The War

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

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  • There was a war, which occurred just before the modern era, between Perplex City and Anjsbourg & others.
  • Pre-war tensions began in about 1677 (60BC).
  • At some point, a number of treaties were signed into effect between such elements as Perplex City and Viehattle.
  • It is suggested that Anjsbourg was the first to engage Perplex City in the war.
  • Soon after, Machiantes joined with Anjsbourg.
  • In the year 1 BC, during the height of war, Viehattle broke off their cease-fire treaties and took the side of Anjsbourg.
  • A great event caused the end of open fighting, the details of which are enshrouded in some mystery.
  • The Halley Peace Accord was signed in March 2005 (268 AC), which is to lead to the official end of all hostilities.
  • In the year 1702 (35BC), stories of the ghost-children Ilja and Anja came to rise.
    • These stories were mostly intended to pull at the heartstrings of those who spoke out in favor of war, and suggest the tragedies incited upon the innocents in the countryside.
    • Also, this is the subject of one of the earliest pieces of fan-fiction about perplex City by Scott.
  • The PCAG history suggests the dawning of modern era, and thus the end of the war, brought a hiatus of Midwinter celebrations.


The War in Modern Context

  • Discussion of the war is a social no-no.
  • Some academics' careers have been ruined because they sought studies on the war.
  • The popular consensus is that the war of the past should stay in the past.
  • A display at the Academy Museum has been announced by curator Anja Marlowe.
  • Peace Watchers, led by botanist Soo-Yung Rosenthal, have been protesting every weekend since the announcement
  • The display was opened 07-NOV-05
  • Daily attendence of the exhibit has topped 8,000 visitors a day, and continues to climb.
    • Most days the museum sees a paltry 2,000 visitors.
  • "Allain", a student at Edyta College, says the people during the war era had very advanced sciences and medicines.