Hesketh Zeller

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lived: 132AC - 172AC

  • Made vast strides in the pursuit of Cube knowledge
  • Just as well known for the circumstances of his death, described as "noble" and involving his work on the Cube
  • Born into a respected Perplex City family
  • Accepted to study at the Academy, and while there, he "displayed what is arguably an unrivaled appetite for research that at times (and ultimately) verged on the lethal."
  • One of the few Masters of the Academy to continue active research while holding the position

"Nihil obstat scientia,"
"Nothing stands in the way of science."

According to "Perplex Issue Zero":

Is notable not only for his achievements in Cube research but also for his spectacular death. To this day nobody is certain what experiment Zeller was performing; it is known only that he, his lab and equipment, and all of his records were vaporised in a cloud of steam that left no residual heat or noxious gases. After Zeller's death, a hiatus on active Cube experimentation was called that persisted for nearly 50 years. In modern times, research has resumed, but proceeds very cautiously indeed.


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