Seven Founders

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  • Unlike the name might suggest, the Founders are not actually founders who all got together at one time. They are in fact noteworthy persons who, throughout the history of the Academy, did much to contribute to or otherwise enhance the nature of the Academy.
  • Statues of the seven founders were commissioned for the 700th anniversary of the Academy's founding in 173AC.

The Seven Founders

  1. Aetiant Taversen - First Master of The Academy
  2. Catherine Carrick - One of the Dual Masters; Pushed the study of puzzles and cryptology
  3. Boaz Delaney - One of the Dual Masters; Pushed the idea of studious diligence in teaching
  4. Helios Noi - Did tremendous work in the field of Natural Sciences
  5. Vianne Adamek - Stepped in just as the Academy was falling apart
  6. Robart Kermeen - Carried the spirit of growth and development into the modern era
  7. Hesketh Zeller - Something of a mad scientist

The Seven Founders of The Academy
Aetiant Taversen | Catherine Carrick | Boaz Delaney | Helios Noi | Vianne Adamek | Robart Kermeen | Hesketh Zeller