Caine Johansson

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Caine Johansson
Perplex City
Caine, in an uncharacteristically upbeat mood.
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Puzzle Scribe, CRT; musician
Associations Conclave, The Third Power
Email caine at theoozezone dot com


E-mail: caine at theoozezone dot com


  • Cube Retrieval Project's representative from the department of mathematics and logic
  • Holds a studentship in Mathematics
  • Is a specialist in musical number sequences
  • Has a particular interest in the fugue revival and in modern popular music
  • Presented an episode of the video series New Tricks comparing the work of Roll For Damage with the classical music of Viscount, Baritsky and Bach
  • In his spare time, plays drums with his thrash metal band, The Ooze and, in his own words "enjoys a jar or two"
  • "Those of a nervous disposition are advised not to ask to see his coded tattoos."
  • On 06-JUN-2006, Caine's personal blog was linked to Earth by Violet. link
  • From roughly mid 2006, until the time of Caine's arrest on 01-FEB-07, Caine and Violet Kiteway were (not)dating
    • Though they were quite happy together and shared many a laugh, the two were often at odds.

The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

The dark side of The Ooze

  • It is now believed that Caine was responsible for the murder of Anna Heath.
  • Anna's husband, Fleming Heath, called Violet urgently leaving a number of messages, pleading her to take note of a song by Caine, whose name was a secret word between Fleming and Anna.
  • On this hunch, Violet questioned Caine, and was ... suspicious of the answer.
  • Violet started piecing together the mystery, and how Caine just happened to be in all the right places suddenly.

CRT Scribe Arrested

Cube Retrieval Team puzzle scribe Caine Johansson has been arrested, police say. He is charged with the murder of his colleague Anna Heath, who was found dead in the catacombs under the city in late July of last year.

Murderous Monster

  • In a very heartfelt poem, released on 21-DEC-10, for Restitution of the Cube, Caine related just exactly how dark his soul actually is.
  • He confesses to killing an unnamed prom queen when he was 16, and his parents when he was 21.
  • He confesses to killing six more people, the last of which being Anna Heath.
    • This was apparently the only killing he seems to regret very much at all.



  • Quirky Acuity, Violet's blog
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The Third Power

They are an ancient society of very secret intentions. Pietro Salk tipped the ice-berg, and it cost him his life. The Police has brought them to their knees during Operation Bayonet, but they have been around a long time, and they aren't likely to be stopped so easily. They have Operatives on Earth, as well is in Perplex City. V appears to be a #2 man, but who does #2 work for?

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