Ripley Wayans

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  • Lives in the Artist's Quarter with his partner of 13 years, Keenan "KT" Thoreau
  • According to KT, "Ripley doesn't like the rock-star life" -- hence their accomodations tend towards the modest.
  • Described by Alejo Jackson as "practically another member of the band, always there for us."
  • Converted to Reconstructionism, over the course of 2006.
  • According to friends, "seeing KT come out into the open with it really shifted how [he] felt. Ripley never felt like he could live with a secret like that, and things got so much better between them once everybody knew."
    • This is a reference to KT's announcement that he is a Recon, on 04-JUL-05.
    • After that announcement, Wayans saw how life would not change much, and he could go on as he was, but in a healthier way if he converted.


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