was purchased by The Nature's Trust, effectively ending the probability of development in the area.
    • This purchase was approved with a 6-3 vote by the the City Council.
    • As part of the sale agreement, a portion of the money going to the city must be spent in renovating parts of The Old Town.
    • Nature's Trust, however, do not plan to build on the Northside property at all.
  • On July 26th 2005, a protest was staged in which 350 individuals rallied against soaring real estate prices in Old Town.
    • City Council member Nathan Earlywine reminded protesters of the Northside development plan, which was to reduce these prices.