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  • Discreet, formal awards for achievement in the Perplex City Academy Games
  • Awarded not solely to winners, but to competitors who have most stretched their personal boundaries over the course of a competition
  • Worn on the sleeve as a quiet, humble way of showing pride in self and city
  • In ancient times, Leitmarks were awarded for cunning tactics during the heat of combat, battle-winning strategy or, on rare occasions, even for personal valor
  • Secret societies and religious groups have produced their own Leitmarks, to recognize one another discreetly in a public forum
  • The people of Perplex City seem divided for and against giving Leitmarks to Earth-based Cube hunters.

Known awards

  • The City Star, presented by the Perplex City Council to popular rock band Roll For Damage, for their strong public stance to get youth involved in political issues
  • The Silver Solve is the highest honor anyone in the city can possibly be given by the city council; A kind of Congressional Medal of Honor.

At present, there are twelve leitmarks available on earth, identifiable as:

  1. 333
  2. TSOL
  3. Red
  4. Orange
  5. Yellow
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Purple
  9. Black
  10. Silver
  11. PCAG
  12. Mind Candy

  • 333 Leitmark: Earth residents received a special Leitmark in parcels from Sente for volunteering to hunt for the Cube.
  • TSOL Leitmark: Cube hunters who went to Clapham Common on October 22nd 2005 were rewarded with a white leitmark, bearing the word "TSOL" and "cube" in ASCII code, one letter per binary line. These were left behind - by parties unknown - after the helicopter escape. They were in a rucksack which also contained a large number of packs of Wave 1 puzzle cards, vouchers for drinks at a local public house and controversially, five never before seen (at the time) Wave 2 cards.
  • Customers purchasing a starter's packet from the Firebox catalogue also received the TSOL Leitmark
  • Virtual Leitmarks are awarded to Earth-based Cube hunters based on total points earned by solving cards
    • Redleitmark.gif Red leitmarks are awarded at 950 points
    • Orangeleitmark.gif Orange at 2,300
    • Yellowleitmark.gif Yellow at 4,500
    • Greenleitmark.gif Green at 5,900
    • Blueleitmark.gif Blue at 7,900
    • Purpleleitmark.gif Purple at 10,000
    • Blackleitmark.gif Black at 13,000
    • Silver Leitmark: '100 Silver leitmarks will be awarded at the conclusion of Season One to a select number of elite leaderboard participants' (link) and those that have made significant contributions to the community. The silver leitmark was also awarded to Rand0m, the finder of the Receda Cube, who described it as 'blank, solid silver and unpolished, apart from the very shiny little square in the corner' (link).
    • Green Leitmark: Letters across the green Leitmark read, "And Gyvann said doubt not that the cube speaks or that its voice is heard"
    • Blue Leitmark: A braille puzzle on the blue Leitmark spells, "I CAN SEE YOU"
    • See: Point Possibilities for a staggered list of all possible scores, and known mark awards.
    • All Leitmarks earned are posted to individuals, if they have entered their addresses in their Perplex City Player accounts.

Leitmark big.jpg

Sente's Letter

Dear Player,

I am pleased to award you your Leitmark, in recognition of the hard work you have put into helping the people of Perplex City find the Receda Cube. We are very grateful for your assisstance, and hope that this will be the beginning of a long relationship between our two worlds.


[signed Sente]

Master of the Perplex City Academy