PCAG 268 Season

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


Website: http://www.perplexcityacademygames.com/

Exhibition Matches

Championship Matches

  • 02-AUG-05 - Championship Season Officially Opens
  • 06-AUG-05 - Weekend Highlights:
  • 13-AUG-05 - Weekend Highlights:
  • 20-AUG-05 - Weekend Highlights:
    • Alma Finnegan defeated Oliver Pohele, for her first win this season
    • This exciting match went into overtime, and was marked with excitement all round.
  • 12-SEP-05 - Weekend Highlights
    • Ryan Cahill spectacularly defeats Myra Champaign, 6-1
    • The match is seen as a classic example of experience over aptitude.
    • It was a much needed win for Cahill, who has been performing somewhat poorly all season.
  • 24-SEP-05 - Weekend Highlights
  • 15-OCT-05 - Weekend Highlights
    • Oliver Pohele defeats Serena Duncan
    • This is seen as a huge move for Pohele, and under-dogs everywhere.
    • Duncan is still favoured to win the championship, and this one loss will not greatly affect that.
    • As the season has gone on, however, this advantage appears a bit less certain.
  • The week-2 Team Games:
  • The week-3 hihlights:
    • Maureen Fender-Hu controversially eliminated in a match against Ryan Cahill.
    • She rang in her buzzer mere moments AFTER Ryan Cahill, even though she clearly had the answer well BEFORE he did.
    • Her elimination is seen by some fans as favoritism on the part of the judges, who are pandering to a desire to see Ryan Cahill and Serena Duncan go to the final competition.
  • Championship Highlights:
    • The championship match was held Sunday, 15-JAN-06
    • Defending Champion Serena Duncan went against Ryan Cahill
    • Things were going well for Duncan, and a win seemed imminent.
    • Suddenly, a last minute shift was seen, and Cahill seemed to leap into a surprise lead.
    • Cahill took home the championship title.
    • Duncan seemed rather bitter, and may be seeking an investigation as to his performance.

PCAG Earth Matches

  • Event 1
    • Where: New York City, USA
    • When: Wednesday February 15th, 2006
    • This event will coincide with Mind Candy executives appearing at the American International Toy Fair.
    • Games consisted of traditional head-to-head matches.
    • See: New York PCAG event
  • Event 2
    • Where: London, UK
    • When: Saturday February 25th, 2006
    • Time: 12pm to 6pm
    • This was a team event. Teams were generally 6 players.
    • The event was a scavenger hunt on a large scale.
    • See: London PCAG event