Henry Castille

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Henry Castille
Perplex City
Henry Castille.jpg
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Major, Perplex City Defense Forces (Retired)
Associations Father to Claire and grandfather to Allain; ties to Viendenbourg


When Scarlett visited the Perplex City Museum, she noticed a "white-haired man" looking through a box of records dated 5BC with tears rolling down his cheeks. When the man heard that Scarlett was asking about Viendenbourg, he approached her and gave her a data button containing a map of the Tanraga area. She and her friends go along on vacation to Tanraga, soon meeting Allain.

That man, we eventually learn, is Allain's Grandfather.

We learn a great deal about him in Scarlett's Adventure Timeline

Known Details

  • Estimated by Scarlett to be approximately 60 years old.
  • Has pale blue eyes.
  • Walks "surprisingly fast for an old man".
  • Uses a paper ID instead of a Key.
  • Is thought by the library clerk to have the first name of 'Peter'.

Other Images

The Castille Family: Claire, Allain, and Henry

Codenames "V", "Q", "K" and "C", were hired to do the Theft. They are tied to the deaths of Fran Mendling, Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk, Monica Grand, Isaac Cymbalisty, Anna Heath --- but someone else got to The Cube first. Who? And Why?

"We never held it, It was already gone."