Kurt McAllister

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Kurt McAllister
Perplex City
Kurt explains his brilliant new puzzle idea; the diagram shows the "simplified version".
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Puzzle Scribe, former CRT
Associations Conclave
Email kurt at thepathofleasttime dot com
Website http://www.thepathofleasttime.com/


  • Was the Cube Retrieval Project's expert from the department of Natural Sciences before being dismissed in Jan '07 [1]
  • Holds a studentship in computer science, with interests in cryptology and physics
  • Joined the Academy from West Besley College, where he took an excellent degree
    • Also restructured the College's key systems to operate at 200% efficiency
    • This method was purchased by Centrifuge Technologies when Kurt was only 20 years old
  • Is a self-confessed "geek"
  • Will happily spend his free time repairing old pieces of technology or perfecting his collection of replica antique Earth computers
  • Enjoys running, and has taken part in the Polygon Path 20k race for the past five years
  • Other activities include assisting in the PCAG fireworks show, and competing in the Academy Paper Airplane contest.
  • Lives on Magine Lane in the north of the city.
  • Has setup his blog to be only readable by citizens of Earth
    • This might be slightly illegal and/or infringing on Academy rules, but is probably okay.
  • Due to his sniffing and poking around on the subject of Reynolds Ionizers, his key was infected with some sort of tracking or virus system, causing him to need to reformat, rebuild, and otherwise reconfigure it.
  • Is a fan of Mornington Crescent
    • Came second in the "All-departments Academy Second Division Crescent Challenge 2005"
    • Would have come in first place, if not for his opponent's use of the Reverse Triple-jump Cyclotron tactic, which takes advantage of the fact that the Perplex City Subway runs 24 hours a day.
  • Upon Nathan Earlywine's election to the city council leader position, Earlywine issued an order to shut down the Earth-Perplexian data link.
    • When this link was infiltrated, Earlywine (and, by proxy, CRT head Garnet Reed) held Kurt responsible, and had him suspended.
  • After the Cube was recovered, he was reinstated:

CRT Scribe Reinstated

Puzzle scribe Kurt McAllister has been returned to his prior position in the Academy, following a brief suspension. McAllister was suspended when he became implicated in security flaws in the Earth data ling, but has now been found to be instrumental in protecting the Receda Cube from the Third Power.

--News in brief, 13-FEB-07


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Kurt sent some missives to some of us on Earth, once upon a time. To read what he has written to people, please see: Letters from Kurt

  1. The Path of Least Time, entry, "The Beginning of the End" 15-JAN-07 link