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On September 2nd, Scarlett Kiteway left Perplex City, headed to points North. She had been thinking of a summer vacation, but an odd incident involving Pietro Salk and the name Viendenbourg prompted her to take leave right away with Boyfriend and pals in tow. Each week she sends us an update. Originally, these notes were compiled on this wiki. However It was noticed they are being collected under a hidden link, and viewable here: This page is intended to collect the general synopsis of Scarlett's adventures. Each message starts with an opening, similar to this:

Hi. My name's Scarlett Kiteway, I'm 20 years old and I live in Perplex City, which is... well, it's not on Earth. If you're wondering how I got your address - the truth is that I took it from my dad, Sente. He doesn't know, but I just needed someone to talk to - there have been some pretty weird things going on over here. I need to talk about what's going on, but I can't really tell anyone in the City about it.

We Perplexians have been following the goings-on on Earth for a while, but we haven't contacted you until now. Why now? Well, last year the Cube - a very precious object - was stolen from us and concealed somewhere on Earth. We need to find it and get it back.

Or, wait, no, this isn't the right place to start. I should start a long time ago, when the Cube was originally found, when the scientists at the Academy tried to investigate it. They couldn't find out much about it. Some of them died in the process. Or, no, maybe I should have started by saying that my father, Sente, is now the Master of the Academy, that he's been asking people on Earth to find the Cube.

As you can see, this is a story that has a lot of starting places. Perhaps the best thing is to tell you where it starts for me. It's very simple really. I'm a student and I got a summer job. I started last week, and now I find I'm on a journey. I can't quite explain what I'm doing, even to myself, but I can't stop now. And because I can't tell my friends or my family, I'm telling you. I'll send out an email every week. There's a lot going on in Perplex City; who knows, maybe by sifting all the clues that are out there, you'd find out who stole the Cube. But as for me, I'm following my own lead. My story starts here and you can follow it with me.

This page is formatted to lay out when events happened, according to blog and email postings. "She" in this page always refers to Scarlett Kiteway. Not included are non-sequitor blog postings. Dates are indicative of the event, not necesarilly the email or blog posting which describes that event.

The Timeline

It Begins



  • Visits Perplex City Museum.
  • Is approached by a White-Haired Man, who gives her a data button.
  • Data button contains a map of an area near the Tanraga mountains.
    • With what looked like a small village marked with an x, and a little, scribbled note.
    • "Viendenbourg. Before everything changed."
  • Blog: She fFirst announces she "fFound something" at the Sentinel.
  • Sends first mail, which describes what she had done the day before.



  • Email: Resending of mail from 12-AUG-05 to all new subscribers.


  • Blog: She and Brede officially start dating.


  • Sends email describing the events of 12-AUG-05.


  • Violet's blog: Worst. Family. Dinner. Ever.



  • Sends email describing the events of 13-AUG-05


  • Scarlett, Violet, and Sente have a nice little dinner.
  • Sente cautions against Kurt pursuing 'military traces'.


  • Blog: She announces she will be away, leaving that night. First mention of Tanraga Mountains.
  • Sends email describing her getting ready to go on her big trip.



  • Stopped over for three nights at Elmness, to see the artiak migrations at the waterfall.


  • Stayed a night at Brede's aunt in Peterfitch for "berry-picking and general rustic charm".


  • Begins 4 days (at least!!) of train riding


  • Is frightened by someone at the door of the train cabin.


  • Has her belongings discreetly run through.
  • Sees a White-Haired Man in the corridor of the train.
  • Scarlett is, by this time, quite shaken by the idea of someone following her.
  • Sends email describing the events of the past week.

In The Mountains

Please refer to this map when necesarry.


  • Began the First leg of hiking.
  • Saw (at some point in the week):
  • Met:
    • "University people"
    • a honeymooning couple
    • Allain




  • Found Allain shouting to himself. Tres' Gollum.
  • Sent mail.


  • Went walking through Sleed Forest - "it's amazing, there are vines there so huge and tall they look like trees"
  • Chatted with Margot, then Allain.
  • Went to see see Allain in his compartment that night, but instead saw the White-Haired Man, running away.
  • No answer at Allain's car.


  • Did not send mail. Updated her webpage instead.


  • Posted a short message to her blog saying she was about to head for Viendenbourg.
  • No mention of why Allain didn't answer, but he appears to be alive and well, still travelling with the party.



  • Light rain, nothing eventful.



  • The party arrives at Viendenbourg.
  • Something .. terrible .. happens.



  • She is in the hospital, somewhere in the Tanraga Mountains , badly wounded somehow.
  • Updates her blog.
  • Asks us not to tell anyone what's happened.


  • Updates her blog.
  • Notes:


  • Approximate date
  • Brede, Sanj, Margot, & She all have a little sit down chat and try to piece it all together





  • Updates her blog.
  • Tentatively plans to go back to Viendenbourg.
  • Explains the "confusion-field", which is probably what the group ran into previously.
  • Everything is becoming quite clear:
    • The party became strangely befuddled because of a device which is *supposed* to make them befuddled.
    • Allain was unaffected because he had a device to protect him from the effects.


  • Updates her blog.
  • Decision made. Choosing Viendenbourg over Brede.

Viendenbourg Redux


  • Brede, Sanj, Margot all left for home.
  • Brede gives her a safe-phrase, which she may use to call him if she is in need.


  • Recieved the distress-signal-key, welded around her ankle.
  • Recieved more broad instructions on route and path.


  • Updates her blog.


  • Sets off again by train


  • Hits the train stopping point
  • Continues on foot.


  • Within sight of Viendenbourg once again.
  • Updates her blog.
  • Gives information about the place:
    • The gates are always open
    • There is a constant hum of drilling



  • Updates her blog.


  • She returns to the compound proper, Neuroceptin in hand.
  • Is intercepted and taken hostage at weapon-point.
    • Interestingly We are not told what sort of weapons exactly. Guns? Knives? Unkown.
  • While being held in an office:


  • Updates her blog.
  • Says she will be out of touch for a while.


The Scarlett Kite:

Quirky Acuity:

The Perplex City Sentinel: