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[17:46] Violet: Oh. Yes. Dogtags.
[17:46] Violet: Oh. Yes. Dogtags.

[17:46] Violet: Major Jake Maine.
[17:46] Violet: Major [[Jake Maine]].

[17:46] Violet: There's a serial number too.
[17:46] Violet: There's a serial number too.

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This is the transcript of what was seen to occur on Hobbs Island, in the Lancewood Archipelago. Violet and Scarlett went on a random hunt here, looking for clues from Anthony Granier. When they arrived, they discovered some sort of bunker, which had previously gone under the guise of a lighthouse. They started to need some help, so contacted Kurt, who set up a chat interface and viewer.

Original source script is here: http://events.perplexcity.com/gateway/scarlettkiteway/labs/blogmessages.php?date=8

Important Findings

where to begin, where to begin.

Hobbs lab 4.png


[16:11] Violet: Hello

[16:11] Violet: So.

[16:11] Violet: I have new blood

[16:11] Kurt: Hi guys.

[16:11] Kurt: You feeling okay?

[16:12] Scarlett: She does! New blood and new... bone marrow I think?

[16:12] Violet: Yeah. Bleh. It's odd to be walking round entirely filled with someone else's blood.

[16:12] Violet: But they reckon I'll be OK.

[16:12] Kurt: The fact that you're back here suggests you're the same ol' Violet.

[16:13] Violet: They fed me some anti-viral, anti-sense drugs, and did something with some ES cells and as long as I don't spend my next vacation inside a nuclear reactor I'll be fine.

[16:13] Scarlett: And we have weapons!

[16:13] Violet: Not 300-year-old ones this time.

[16:14] Kurt: Who gave *you* guns?

[16:14] Violet: They're surprisingly free with them out here in the sticks.

[16:14] Scarlett: We said we were going after The Big Squid!

[16:14] Kurt: I don't want you getting into a firefight.

[16:14] Violet: We also have high-powered arc-lamps.

[16:14] Violet: Look, we've agreed all this. We have to find out what's going on.

[16:15] Violet: And, apart from giving us a fright, all the whatever-it-is seems to be able to do is turn off the lights.

[16:15] Kurt: Okay, okay. Just be careful.

[16:15] Violet: Which, well, even Caine can do that.

[16:15] Kurt: I haven't seen him around this afternoon. I think he's stuck in a meeting with Garnet.

[16:15] Scarlett: And say DROWNING.

[16:16] Violet: Yeah. It's not nice. But we're going in to get the files, see what we can discover, and if it all looks much too dangerous we'll get out again, OK?

[16:16] Kurt: Agreed. Now unblock the door.

[16:16] Violet: Yup. Looks like it hasn't been disturbed since last night.

[16:16] Violet: How's your connection to the systems here looking?

[16:16] Violet: Can you unlock it from your end?

[16:16] Kurt: Not bad...

[16:17] Kurt: Door unlocked now...

[16:17] Kurt: Going to see what I can do with the lights...

[16:18] Violet: Oh, that's better.

[16:18] Scarlett: Maybe it's gone? The whatever-it-was...?

[16:19] Kurt: Hmmm...

[16:19] Scarlett: It doesn't look any different in here to how it looked yesterday!

[16:19] Scarlett: Here's my electromagnet :)

[16:19] Kurt: One sec...

[16:19] Violet: What?

[16:20] Kurt: One of the lights on L3 is flickering. Might just be a loose connection but... I doubt it.

[16:20] Violet: Hmm.

[16:20] Violet: Yes.

[16:20] Kurt: Server room, by the looks of it.

[16:20] Scarlett: The lift's not working though.

[16:21] Kurt: It should be.

[16:21] Kurt: What floor is it on?

[16:21] Scarlett: It's not here. But nothing happens when I call it.

[16:22] Scarlett: And the inside of the panel by the lift looks all melty.

[16:22] Kurt: Okay... are the stairs still accessible?

[16:22] Violet: What's going on in the server room?

[16:22] Kurt: It's not just the lights... I'm picking up some kind of power fluctuations... very slight.

[16:23] Scarlett: Yes, nothing else has been damaged. We could go down the stairs.

[16:23] Scarlett: But won't we get all frazzled by radiation?

[16:23] Kurt: Just don't hang around in that room, Scarlett. A few seconds should be okay.

[16:24] Violet: OK then. We're going down.

[16:24] Kurt: I think our friend is trying to work the servers.

[16:24] Violet: We're running down the stairs now.

[16:24] Kurt: Quietly!

[16:24] Violet: And then, Lettie, as fast you can, I'm going to open this door and we'll run through the radiation room, OK?

[16:24] Scarlett: OK.

[16:24] Violet: OK, one, two three!

[16:25] Kurt: Are you through?

[16:25] Violet: Yep, we're here.

[16:25] Violet: No new blood required today!

[16:25] Scarlett: Did you hear that?

[16:25] Violet: Yes.

[16:26] Kurt: Is he there?

[16:26] Kurt: What's the light doing?

[16:26] Violet: Can't see anything.

[16:26] Violet: But we can hear the same sound.

[16:26] Scarlett: It's weaker though.

[16:26] Kurt: Maybe he's getting tired.

[16:27] Kurt: The light's still off in the server room.

[16:27] Violet: OK, we're in the corridor by the vacuum lab.

[16:27] DROWNING

[16:27] DROWNING

[16:27] Scarlett: I don't like that noise. It's scary, just by itself.

[16:27] Scarlett: Did you hear that?!

[16:27] Scarlett: Can we go now, Vi?

[16:27] DROWNING

[16:27] Violet: I...

[16:28] Violet: We can't just run away again, Lettie. We need to find out what's going on.

[16:28] Kurt: Just don't get yourselves killed.

[16:28] DROWNING

[16:28] Violet: We'll be fine. We know how to get out...

[16:28] Kurt: He's trying to access the systems...

[16:28] Violet: But that sound... it's terrifying.

[16:28] Violet: Can you tell what he's doing?

[16:29] Kurt: He might be trying to reroute the power somehow, but he isn't getting very far...

[16:29] Kurt: I don't think he can access the power substation here...

[16:30] Scarlett: How do we know he's even doing anything sensible at all?

[16:30] Scarlett: Ghosts don't have to be sensible.

[16:30] Kurt: He'd have to create some kind of low-level interface using a fallback console...

[16:30] Scarlett: Wait, what was that?!

[16:30] Scarlett: He's moving!

[16:31] Kurt: I don't know if I can block that from here.

[16:31] FALL BACK

[16:31] Scarlett: He's coming this way!

[16:32] FALL BACK

[16:32] Violet: OK, now we run!

[16:32] Kurt: Did he just say something?

[16:32] Kurt: Go!

[16:32] Violet: No? What? Nothing, just that moaning again.

[16:33] Scarlett: It's OK, we're hiding round the corner now, just by the vacuum lab..

[16:33] Kurt: What's he doing? Is he chasing you?

[16:33] Violet: No... he's... no.

[16:34] FALL BACK

[16:34] Scarlett: I can see him.

[16:34] Scarlett: He's...

[16:34] Scarlett: It's not normal.

[16:34] Violet: No, it's really not.

[16:35] Kurt: What?

[16:35] Kurt: What's going on? Talk to me!

[16:35] Scarlett: He was carrying some kind of tech, I think.

[16:36] Scarlett: But he really doesn't, he's like, almost, fuzzy...

[16:36] Kurt: Like how?

[16:37] Kurt: He's back on the servers... oh hell...

[16:37] Violet: It's hard to tell. Could be just like we're looking round a corner of a corridor so we can't see properly.

[16:37] Violet: What?

[16:37] Violet: Look, this doesn't seem that dangerous, you know?

[16:38] Kurt: He's creating a TTY emulation...

[16:38] Kurt: Over-riding the substation...

[16:38] Violet: Maybe we should just go and point our guns at him.

[16:38] Kurt: I don't like it - stop him if you can.

[16:38] Scarlett: And ask him nicely to stop?

[16:38] Scarlett: What does all that mean, Kurt?

[16:39] Scarlett: What's he trying to do?

[16:39] Violet: OK, we're going back up the corridor.

[16:39] Violet: It's horrible though, the closer we get the more that screeching noise is in our ears.

[16:39] Kurt: I don't know, but he knows what he's doing and he doesn't have your best interests at heart.

[16:39] Violet: It's really hard to ignore.

[16:40] Scarlett: It's like it gets right inside you and

[16:40] Kurt: Be careful.

[16:40] Scarlett: I don't want to! Can't we just leave him?

[16:40] DROWNING

[16:40] Kurt: Try reason before force.

[16:40] DROWNING

[16:40] Kurt: Vi - you know what to do.

[16:40] Violet: I can't describe the sound, Kurt, it's like too much information in my ears all at once.

[16:40] DROWNING

[16:41] Violet: OK, we're going in! I'll fire one shot into the air, and that'll get his attention.

[16:41] DROWNING

[16:41] DROWNING

[16:41] DROWNING

[16:41] Kurt: ...

[16:42] DROWNING

[16:42] Kurt: What happened to the lights?

[16:42] DROWNING

[16:42] Kurt: Vi?

[16:42] DROWNING

[16:42] Kurt: Scarlett, are you okay?

[16:42] DROWNING

[16:42] Violet: Stop!

[16:43] Kurt: What's going on? For Gyvann's sake...

[16:43] Scarlett: No, don't! He's got Vi!

[16:43] Scarlett: He's going to kill her!

[16:43] Scarlett: He... he's got Vi!

[16:44] Kurt: What's he done, Scarlett? Where is she?

[16:44] Scarlett: He smashed her arm against the bench!

[16:44] Scarlett: I'm going to, I have to..

[16:44] Scarlett: Get out of the way, Vi!

[16:44] Kurt: Scarlett?!

[16:45] DROWNING

[16:45] DROWNING

[16:45] WAKING

[16:45] Violet: I, uh, he...

[16:45] Kurt: Lettie...?

[16:46] Scarlett: She's OK, I think. I... everything's dark here.

[16:46] Kurt: I can't get the lights back on.

[16:46] Scarlett: Kurt, are you there?

[16:47] Kurt: Use the arc lights.

[16:47] Scarlett: Yes, yes I...

[16:47] Kurt: Vi - let me know you're okay.

[16:48] Violet: Where is he?

[16:48] Violet: I'm, uh. There's blood.

[16:48] Scarlett: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean...

[16:48] Kurt: What happened?

[16:48] Scarlett: I think I... shot him.

[16:49] Violet: But where is he?

[16:49] Kurt: I can't see anything on the -

[16:49] Kurt: Hold on.

[16:50] Scarlett: He didn't even notice! He just carried on what he was doing!

[16:50] Kurt: I think he's under you.

[16:50] Violet: I... he broke my watch.

[16:50] Scarlett: I think you have concussion.

[16:51] Violet: What do you mean, under us?

[16:51] Kurt: Scarlett - listen. There's a new level opened up.

[16:51] Violet: I... I don't feel right.

[16:51] Scarlett: A new level?

[16:51] Kurt: L4.

[16:51] Scarlett: What's there?

[16:52] Kurt: I don't know. Nothing...

[16:52] Scarlett: Vi, can you stand?

[16:52] Kurt: It's just a big, square room around the lift shaft...

[16:52] Violet: Yeah, I think so. I'm... he broke my watch.

[16:53] Kurt: Looks like there's some kind of airlock or blast door.

[16:53] Scarlett: What shall we do now?

[16:53] Violet: Can you see what he's doing down there, Kurt? Is he connected to the system?

[16:54] Scarlett: Are you sure you're OK?

[16:54] Violet: It's not my blood, is it?

[16:54] Kurt: I don't know. I don't even know if he can access it from down there.

[16:54] Violet: He's only a man.

[16:55] Violet: I mean, you shot him Lettie.

[16:55] Violet: I think...

[16:55] Violet: Kurt, how do we get down to this level 4?

[16:55] Kurt: The energy lab is open... was that you?

[16:56] Violet: No, the door was closed when we came past.

[16:56] Kurt: I think he went that way.

[16:56] Scarlett: I don't know, Vi.

[16:56] Kurt: Tread carefully.

[16:56] Violet: There's blood everywhere, Lettie. That's his blood, not ours.

[16:56] Kurt: You know what they say about wounded animals. Especially when cornered.

[16:57] Violet: He didn't try to take our guns.

[16:57] Scarlett: Perhaps he knows he doesn't need them.

[16:57] Violet: You shot him. Come on. We're going down.

[16:58] Kurt: Scarlett - are you okay?

[16:58] Violet: Hmm. Yes. The door to the energy lab is open.

[16:58] Scarlett: I think so. I. I've never shot a gun before.

[16:58] Kurt: You did well.

[16:59] Violet: He's losing a lot of blood.

[16:59] Violet: It's pooled here at the door - must have been while he opened it.

[16:59] Kurt: The lights are still off down there.

[17:00] Violet: And here, through the lab, there's more blood.

[17:00] Scarlett: Did I do well? Is that well?

[17:00] Violet: You did what you had to do Lettie.

[17:00] Violet: And here's a door, leading to a stairway downward.

[17:01] Violet: You've got your gun, Lettie?

[17:01] Scarlett: I can't hear anything. That moaning, it's stopped.

[17:01] Scarlett: Maybe he's...

[17:01] Scarlett: Yes, I've got it.

[17:01] Kurt: You should still be careful.

[17:02] Violet: The only way we'll find out is by going down.

[17:02] Violet: OK. We're going down the stairs.

[17:02] Scarlett: It's very quiet.

[17:02] Scarlett: I can hardly even hear my footsteps.


[17:02] Violet: Can you hear that?

[17:02] Violet: A sound of breathing?

[17:03] Scarlett: Yes.

[17:03] Violet: There's some sort of airlock here.

[17:03] Violet: A reinforced door.

[17:03] AIR

[17:04] Kurt: Does it have an interface?

[17:04] Scarlett: Just a big metal wheel..

[17:04] Scarlett: What if he's waiting on the other side?

[17:04] Kurt: Keep that gun steady, Scarlett.

[17:04] Scarlett: OK, Vi's turning the wheel.

[17:04] Scarlett: I'm scared.


[17:05] Violet: It's OK Lettie. It's alright. We've got him cornered.



[17:05] Violet: OK, we're going in!

[17:05] No!

[17:06] ?: Stop... please...

[17:07] Violet: Oh

[17:07] ?: Please... just let me... breathe...

[17:07] Kurt: What's going on?

[17:07] Violet: It's, he's, it's... it's a man.

[17:07] ?: Stay back...

[17:08] Scarlett: It's just a man.

[17:08] ?: Shut the door... please.

[17:08] Scarlett: He wasn't like this before.

[17:08] Violet: What? Why?

[17:08] Kurt: Who is he?

[17:08] DROWNING

[17:09] Scarlett: It's the man from upstairs but now he's not... fuzzy.

[17:09] ?: Shut the door!

[17:09] Violet: OK then...

[17:09] Violet: Close the door, Lettie.

[17:09] ?: Thank you...

[17:10] Scarlett: It is quiet in here.

[17:10] QUIET

[17:10] Kurt: Who is he?

[17:10] Violet: Who are you?

[17:10] Violet: What's going on?

[17:10] Violet: Why are you here?

[17:10] ?: ...everything...

[17:10] Violet: Why did you attack us?

[17:10] Violet: What?

[17:10] ?: ...the everything...

[17:11] Violet: The what?

[17:11] Scarlett: What do you mean?

[17:11] ?: ... i came through everything...

[17:12] ?: ...then through the waves...

[17:12] Scarlett: He's bleeding.

[17:12] Scarlett: A lot.

[17:12] ?: Stay back!

[17:12] DROWN

[17:12] DROWN

[17:12] DROWN

[17:12] Violet: I. We. You're bleeding.

[17:13] ?: ...waves everywhere - even here...

[17:13] Violet: What waves? What do you mean?

[17:13] ?: ...I hear them and see them...

[17:13] ?: ...they fill me...

[17:14] ?: ...overflowing...

[17:14] Violet: What do you mean about "everything"?

[17:14] ?: ...i saw it all...

[17:14] Scarlett: I don't understand.

[17:14] ?: ... between there and here...

[17:15] ?: ... the everything in between everything...

[17:15] Scarlett: But who are you? Why are you here?

[17:15] ?: ... i couldn't control it...

[17:16] Violet: Wait a second.

[17:16] Violet: You travelled here?

[17:16] Violet: By a power you couldn't control?

[17:16] ?: ... air... waves... landed...

[17:16] Violet: Kurt, what are the properties of the room we're standing in? Can you tell?

[17:17] ?: ...a second...? days...?

[17:17] Kurt: The walls are thick. Might be reinforced. A bunker?

[17:17] Scarlett: Do you understand him?

[17:17] Violet: I'm starting to get an idea.

[17:17] ?: ... fell...

[17:18] Kurt: What are the walls made of?

[17:18] ?: ... couldn't handle...

[17:18] Scarlett: Some sort of metal maybe? Wait, I'll use my key to scan them.

[17:18] ?: ... landed in the waves ...

[17:18] DROWNING

[17:18] Scarlett: Key's just scanning.

[17:19] ?: Turn that off!

[17:19] DROWNING

[17:19] Violet: What?

[17:19] WAVES

[17:19] DROWNING

[17:19] Violet: Scarlett, turn your key scan off.

[17:19] Scarlett: It's not finished yet!

[17:19] ?: ... that... the...

[17:19] Violet: Turn it off.

[17:20] DROWNING

[17:20] ?: ... too powerful...

[17:20] Violet: Waves, huh?

[17:20] ?: ... it controlled me...

[17:20] Violet: Waves everywhere?

[17:20] ?: ...swept me away...

[17:20] ?: ...into the everything...

[17:20] ?: ... now they are everywhere...

[17:20] ?: ... except here...



[17:21] Violet: EM waves.

[17:21] Scarlett: Look at his leg.

[17:21] Violet: Yes.

[17:21] Kurt: It must be lead-lined

[17:22] Scarlett: Look, is it OK if I tie something round your leg? To stop the bleeding?

[17:22] Kurt: A quiet room.

[17:22] ?: Back!

[17:22] Scarlett: Hey!

[17:22] WAKING

[17:22] Scarlett: I'm just going to tie my jacket round his leg, to stop it bleeding.

[17:22] ?: ... field dressing...?

[17:23] Scarlett: Look, I'm only trying to help.

[17:23] Scarlett: I... I'm sorry I shot you.

[17:23] Violet: I don't think he wants you to do that, Lettie.

[17:24] Scarlett: But he'll...

[17:24] DROWNING

[17:24] Violet: Maybe that's what he came here for.

[17:24] ?: ... just... stay back... please...

[17:24] Violet: We need you to tell us where you're from.

[17:24] Violet: What happened to you?

[17:25] ?: ... lucky...

[17:25] Violet: Who did this?

[17:25] ?: ... through everything...

[17:25] ?: ... further than the others...

[17:25] Violet: Tell us who did this to you.

[17:25] Violet: What do you mean, lucky?

[17:26] Violet: You were lucky?

[17:26] ?: ... thorpe, in the wall...

[17:26] Violet: Oh Gyvann.

[17:26] Scarlett: What does he mean?

[17:26] ?: ... jackson, into steam...

[17:26] Violet: No.

[17:26] Scarlett: What's he talking about?

[17:27] ?: ... we could still hear him, screaming...

[17:27] Violet: No. Oh no.

[17:27] Scarlett: I don't understand. Who was screaming?

[17:27] ?: ... i landed...

[17:27] Violet: Do you remember those experiments we read about upstairs, Lettie?

[17:27] Scarlett: But I don't... that was centuries ago?

[17:28] ?: ... but the waves...

[17:28] Violet: And perhaps more recently too.

[17:28] ?: ... the waves stayed with me ...

[17:28] Violet: Who did this?

[17:28] Violet: Was it here, on the island?

[17:28] Violet: In Lancewood?

[17:28] ?: ... far away...

[17:28] ?: ... there ...

[17:29] ?: ... not here ...

[17:29] ?: ... the 487th...

[17:29] Violet: 487?

[17:29] Violet: Listen! Did you say 487?

[17:29] ?: ... so many lost...

[17:29] ?: ... Choi... Stephens...

[17:30] ?: ... I wasn't the best...

[17:30] Violet: What happened to them?

[17:30] ?: ... vapour...

[17:30] ?: ... dust...

[17:30] ?: ... the one-way trip...

[17:31] Violet: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

[17:31] ?: ... i made it...

[17:31] Scarlett: Wait, is he talking about...?

[17:31] Scarlett: Is this about the Cube?

[17:31] ?: ... peace...

[17:31] ?: ...the dead zone...

[17:32] Scarlett: Have you seen the Cube? Did you steal it?

[17:32] Scarlett: He's getting weaker.

[17:32] ?: ... ha...

[17:32] Scarlett: What? Why are you laughing?

[17:32] Scarlett: Vi, I think maybe *he* stole the Cube!

[17:33] ?: ... did you...? Ha...

[17:33] Violet: That's not important Scarlett. Tell us about 487.

[17:33] Violet: What is 487?

[17:33] ?: ... my unit...

[17:33] ?: ... the project...

[17:33] Violet: Special project 487?

[17:33] Violet: What are they doing?

[17:33] Violet: Where are they?

[17:34] ?: ... bourg...

[17:34] Scarlett: Viendenbourg?

[17:34] Scarlett: You were at Viendenbourg?

[17:34] ?: ...Vienden...

[17:34] Violet: Was that it?

[17:34] Violet: But how can we...?

[17:35] SLEEPING

[17:35] Scarlett: I've been there. There's nothing there.

[17:35] Scarlett: What can we do? We can't get in there!

[17:35] ?: ... dead room...

[17:36] ?: ... could feel it...

[17:36] Scarlett: No, don't!

[17:36] ?: ... perfectly dead...

[17:36] Vi: Lettie, bind his wound now!

[17:36] Violet: No, look, you have to tell us about 487.

[17:37] ?: ... perfect...

[17:37] Scarlett: His pulse is very weak.

[17:37] ?: ... shhh...

[17:37] ?: ... listen...

[17:37] Violet: No, look, you can't.

[17:38] SLEEPING

[17:38] SLEEPING

[17:38] SLEEPING

[17:38] Scarlett: Wait

[17:39] FLYING

[17:39] Scarlett: No

[17:39] Scarlett: No

[17:40] Violet: He's gone.

[17:40] Violet: You there, Kurt?

[17:40] Kurt: Yeah.

[17:41] Kurt: Could you hear him...?

[17:41] Violet: Hear what?

[17:41] Kurt: Sleeping?

[17:41] Scarlett: I killed him.

[17:41] Scarlett: It was me. I...

[17:41] Violet: It's OK, Lettie.

[17:42] Kurt: You did what you had to, Lettie. He was hurting Vi.

[17:42] Kurt: You did the right thing.

[17:42] Violet: He came here to die.

[17:43] Scarlett: I just...

[17:43] Violet: Shhh, it's OK.

[17:43] Kurt: What does he... look like?

[17:44] Violet: He's wearing a black jumpsuit, ripped at the knees and elbows.

[17:44] Kurt: Any insignia?

[17:45] Violet: Unshaven, looks to be late 20s early 30s maybe.

[17:45] Scarlett: We didn't even know his name.

[17:45] Kurt: Any ID?

[17:46] Violet: Oh. Yes. Dogtags.

[17:46] Violet: Major Jake Maine.

[17:46] Violet: There's a serial number too.

[17:47] Scarlett: Can I keep them..?

[17:47] Violet: Maybe we can find his family and return them.

[17:47] Scarlett: I'd like that.

[17:48] Scarlett: What do we do with the...

[17:48] Violet: I think maybe we should leave him here.

[17:48] Violet: We're very deep underground.

[17:49] Violet: And this was where he wanted to be.

[17:50] Scarlett: I want to go home.

[17:50] Violet: Yes, so do I.

[17:50] Kurt: I think you should. Both of you.

[17:50] Violet: OK. We're heading up the stairs.

[17:51] Violet: You know. My arm really, really hurts.

[17:51] Violet: I think it might be broken.

[17:51] Scarlett: We'll go back to the hospital.

[17:52] Scarlett: Vi, I...

[17:52] Violet: Yeah, me too.

[17:52] Kurt: I've got the lights back up.

[17:52] Violet. Thanks.

[17:53] Violet: OK, one final dash through radiation for old times' sake?

[17:53] Scarlett: Smile.

[17:53] Kurt: As you're on the way to the hospital anyway.

[17:53] Violet: What's two blood transfusions in two days?

[17:54] Kurt: An excellent cure for a hangover.

[17:54] Scarlett: We're through.

[17:54] Violet: Heh.

[17:54] Violet: You're spending too much time hanging out with Caine.

[17:54] Kurt: One could say the same for you.

[17:55] Scarlett: OK, we're heading up to L1 now.

[17:56] Violet: And... we're out.

[17:56] Kurt: The world still there?

[17:56] Scarlett: Has it really only been two hours?

[17:56] Violet: Yep. Still here. I think we'll say goodbye now, OK?

[17:56] Kurt: Sure.

[17:56] Kurt: Scarlett - you know the way to the hospital.

[17:57] Violet: /me hugs Kurt.

[17:57] Kurt: Hugging you back.

[17:57] Scarlett: Yes I do.

[17:57] Violet: Bye then.

[17:57] Scarlett: Bye Kurt.

[17:57] Kurt: Bye. Call me later.

[17:57] Scarlett: We will.