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People Involved: Violet Kiteway | Scarlett Kiteway | Kurt McAllister | Caine Johansson | Anthony Granier | Edwina Mountling | Jake Maine

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This is the transcript of what was seen to occur on Hobbs Island, in the Lancewood Archipelago. Violet and Scarlett went on a random hunt here, looking for clues from Anthony Granier. When they arrived, they discovered some sort of bunker, which had previously gone under the guise of a lighthouse. They started to need some help, so contacted Kurt, who setup a chat interface and viewer.

Note: Newer messages appeared at the top of the chat interface, so that the entire log read from bottom to top. The log below has been reversed to read in proper chronological order.

Original source script is here:


Important Findings, 21-SEP-06

On Thursday, 21 September 2006 (269 PXC), Violet and Scarlett explored Level one of the bunker. They discovered it was a laboratory, self-sufficient in power from an undetermined source. The laboratory includes military-style barracks with bunks and a mess hall. One of the dishes served in the dining room was tansy pudding, an abortificant.

The lab opened in February 1732 (5 BC, PXC). Master Adamek was present for the opening. In 1733, the lab received a new "anti-air battery", which Kurt guessed is for a surface-to-air missle. We also learned that in December 1736, Viehattle ended the cease-fire and declared war on Perplex City.


Hobbs lab 1.png

[15:38] This is Kurt, testing testing

[16:14] Hi Kurt, this is Violet

[16:15] Kurt: There's a setting here that will open up the entrance to the facility. Better stand back in case it opens up the floor or something

[16:16] Violet: OK

[16:16] Kurt: Trying it now

[16:16] Kurt: Anything happening?

[16:17] Violet: Some clicking...

[16:17] Violet: Yeah, a part of the wall beside the control panel just slid to one side. Very impressive.

[16:17] Kurt: Thanks

[16:18] Violet: I was talking about their tech, but whatever

[16:19] Kurt: So what's happening now?

[16:19] Violet: It's pretty dark inside, we're using our torches. Scarlett's going to look for some power switch or something. The place must have power if the control panel's still working, and the wall mechanism

[16:20] Kurt: By the way, for everyone watching on Earth, you can see the plan of the lab by clicking on 'Level 1'

[16:21] Kurt: I've set up a display so you can see which areas have been explored and which have power

[16:21] Kurt: I got the plans from the lab's computer systems, which, by the way, are very odd. Hundreds of years old, but still very sophisticated in some ways

[16:22] Scarlett: I found a power switch for the first room, just turned it on!

[16:23] Scarlett: Looks like an unloading bay or something, I guess

[16:25] Kurt: Tagged first room as Unloading bay

[16:27] Violet: Nothing terribly interesting here, it's all mostly empty

[16:29] Violet: Some heavy duty empty boxes here, checking the labels

[16:30] Violet: Says 'First mass material shipment - Viendenbourg September 1736'

[16:32] Scarlett: We're going into the corridor, the unloading bay is boring

[16:33] Violet: There's a plaque on the corridor wall

[16:34] Violet: It's commemorating the opening of the lab in February 1732. According to this, the Master of the Academy, Vianne Adamek, was present

[16:34] Kurt: 1732... that's 5BC then

[16:36] Violet: We're heading into the room south of the unloading bay

[16:37] Scarlett: Found the power switch. This place is full of electrical equipment, that sort of stuff

[16:37] Violet: That's not really surprising when it said 'Radio Transmissions' on the door, is it?

[16:38] Kurt: Is any of it on?

[16:38] Scarlett: No, I only just turned the power on

[16:38] Kurt: I wonder if we can use it to boost the key signal or something

[16:40] Violet: I don't think so, I've never seen equipment like this before

[16:40] Violet: I'll turn the equipment on anyway, in case you figure out a way to interface with it

[16:40] Kurt: Thanks

[16:41] Scarlett: All of the paper here has been shredded!

[16:41] Violet: Yeah, the people here were obviously careful

[16:42] Scarlett: There's some stuff on the walls. Lab notices, memos, rotas, photos of old Perplex City

[16:42] Violet: Interesting...

[16:42] Kurt: What's interesting?

[16:43] Violet: There's a memo dated June 1735 saying that power restrictions on the radio equipment are over, since Lancewood is 'now self-sufficient in power'

[16:44] Kurt: Odd. Did you see any signs of solar panels or turbines on the island?

[16:44] Scarlett: Nothing like that

[16:46] Violet: There's something else here about Viehattle

[16:46] Violet: There's a bit of paper with a transmission from the Academy, December 1736, about Viehattle ending the cease-fire and declaring war on Perplex City

[16:47] Kurt: I guess they removed the solar panels or whatever, the lighthouse is gone, after all

[16:48] Violet: Next room now

[16:48] Kurt: What is it?

[16:48] Violet: It's amazing... incredible!

[16:49] Kurt: What?

[16:49] Scarlett: Toilets!

[16:49] Kurt: Honestly guys, this is supposed to be serious

[16:50] Violet: It is! You're just a savage, Kurt, you don't appreciate good facilities

[16:50] Violet: I'm just going to be a minute

[16:52] Kurt: Sigh

[16:53] Violet: Okay, okay, I'm done

[16:53] Scarlett: There's a generator in the next room

[16:54] Kurt: What sort of fuel does it take?

[16:54] Violet: It doesn't say. Doesn't seem to have an inlet, either - it's hooked up to some big cables to the side

[16:56] Violet: Kitchens are next

[16:56] Violet: Wow. Know you won't appreciate this, Kurt, but the kitchen is amazing. Don't see this stuff outside the history books.

[16:57] Kurt: I hate to tell you this, but you can see one in your apartment as well. I know you don't use it, but...

[16:57] Violet: Very funny. But the stuff here... canned foods with paper labels, dehydrated foods to mix with boiling water.

[16:57] Violet: My old history prof would kill to get a look at this.

[16:58] Violet: All a bit drab though. I suppose it was wartime.

[16:58] Violet: Kitchens lead into dining room. Makes sense.

[16:59] Scarlett: This place has a lot of seats! I think at least 100 people would be able to fit in here.

[17:00] Violet: Wonder what they used for light. It's pretty gloomy in here. And why did they have to be below ground?

[17:00] Kurt: Good point. Safety maybe?

[17:00] Violet: Could be

[17:00] Scarlett: Hahahah!

[17:01] Scarlett: Menu on the wall!

[17:01] Scarlett: This week's specials: Artichoke soup, Trout a la Grecque, Tansy pudding

[17:02] Scarlett: Mmmmm. I am getting hungry.

[17:02] Kurt: I wouldn't try any of that stuff in the kitchen, by the way, even if it is canned or dehydrated

[17:02] Violet: Dormitories through here.

[17:03] Violet: All very neat, military style. Bunk beds, lockers. Some of the beds are made.

[17:03] Violet: We could sleep right here. But that'd be weird.

[17:03] Scarlett: For all we know someone died in these beds...

[17:04] Violet: For all we know they died happily in their homes surrounded by grandchildren. No need to be morbid.

[17:05] Violet: The place does have an atmosphere though. It's quite cold, and the sound of our feet seems to be - I don't know - deadened somehow? Maybe I'm imagining it.

[17:05] Scarlett: Wooooooh

[17:06] Violet: Stop that

[17:06] Violet: /me finally gives in to temptation and smacks Scarlett

[17:07] Scarlett: Stop that

[17:07] Kurt: Heh

[17:08] Violet: Not much in the next room, it's just a waste storage area

[17:08] Scarlett: I'm going to have a look back in the dining room again

[17:09] Violet: There's a lift here, in the northwest of the floor

[17:09] Kurt: Yeah, I was wondering what that was

[17:10] Violet: Can't open it, it's locked shut

[17:11] Kurt: It should be receiving power

[17:11] Violet: I'm pressing the 'open' button and it's not working

[17:12] Violet: Okay, there's a manual override here, but it's pretty stiff. I'm going to find a crowbar or something and look over this place again

[17:13] Violet: Spotted something in the waste room

[17:14] Scarlett: All sorts of interesting old menus in the dining room, but not much apart from that

[17:14] Violet: There are a few papers on the floor here

[17:15] Violet: Man. Half a 300-odd year-old newspaper

[17:15] Violet: If we were in the city, this thing'd be under glass

[17:15] Scarlett: Bo-ring

[17:15] Violet: /me rolls eyes

[17:16] Violet: There are a few hand-written papers as well

[17:16] Violet: I'll need to take them back to the camp to check them out.

[17:16] Violet: Hand-writing now is not what it used to be

[17:16] Kurt: Hand what?

[17:17] Scarlett: Yours isn't. I've seen your shopping lists. "Buy two firglenoogles."

[17:18] Violet: Well, that's about it, unless there's something in the lift

[17:18] Violet: Bloody Granier, dragging us out here

[17:20] Violet: I'm heading out to get some fresh air

[17:20] Scarlett: Yeah, can we leave now?

[17:21] Violet: any thoughts about getting into the lift Kurt?

[17:22] Kurt: I can't open it from here, so it's up to you. Crowbar is as good an idea as any.

[17:22] Violet: OK, so we'll head out.

[17:22] Violet: I can look through the hand-written stuff with my reference materials.

[17:23] Violet: Just heading back now

[17:23] Scarlett: Aw, are you sure we can't try some of this delicious dried suet?

[17:23] Scarlett: Look at the packet, it's now got extra crunch!

[17:24] Violet: Come away from that

[17:25] Scarlett: Or, oooh, cheese in a can! Now 20% more fat content!

[17:25] Scarlett: /me hears her tummy rumbling.

[17:25] Violet: If you want something high-fat and very bad for you I think we have some motor oil on board the boat.

[17:25] Violet: Let's *go*.

[17:25] Scarlett: What's this Vi?

[17:25] Violet: What?

[17:26] Scarlett: No, really, I think I found something useful.

[17:26] Violet: Actually, yes, maybe that is useful.

[17:27] Kurt: Another toilet, perhaps?

[17:27] Violet: It's a docket pinned to the wall.

[17:27] Violet: From October 1733. Electrical hookups for new anti-air battery have been delivered safely.

[17:27] Scarlett: What's anti-air?

[17:28] Violet: How am I supposed to know. Maybe it explodes on contact with air? K-man?

[17:28] Kurt: Don't call me that.

[17:28] Kurt: I think it's a surface-to-air missile battery, in case any planes tried to bomb the labs

[17:28] Scarlett: What, out here?

[17:29] Kurt: Yeah, it's a bit odd, but they must've wanted to keep this place safe

[17:30] Violet: Right, we're outside now

[17:30] Kurt: So, what's the plan?

[17:31] Violet: Unless there's a shop selling crowbars here, we're going to have to head back to the port town

[17:32] Kurt: Fair enough

[17:33] Violet: I think it'll be too dark to head back once we've got it, so we'll probably wait until tomorrow morning before coming back and trying the lift

[17:34] Violet: You know, I think it's the annual squid-hurling festival this evening.

[17:34] Scarlett: Squiiiiiiiiiiid!

[17:34] Violet: We are not going to the squid-hurling

[17:35] Scarlett: Bah. I wanted to hurl a squid of my very own.

[17:35] Kurt: I have to get back to work here, I've got a meeting with Garnet about the data link in a few minutes and I need to read up on the agenda

[17:36] Kurt: When will you be back at the lab tomorrow?

[17:36] Violet: I don't know, maybe 10am, 10:30am?

[17:37] Kurt: And the squid?

[17:37] Violet: OK then. Scarlett, if I can take a picture of you hurling and send it to Iona, then you're welcome.

[17:37] Scarlett: Grump.

[17:38] Violet: Or *Brede*.

[17:38] Scarlett: Or Von.

[17:38] Violet: Right, we're off.

[17:38] Violet: Come on Scarlett - we'll be back tomorrow morning K-meister, maybe 10.30am?

[17:38] Kurt: Don't call me that. I'm heading off as well. Talk to you tomorrow.

[17:39] Kurt: At 10am

[17:39] Violet: Fine, fine