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Rudon-Birch Weds

Society matron Paulina Rudon-Birch, 103, married 98-year-old Roland Carrick in a private, family-only ceremony in her Ascendancy Point home. The marriage is Rudon Birch's fifth and Carrick's third. The couple have been friends for many years, their publicists said. Together they have five children, twelve grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. (Full text)

  • Is writing her autobiography. A publisher has not been named.

Rudon-Birch Divorces

Society matron Paulina Rudon-Birch has announced she is filing for divorce from her fifth husband, Roland Carrick, citing "grave personal differences." Rudon-Birch, 104, married 99-year-old Carrick in August of last year. Carrick's publicist could not be reached for comment. (Full text)


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