Cube Retrieval Project

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth



Aiko Entrescore

This reclusive girl covers Visual Arts. However, her story is one of significant note.

Caine Johansson

He is a bit of a Rock Star Mathematics Genius. And he kills at billiards. Has a blog at

Garnet Reed

From the school of Cryptology, Garnet is the tall mysterious man. Obfuscation is his middle name.

Tippy Ankron

She is the sultry redhead socialite of the team. Her area of interest covers multi-disciplinary studies and puzzle mimicry.



Anna Heath

Studying Languages, Anna was the second-in-command under Sente and the team's "mother". Deceased. Until time of death, she had a blog at Was killed by The Third Power while tracking stolen Academy parts.


Kurt McAllister

He covers natural sciences, computer science, cryptology and physics, as well as paper airplanes. Has a blog at Was suspended after it was discovered The Third Power had cracked the Earth-link firewall.

Von Lubik

The kid. His specialty is "Earthology". After the thorough 'investigations into the behaviour and actions of the CRT' it was decided that employing him when he was only 17 had 'breached his rights as a young Perplexian' and he was strongly encouraged to 'pursue an academic route for the time being'. Currently attending Edyta College.