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  • Crime and rising real estate prices are becoming a serious issue.
  • Many want to see the Old Town redeveloped; No-one wants to actually do it.
  • Some suggest Developing other areas around the city, such as the Northside.
  • The general sense is that the Old Town is somehow doomed or jinxed in a way noone can quite identify.
  • Past revitalization efforts have all failed, and there is no reason future endeavours will do any better.
  • 23-AUG-05 - Councilman Roy Yolen whimsically suggests tearing down all of Old Town.
    • This poorly thought out statement raises quite a furor.
    • Later apologized, saying it was "an ill-considered expression of frustration"
  • 04-MAY-06 - A flashcrowd is organized in protest of the Council's treatment of the Old Town -- or rather, lack of treatment at all.
    • Raoul Valentin decried the protests, saying that citizens were demanding "rash action rather than careful consideration of the situation." & "What good would it do to spend a billion lecks today if we spend it doing exactly the wrong thing?
    • Citizens, however, say this is absurd, and the situation has been studied to death; the time has come to take action.
    • The protest took place in Key Square

Located within Old Town


Note: the Old Town is central to Perplex City and is referenced often and in many places, if only by its noteworthy orientation; The following may not include all occurences of the Old Town in any context, but should cover the important points where it comes up explicitly.

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