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Welcome to the Perplex City Wiki
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Perplex City Information

Game Overview

Season 1: The Receda Cube was stolen from the Academy Museum in a daring heist. Through clever use of Puzzle Cards sent to Earth by Sente Kiteway, as well as deucedly clever gumshoeing by everyone involved, we discovered Violet Kiteway, Sente's daughter, stole the cube to protect it from The Third Power.

Season 2: After foiling V at the Radio 1 Big Weekend, Mind Candy announced a premature end to what promised to be a good set of stories.

Hot Topics

  • The Djinn virus, which the card is about, infected Keys around the city, causing 750 million Lecks of damage.
  • All this havoc was caused by Redward Price, an aspiring young Academy pupil with something to prove.

Information Archive

  • Looking for the French Puzzle Card translation project? See: Perplexe Cité
  • A la recherche de Perplexe Cité ? Suivez le guide!
  • Links list - Everything linking to Perplex City, everyone, every company, every blog, every site maintained by people in the city; it's all found here.
  • Site services - The ARGing community is absolutely rich with links to, from, and about Perplex City! From IRC logs to Google-style maps, you'll find it all here. All the important stuff, all in one easy to locate resource.
  • Puzzletools - ARGers old and new may find use for these crypto and organizational tools.
  • Unsolved mysteries - Many questions. There are secrets in every corner of this city. We attempt to collect the most pertinent ones here.
  • Trails - Cataloging major events in the city is something of a concerted effort. This page collects pages which chronicle events big and small, past and present. A page pointing to other pages. A meta-page, if you will.
  • Main Characters - The city is populated by 5 million people. most of them are none of our business. Some of them, however, are especially interesting.
  • Site Mirrors - Care to see what has come before? Read it all at length here.
  • Misc Documents - With great questions come great answers. sometimes, in the form of paper. sometimes in the form of more questions.

Unsolved Cards

Three puzzle cards remain unsolved.


Getting Started

Look Here First!

  • IRC:
    • #syzygy @
    • #perplexorum @
    • #perplexorum Full Logs - Full IRC logs of #perplexorum

Season 2, getting up to speed

Frequently Used Tools


Random Stuff

Did You Know...

  • The Cubehunters on Earth were prompted Violet Kiteway to produce a book. The hows and whys are a bit complicated, but the result was pretty impressive!
  • You can read the book, and some parts which didn't make it in, here: Tales From Earth
  • You are strongly encouraged to buy the book from, with all profits going to unFiction.

Perplex City, Season 2: Cancelled indefinitely.

I'm overwhelmingly sad about all this. Absolutely calamitous.

I was just about to edit Template:Season2, which says "A million stories, yet to be told." I was going to sadly change it to something like "A million stories, we'll never know," or "A million stories, hung out to dry." Those seemed sort of bitter. "A million stories, secreted away" sort of romanticizes it too much, and "A million stories, a million tears" seemed downright lame.

So I was thinking, then, on conversations I'd had with Andrea earlier. She was telling me about the last updates, and how she was sort of sad about having to make a new archive page, just to fFill it with all these sad things. Someone suggested she just slap it up and call it done, but she decided, no. Love Perplex City, right to the bitter end. It deserves better than any kind of maltreatment. And she's right. To piss all over it now would be an utter and complete dis-service to everyone and everything.

Here's my point. The wiki will stay up indefinitely. And as the rest of the puzzle cards come out, we will endeavor to scrutinize and calculate the subtle intricacies which have gone into them, just as we always have. We will do no such thing as markup pages with gloomy messages or portents of tragedy. The city is not dead. The city lives on in all of us. We, the players, you and I, made it what it is. Really. It is our job, our duty, to preserve and catalog the honor and history of Perplex City.

-- Scott 01:58, 3 June 2007 (PDT)