Garnet Reed

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Garnet Reed
Perplex City
Garnet says he has 'many sources of information'. We presume he means the newspaper.
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Puzzle Scribe, CRT
Associations Perplex City defense forces; liason to the Council
Email garnet.reed at perplexcityacademy dot com


  • Member of Cube Retrieval Project
  • A commander in the Perplex City Defence Forces
    • Is on secondment with the Academy from the Perplex City defence forces
  • Member of Academy Oversight Committee
  • Holds a junior fellowship in cryptology
  • A graduate of the Academy's advanced studies programme
  • After an audit of the Earth link shows irregularities, he put Kurt in charge of fixing the security issues.
    • Thus, when the link was cracked by The Third Power, Kurt was held responsible, and Garnet was told to have him suspended.
  • Was closely involved in Sente Kiteway's arrest during the PCAG drug scandal of 2007.
    • Nearly a month later, after Ryan Cahill's full confession and Sente's release, Reed expressed "personal regrets" about his role in the whole sordid affair.


  • Regularly sets puzzles for the PCAG as well as the entrance-tests for the defence forces.
  • Enjoys mountaineering, skiing, white-water, rafting, raquetball, fishing...
  • Often takes casual outings with Patrick Azadian and possibly Horace Shockley.
  • 05-JAN-07 - After the Academy-Earth link leak was revealed, Reed stated he would use all of his considerable government connections to get the matter investigated as soon as possible.
    • "The fact that this was able to happen right under our noses, it's just unthinkable. I shudder to think about what this could mean for the Cube, and for our city."



  • Kurt's blog, The Path of Least Time
    • blog, 22-AUG-06 "Revelations" link
    • blog, 23-AUG-06 "Vanished into..." link
    • blog, 08-SEP-06 "Axiom" [1] link]
    • blog, 10-OCT-06 "Search Agent" link
Academy Oversight Committee

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