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This is a work in progress.


Syzygy and Gatehouse 24

  • 16-JAN-04 - Though we don't know it yet (nor will we for some long while), the cube is stolen!
  • 24-Feb-04 - Projectsyzygy.com Initial Announcement
  • 08-Oct-04 - Perplexcity.com Website Update
  • 14-Oct-04 - "Project Syzygy Is Complete"; New cache file added "0595630738.cache"; Link on Firebox to "The Cube" found in catalog. Description of item on website follows to UnForums!
  • 18-Oct-04 - The Perplexcity.com website was being explored and trawled over by many people. Among the discoveries: talk of Shoes, Gatehouse 24, and some Perplex City Errorlogs.

The Newspaper Text

Grand Opening

  • 21-MAR-05 - The Newspaper Text was completed; The Perplex City Sentinel discovered.
    • Updates would occur weekly.
    • Updates to the Sentinel continue to this day, though the schedule has changed over time.
  • 02-APR-05 - Scarlett Kiteway, Sente's daughter, writes a letter to the Sentinel. In it, she embeds a clue to her own website: The Scarlett Kite. This site, too, has been updated continuously ever since then.
  • 06-APR-05 - "Recon Eight Released from Police Custody"; we are introduced to the Reconstructionists as a radical group of religious zealots.
  • 24-APR-05 - The Sentinel announces a desire to run articles written by people on Earth. This would be known as "View From Earth". This feature continues to this day. Starting in early 2006, points on the Leaderboard were awarded for published articles.
  • 24-APR-05 - Bernardo Holyoke is murdered. We don't find out about it for some while.
  • 09-MAY-05 - the first "View from Earth" article is published. It is by Hannah Saks. it is excellent.  :)
  • 11-MAY-05 - "Holyoke Housed Stolen Academy Equipment" article published. Followup item. It seems aimed at misdirecting us from what's really going on. Though they aren't mentioned, the "equipment" mentioned is the first appearance of Reynolds Ionizers and Klebold Plates.
  • 23-MAY-05 - We first learn of Joya's pregnancy, at least speculatively. It has little impact on the story proper, a this time.