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2006 on Earth corresponds to 269AC in Perplex City. Perplex City years are the same length as Earth years, with the same months and dates. The years are designated with "BC" and "AC". See Calendar for more on this topic.

Also note, we know of a number of periods of time which have been referred to, though we dont have a good sense of when these happened. These include:

  • Pre-Hausam period - seems to be about two to three thousand years ago, during the early settlement period of the region.
  • The War - took place just before the Modern Era.
  • Parencycle period of architecture - took place around the early 100s, and includes the Milamont Theatres
  • Resurgence period - seems to be about one to two hundred years ago. Probably this was the period of reconstruction after the War ravaged the city.


Early History Of The Perplex City Region

3500 BC 18th Century BCE Perplex City history begins
3000 BC 13th Century BCE Loose settlements become stable
2000 BC 3rd Century BCE Evidence of great technical advancements
1250 BC 487 Slow but steady progress in the city's development
700 BC 1037 City went through a period of modest expansion
573 BC 1164 Academy Founded
571 BC 1166 Group of scholars take residence in the city
452 BC 1285 Academy's first significant expansion
443 BC 1294 Aetiant Taversen becomes the first Academy 'Master'
325 BC 1412 Academy introduces its own league in several games, setting up the premise of the PCAG
250 BC 1487 Ellen Poor studies at academy
246 BC 1491 Ellen Poor leaves academy to open a tea house
245 BC 1492 Helios Noi returns to the City
243 BC 1494 Helios Noi offered Academy Mastership - Declines
226 BC 1511 Death of Helios Noi
190? BC 1547? White square dropped from the game of Twin-wheel
179 BC 1558 Unknown quote from Sente's first letter
172 BC 1565 Academy Museum founded
170 BC 1567 Judiciary Pogroms. Faith Giordana: criminal mastermind.
70 BC - 0 BC 1667 The War, in various forms.
47 BC 1690 Academy sinks into temporary academic despond
35 BC 1702 Stories of Ilja and Anja, the ghost children, begin; see: The War.
23 BC 1714 Death of Master Victor Mardian
22 BC 1715 Vianne Adamek elected Academy Master
17 BC 1720 Vianne Adamek suggests an "overall champion" of PCAG

The Height of The War

5 BC 1732 Cycling Research Efforts


Lancewood Labs open, on Hobbs Island, Lancewood Archipelago, Vianne Adamek present.

March 4th

First sample arrives PR1 Lancewood Labs. Intense optical and magnetic observation, using resonance imaging.

March 4th

Label in PRI (Lancewood Labs) "Specimens" shipment, from Viendenbourg, to Lancewood. Test materials, one assumes.

March 10th

Lancewood Labs achieve max coherence 0.17s. "Must increase - exponential effects."

March 12th

Lancewood Labs achieve max coherence 0.2s.

June 2nd

Lancewood Labs achieve max coherence 1.3s "but power spikes. Change silicon doping?"


Lancewood Labs - "Doping began last month .... increases coherence time, easier control."


Lancewood Labs - "Breakthrough! Molecular processors. Must interface with own systems to dampen loops. Coherence at 9s."

late in the year

Memo from Edwina Mountling Head of Lancewood to Vianne Adamek. Lancewood Labs achieve 10s coherence by doping with other compounds. More programmers requested from the Perplex City Academy.

year end

Lancewood Labs - Material Research and Control Project receive present from Academy Computer Science Division.
4 BC 1733


"Site survey and inspection. By Dr. Malcolm Kennard, Academy Exploratory Research Scientist and Military Liaison," of Lancewood Lab.


Lancewood level 3 excavated.


Parts for "anti-air battery" arrive at Lancewood.
2 BC 1735


Lancewood Labs become "self-sufficient" in power.


Lancewood Labs - More material required. Beginning to reach physical limits. "Received proposal for combining material with facsimile thought. Even optical connects are too slow - material needs embedded reflexive controller."


Anthony Granier proposes "Northern Expedition" to Vianne Adamek. "Must discover method to mine and safely transport more material". Requests political support.

March 10th

Anthony Granier & Edwina Mountling embark on "Northern expedition" belived to be to Viendenbourg.

March 17th

Granier diary - everyone within a 12 mile radius of the experiment will be affected.

March 19th

Granier visits mine, enough material has been extracted, it may prove the salvation of the City.

end March

Granier diary - rain has been stopping mining. Thinks Cube worship is old fashioned.


"Problems" with Viehattle. Causes rumbles along border, but ceasefire holds.

April 7th

Granier and Mountling pick 2 male subjects who will die as a result of the experiment.

April 8th

Granier diary - experiment conducted, awful spectacle.

April 13th

Granier diary - Mountling concludes from readings taken during the experiment that the "entire place will be destroyed".

April 21st

Granier and Mountling have become involved.

April 29th

Mountling confesses to Granier that "Your master I believe does not wish that our experiments here should benefit only the city. To be blunt, my lord, I have been sent here to ensure that certain matters, certain elements of knowledge should be kept only for her, and for the group of loyal scholars she has formed. She wishes the power for herself. To do what, I know not."


Lancewood Labs - Targeting range and precision improved, but horizon is still unstable, and functioning is highly susceptible to electromagnetic? fields. Engineers state that 'facsimile thought processors are so small they can be overwhelmed by the material's functions'.


First mass material shipment, from Viendenbourg, to Lancewood.


Dr Kennard and Dr Cook die in an accident. Other safety lapses are reported. Vianne Adamek assigns Anthony Granier to replace Kennard, with "full adinistrative authority", reporting directly to Adamek. The 'General Purpose Self-Contained Material System (Cubic)' project requires massive resources and involves many people outside Lancewood. Edwina Mountling to retain authority over scientific areas.


A group of Viehattle spies discovered at Lancewood Labs. Jonathan Sikander leaks information and is sentenced to execution on Granier's orders. Mary and David Ward confined and "aggressively questioned". Viehattle ends the cease-fire, joins with Anjsbourg, and declares war on Perplex City. Military intelligence at the time suggests this is connected to the leaked info on Lancewood's materials research.

December 21

Solstice of the Cube. Sikander is executed by firing squad. The Wards are confined.
0 AC 1737 WAR END


Anthony Granier arrives at Lancewood, and becomes Government Liaison for the Lancewood Labs.


Construction of GP-SCMS (the General Purpose Self-Contained Material System [Cubic]) begins. Some scientists call it the 'Cube'. Mountling states that "Our last attempt at compensating for EM interference failed, so I had no choice but to authorise construction of the Quiet Room. Woad will not be happy, but Adamek assures me she can deal with her."


Vianne Adamek visits the Quiet Room. She and Mountling discuss the Cube's capability for thought.

May 1st

Reports from spies in Viehattle indicate that the enemy has "set objects in the firmament. These weapons defy all natural law. We must now live in constant fear of what may drop upon us from the very skies."

July 13th

Granier announces "a triumph worthy of all we have dreamed!" He makes plans to leave Lancewood with some of his colleagues (sans Edwina Mountling) and go to 'the City'.


Viendenbourg falls to Viehattle after fierce fighting, according to the Vanguard newspaper.

Date unknown

Catbite Gorge created, devasting a huge section of the city.

Date unknown

End of The War; Beginning of the "modern" era.

The Modern Era

0 - 22 1737 - 1759 Hiatus of celebration of the midwinter festivals and games
7 AC 1744 Receda Cube "Discovered"
15 AC 1752 Census taken by Thalian Reese
37 AC 1774 Games Plaza built by William Henderson
" " Perplex City Museum Opens
48 AC 1785 Mazy Wave Court established
60 AC 1787 Magine Park formally established
64 AC 1791 Magine Hall built by Peter Alten
70-80 AC 1807-1817 Neville Ashberry is an antiquarian
75 AC 1812 Perplex City Zoo opens, after the closure of The Old Town Zoo
81 AC 1818 Tanhill Botanic Gardens built
89 AC 1826 Sentinel founded
107 AC 1844 Sentinel and Vanguard merge
115 AC 1852 Death of Redward Innes
137 AC 1874 Sentinel purchased by the Heathcote Group
138 AC 1875 Emmi Hartlin begins editing the Sentinel
" " Vasquez Observatory first established
148 AC 1885 S. Marchant quote from City Archives
156 AC 1893 Emmi Hartlin retires
167 AC 1904 "Great Political Scandals"
173 AC 1910 700th anniversary of the Academy's founding
174 AC 1911 Sentinel's investigative work leads to resignation of Perplex City Council and seven deputies
175 AC 1912 Last criminal case to be declared a mistrial, by Latrell Korn concerning Ghona Hesh
187 AC 1924 A political scandal known as the Rose Crescent Affair
188 AC 1925 Landmark statue at Scott Young Memorial Plaza built
200 AC 1937 The Second Archway Built
223 AC 1960 Sanjean Adamek has a series of wins at the PCAG
" " Sente Kiteway joins Academy cryptology department
228 AC 1965 Receda Cube goes on public display in Academy museum
229 AC 1966 Sente works as a Junior Fellow at the Academy
230 AC 1967 Sente published seminal work on cryptological mathematics
234 AC 1971 Ruth Coralhouse & Horatio Flynn win Ikonnikov Prize
235 AC 1972 Adamek publishes book - "Intricate Design"
" " Last serious attempt at Cube theft
237 AC 1974 Alyce Turnbull creates the Inventus Puzzle
" " Sente takes up a senior position at Centrifuge
" " Centric Artificial Rainforest built from inflatable modular sections
239 AC 1976 Ruth Coralhouse & Horatio Flynn win Ikonnikov Prize. Again.
" " East Dalia Way becomes pedestrian-only
240 AC 1977 Professor Estelle Sedgewick becomes Senior Fellow of Languages
241 AC 1978 Hunan Mansoor's company MPG becomes part of Key Surety
242 AC 1979 Violet Kiteway Born
" " Whipsmart ice cream established
243 AC 1980 Jonathan Smart becomes member of PCBC board
245 AC 1982 Astrid Lindstrom places highly in PCAG
246 AC 1983 Hunan Mansoor wins Academy's Cryptological prize
247 AC 1982 Astrid Lindstrom places highly in PCAG
248 AC 1985 Astrid Lindstrom wins PCAG championship
" " Public foreign-language debate over the environmental policies of the Council
" " Scarlett Kiteway Born
250 AC 1987 Ruth Coralhouse retires from Academy
252 AC 1989 Professor Adamek becomes Senior Fellow of Arts
" " Sente returns to the Academy
253 AC 1990 Astrid Lindstrom wins Allanson Prize
255 AC 1992 Development of the first generation of Ceretin begins
256 AC 1993 Robert Solitano wins PCAG languages section
258 AC 1995 Ahuva Qui becomes a commentator for the Political News
" " Jonathan Smart becomes CEO of PCBC
" " Margaret Wildwood wins Raschid Prize
260 AC 1997 Inari Ekeba becomes PCAG's resident astronomical puzzle setter
" " First Generation of Ceretin ("Ceretin G1") is released to the public
261 AC 1998 Ahuva Qui wins Borek prize
" " Professor Inari Ekeba becomes Senior Fellow of Natural Sciences
" " Robert Solitano wins Sperka prize
" " Sente becomes Chairman of the Carrick Foundation
262 AC 1999 Armand Levi moves from journalism to politics
" " Professor Margaret Wildwood becomes Senior Fellow of Social Sciences
263 AC 2000 Carrick Foundation names Sedgewick Travel Bursary in honour of Estelle Sedgewick
" " Professor Hunan Mansoor becomes Senior Fellow of Cryptology
" " Sente becomes Master of the Academy
" " Mobius Strip "Figure of Eight" completed.
264 AC 2001 Rebecca Croft wins the Alexander Prize in music.
" " Centre for Reality Research opens.
265 AC 2002 Skip Applebaum recieves The Mintz Award for a series of public-domain columns he has written.
266 AC 2003 Janna Gold selected as the Rejian Fellow
" " Professor Astrid Lindstrom becomes Senior Fellow of Mathematics and Logic
267 AC 2004 Receda Cube Stolen from The Academy
" " Ryan Cahill wins PCAG Championship
" " Security analysis reports from Academy Museum leaked.
" " Surprise virus named Djinn sweeps the City
268 AC 2005 Nachman Assaf solves the Inventus Puzzle
" " Serena Duncan wins PCAG championship.
" " Joya's daughter, Allegra Melody born
" " Roll For Damage's eighth album, Take Initiative released.
269 AC 2006 20 Feb - 26 Sep. Known dates of cube material experiments upon dogs and humans at Viendenbourg. See VHC tempfile and Lab reports.
" " Ryan Cahill wins PCAG championship.
" " 18-OCT-06 - Nathan Earlywine elected to office of City Council leader.
" " 20-OCT-06 - Executive Order NE-3309 takes effect, shutting down the link to Earth, until it is repealed 15-JAN-07.
270 AC 2007 Present Day
" " Myra Champaign wins PCAG championship.