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People Involved: Violet Kiteway | Scarlett Kiteway | Kurt McAllister | Caine Johansson | Anthony Granier | Edwina Mountling | Jake Maine

Related Topics: Lancewood Archipelago | Hobbs Island | The Receda Cube


This is the transcript of what was seen to occur on Hobbs Island, in the Lancewood Archipelago. Violet and Scarlett went on a random hunt here, looking for clues from Anthony Granier. When they arrived, they discovered some sort of bunker, which had previously gone under the guise of a lighthouse. They started to need some help, so contacted Kurt, who set up a chat interface and viewer.

Original source script is here: http://events.perplexcity.com/gateway/scarlettkiteway/labs/blogmessages.php?date=7

Important Findings



[15:56] Kurt: Hi guys

[15:56] Violet: Hey Kurt

[15:57] Violet: I've been down in Mountling's office for the past while trying to make sense of her journals

[15:57] Kurt: Any luck?

[15:59] Violet: Not really

[15:59] Violet: I'm coming to the conclusion that some of it might be about her lunch.

[16:00] Violet: Or when she and Granier had their trysts.

[16:00] Scarlett: What's this bit, with the exclamation mark?

[16:00] Violet: Oh yes, that one's relevant.

[16:01] Violet: From when Viehattle took Viendenbourg.

[16:01] Violet: She says: mining has begun again under V.ht. The city cannot brook this.

[16:02] Scarlett: They were mining at Viendenbourg when I was there, I thought.

[16:03] Scarlett: Can there really be anything left to mine?

[16:03] Scarlett: Do you think that stuff, the stuff they were mining, is what they unloaded in the unloading bay on L1?

[16:04] Violet: Could have been. How dangerous do we think it was?

[16:04] Violet: What's next to the unloading bay? Not the labs?

[16:04] Kurt: Let me check

[16:04] Kurt: Radio room

[16:04] Kurt: Hold on

[16:05] Kurt: Power is out in three rooms on L1

[16:06] Scarlett: What's happened?

[16:06] Violet: Kurt, can you see what the problem is?

[16:06] Kurt: Same as yesterday, but even more widespread

[16:06] Scarlett: Is it the same power outage?

[16:07] Kurt: Could be.

[16:07] Violet: Did you work out what was going on last night?

[16:07] Kurt: Nope, didn't have time. Can you go up and check it for me?

[16:07] Violet: Hmm

[16:07] Scarlett: I'll go.

[16:07] Scarlett: I don't have anything to do here anyway.

[16:08] Scarlett: Since Vi's got her nose in an old book again.

[16:08] Scarlett: She needs to learn about the joys of squid.

[16:08] Kurt: Thanks, Scarlett

[16:09] Violet: OK, take the torch.

[16:09] Violet: I think I'm going to have to bring these files back to the city you know.

[16:10] Violet: There are so many - I really need to cross-reference.

[16:10] Violet: How's it going Lettie?

[16:10] Scarlett: I'm at the lift, about to go up.

[16:10] Violet: Also, Mountling had really bad handwriting.

[16:10] Scarlett: All you ever think about is cross-referencing.

[16:10] Scarlett: OK, arriving at L1

[16:11] Kurt: So what does it look like?

[16:11] Scarlett: It's dark, just like yesterday.

[16:11] Scarlett: I'll go to the control panel, see if I can see anything.

[16:12] Kurt: Check for signs of damage

[16:12] Violet: Careful you don't trip over.

[16:12] Kurt: Another room's just gone out - the generator

[16:12] Scarlett: Oh!

[16:12] Violet: What?

[16:12] Kurt: What?

[16:13] Scarlett: I thought I just heard something.

[16:13] Violet: I'm sure it's nothing Lettie. Want me to come up?

[16:13] Scarlett: No, it's fine.

[16:13] Scarlett: Uh oh.

[16:13] Violet: What?

[16:13] Kurt: What?

[16:13] Scarlett: Um.

[16:14] Scarlett: I don't think the control panel looked like *that* yesterday.

[16:14] Violet: Like what?

[16:14] Scarlett: Well, I don't know. It looks kinda, a bit... melty?

[16:14] Kurt: What do you mean, melty?

[16:15] Scarlett: The colours aren't the same, looks like they've bled into each other. Like something's broken inside.

[16:15] Violet: The equipment here is quite old.

[16:15] Violet: Can you see anything else?

[16:16] Scarlett: OK, I *definitely* heard something that time.

[16:16] Scarlett: Like someone howling?

[16:16] Violet: OK, now I *know* you're imagining it.

[16:17] Violet: I should never have let you eat all that squid. Dad always said nice girls don't eat squid.

[16:17] Scarlett: Yeah, maybe.

[16:17] Scarlett: Look, is it OK if I go outside for a few minutes, just to clear my head?

[16:17] Violet: Sure.

[16:17] Violet: Go back to the boat for a bit if you like, or have a walk.

[16:17] Kurt: Something is definitely going on

[16:18] Kurt: The kitchen and dining room power is now out

[16:18] Scarlett: Thanks

[16:18] Scarlett: Oh no.

[16:18] Scarlett: no no no

[16:18] Violet: What?

[16:18] Kurt: What's happening?

[16:19] Scarlett: The door's locked. I can't get out.

[16:19] Kurt: How can it be locked? It doesn't work that way. The magnetic lock should open fine from inside!

[16:19] Scarlett: I don't know how!

[16:19] Scarlett: How am I supposed to know!

[16:20] Violet: Are you sure you didn't just forget how to open it? Try pushing not pulling, sweetie?

[16:20] Scarlett: I am! I am pulling, and pushing!

[16:21] Scarlett: It won't open!

[16:21] Violet: OK, I'm coming upstairs.

[16:21] Scarlett: I'm scared.

[16:21] Scarlett: Is there anywhere with light on this level, Kurt?

[16:22] Kurt: All power on L1 is out, and I can't restart it

[16:22] Scarlett: I can definitely hear something now.

[16:22] Scarlett: There's someone here!

[16:23] Kurt: Scarlett, try and find a place to hide

[16:23] Violet: Kurt. The lift's not working.

[16:23] Violet: I need to get up there *right now*.

[16:23] Kurt: I don't know how anyone could break the power like this

[16:23] Violet: *Right now*, Kurt.

[16:23] Kurt: I can't move it!

[16:23] Kurt: Someone's already in the lift, they've blocked control or corrupted the systems or something.

[16:23] Violet: Scarlett, sweetheart, listen to Kurt.

[16:24] Kurt: The lift's stuck on L2 now

[16:24] Violet: Stay in the storage room

[16:24] Violet: Remember the big crates?

[16:24] Violet: Hide in one of those.

[16:25] Scarlett: I could hear someone. There was someone here, at least one person but maybe more.

[16:25] Violet: OK. I'm going to the workshop.

[16:25] Kurt: For what?

[16:25] Violet: Weapons.

[16:25] Caine: Hey.

[16:25] Violet: Scarlett, it sounds like whoever's inside is on Level 2 now - I need you to work out how to get the doors open honey.

[16:26] Kurt: See if there's anything blocking the doors. Take your time.

[16:26] Violet: Have you still got the crowbar?

[16:26] Violet: Caine. WTF?

[16:26] Caine: Hold on. I'm going to read back.

[16:26] Violet: OK. I have a gun. Or something that looks like a gun. In fact, I have a couple of them.

[16:27] Violet: If all else fails I can throw them.

[16:27] Kurt: Do you even know how to use a gun?

[16:27] Caine: Lettie, are you still there?

[16:27] Violet: It can't be that hard.

[16:27] Kurt: It also happens to be very dangerous

[16:27] Violet: Scarlett, sweetheart, what are you doing?

[16:28] Violet: What's the situation on L2 Kurt?

[16:28] Kurt: Four rooms are out. Seems to be in a linear order.

[16:28] Caine. Whoa... Vi, are you safe with those things?

[16:29] Scarlett: I'm OK.

[16:29] Scarlett: Things up here are... smashed.

[16:29] Scarlett: I don't think there's anyone left up here.

[16:29] Violet: OK, that's good.

[16:29] Scarlett: The door's still locked. Can you open it Kurt?

[16:29] Kurt: It's not registering on my system, it's like it doesn't exist. Something has screwed up my interface to the Lancewood systems.

[16:30] Violet: Can you try forcing it with the crowbar?

[16:30] Caine: What have you girls been up to over there?

[16:30] Violet: Oh, you know, the usual.

[16:30] Caine: I was afraid of that.

[16:32] Kurt: The power outages on L3 are spreading... guys, this is very bad. I think it's causing electrical surges, and there's some very powerful and dangerous equipment down there.

[16:32] Kurt: You really need to find a way out.

[16:32] Violet: Kurt, is there any way out of this level that doesn't involve the lift?

[16:32] Violet: I don't know who's between me and Lettie but I don't particularly want to find out.

[16:32] Kurt: I'm checking, but I don't think so

[16:32] Scarlett: I'm trying to use the crowbar but it's not working!

[16:32] Scarlett: I'm not strong enough, or the door's jammed too tightly shut.

[16:32] Caine: Vi. Listen carefully. Look for the sfaety catch on those guns. It should be at the back, near the heel.

[16:32] Scarlett: I'm scared, I'm scared.

[16:33] Violet: Yup, got it.

[16:33] Caine: It will be okay, Lettie.

[16:33] Violet: How do *you* know so much about guns?

[16:33] Caine: Summers at the funfair.

[16:33] Scarlett: What else can I do?

[16:33] Scarlett: Wait! Maybe I can use the radio room to call for help?

[16:34] Violet: That's a very good idea.

[16:34] Kurt: You'll have to figure out a way to restore power there

[16:34] Caine: Was there any night-vision kit in the armoury?

[16:34] Violet: I think we saw some spare batteries there, didn't we?

[16:34] Violet: You could try hooking one of them up to the radios, like we did in school.

[16:34] Kurt: It should be fairly straightforward

[16:35] Violet: Don't know. What am I looking for?

[16:35] Scarlett: OK.

[16:35] Scarlett: A lot of the radio stuff is smashed too.

[16:35] Scarlett: I don't understand. What do they want?!

[16:35] Caine: Goggles, binoculars - anything that looks like it's a powered visual device.

[16:35] Kurt: Are any of them still intact?

[16:36] Scarlett: I think so.

[16:36] Violet: OK, focus on hooking that up to the battery.

[16:36] Kurt: About two thirds of the power is out on L2 now

[16:37] Violet: Nothing like that.

[16:37] Scarlett: Whoever it is is still on L2, right?

[16:37] Scarlett: Maybe they're just going to leave.

[16:37] Kurt: Yes, but they'd have to come back up to L1 again, Scarlett

[16:37] Caine: You need to find yourself a strong defensive position, Vi. Maybe a corner room.

[16:37] Violet: Um. The lights here just flickered.

[16:37] Violet: There they go again.

[16:37] Scarlett: Vi! Be careful!

[16:38] Violet: I'm OK. It's OK.

[16:38] Kurt: How's it going with the radio?

[16:38] Scarlett: The radio's not working! All I get is static!

[16:38] Kurt: Try changing the frequency or using the presets - the buttons on it.

[16:39] Scarlett: I still can't get anything!

[16:39] Violet: If I go to a corner room I'm too far from the lift.

[16:39] Violet: I might get trapped.

[16:39] Kurt: Damn, the radio might be damaged then

[16:39] Scarlett: Maybe I could try repairing it? There's a lot of parts and wire here.

[16:40] Caine: Is there anywhere to hide? I mean securely.

[16:40] Violet: Old schoolgirl hiding-place? Standing on the loo?

[16:40] Caine: Vents. Trapdoors. Boxes.

[16:41] Kurt: I don't know whether that's a good idea, it might be too difficult

[16:41] Scarlett: I thought you were supposed to know these things Kurt!

[16:41] Violet: We're underground - perhaps the radio needs more power than we can give it.

[16:41] Kurt: Look, I'm trying! But I have no idea what's going on there!

[16:42] Violet: I'm going to head for the light lab.

[16:42] Violet: If all the lights go out, maybe there'll still be light in there.

[16:42] Violet: Whoever it is obviously likes the dark.

[16:42] Scarlett: I'm going to try the lift again.

[16:42] Caine: Don't walk into the light, Vi. Not now ;)

[16:42] Scarlett: If it's working now, maybe I can get out.

[16:43] Violet: Kurt, please slap Caine for me.

[16:43] Violet: That's a good idea Lettie.

[16:43] Violet: If you have the chance to get out, Lettie, *get out*.

[16:43] Violet: OK? No coming down for me.

[16:43] Scarlett: OK.

[16:43] Violet: I can hear the lift moving. Lettie, is that you?

[16:44] Violet: I told you *not* to come down.

[16:44] Scarlett: That's not me.

[16:44] Scarlett: Run, Violet!

[16:44] Caine: Vi. Go.

[16:44] Violet: Oh no.

[16:44] Violet: That sound.. it's...

[16:45] Scarlett: Run!

[16:46] Violet: It's like someone talking, or wailing...

[16:46] Caine: Stop hanging around.

[16:46] Scarlett: Kurt, you need to tell me how to open this door!

[16:47] Violet: I can hear him behind me

[16:47] Violet: Him, or it.

[16:47] Caine: Are you sure there's just one person there?

[16:47] Violet: I'm in the generator room.

[16:47] Violet: I think.. I think I saw something.

[16:48] Violet: The generators just died.

[16:48] Violet: Just, cut out.

[16:48] Scarlett: What did you think you saw?

[16:48] Violet: A shape, like a man, but... fuzzy. I don't know.

[16:48] Scarlett: Kurt, come on!

[16:48] Kurt: I don't have any ideas! If the lock has failed...

[16:48] Violet: I'm going to try to get back to the lifts.

[16:49] Caine: Is he armed?

[16:49] Scarlett: Wait! I'm going back to the radio room!

[16:49] Scarlett: You said the locks were magnetic, right?

[16:49] Violet: No, don't go back!

[16:49] Violet: I don't know, I couldn't see.

[16:50] Violet: I think, I think he/it/they know I'm here.

[16:50] Kurt: Yeah, which means you won't be able to get at them, they're embedded in the door

[16:50] Violet: And words again. Something about... drowning? It's hard to tell, just shrieking.

[16:50] Scarlett: But I can make an electromagnet!

[16:51] Violet: I'm just coming through the workshop.

[16:51] Violet: Wish I knew how to destroy them.

[16:51] Violet: Any ideas on how to locate a grenade, Caine?

[16:51] Violet: Too late.

[16:51] Violet: I'm at the lift..

[16:51] Kurt: What do you mean?

[16:51] Scarlett: There are some big batteries here, and a whole lot of wire.

[16:52] Kurt: A coil!

[16:52] Caine: Get winding, Lettie.

[16:52] Violet: It's not working!

[16:52] Violet: Kurt, I'm running out of options here. I need to get out..

[16:53] Caine: Keep moving, Vi.

[16:53] Violet: I don't want to think about what happens when all the lights go out.

[16:53] Scarlett: What should I wind the wire around?

[16:53] Kurt: You want something thin - use the crowbar

[16:53] Violet: Oh no, that noise.

[16:53] Scarlett: I know, it makes your bones shake.

[16:53] Kurt: Violet, I think I've found something

[16:53] Kurt: I'm turning the emergency lights on

[16:54] Violet: Over and over again about drowning. Like muttered words, and then howling.

[16:54] Scarlett: OK, I'm winding

[16:54] Violet: I can see them.

[16:54] Violet: There are lights in the floor.

[16:54] Violet: Little arrows.

[16:54] Scarlett: I don't think I can do it fast enough!

[16:55] Kurt: You can. Just be calm.

[16:55] Caine: Keep the coil tight, Lettie. You can do this.

[16:55] Violet: I'm following them, they lead past the energy lab.

[16:55] Violet: And into the radiation lab.

[16:56] Kurt: Damn

[16:56] Violet: ...

[16:56] Violet: I don't know what to do.

[16:56] Kurt: I'm looking up the readings on the radiation room

[16:56] Scarlett: Radiation won't kill you as quickly as a shadow man, will it?

[16:56] Kurt: The good news is that it won't kill you instantly

[16:56] Caine: Concentrate, Lettie.

[16:57] Kurt: The bad news is that you have a maximum of five minutes in there before the damage to your body is irreperable

[16:57] Caine: Kurt, get a move on.

[16:58] Kurt: What do you mean, get a move on? There's nothing I can do here.

[16:58] Violet: OK, I'm in.

[16:58] Violet: It's dark in here.

[16:58] Violet: Just the light from the arrows on the floor.

[16:58] Kurt: 4 minutes

[16:58] Violet: Pointing the way to... the filing cabinet?

[16:58] Violet: It's hot, too.

[16:59] Violet: Trying to move the filing cabinet.

[16:59] Scarlett: I think I've got it, I'm hooking up the coil to the battery

[16:59] Violet: Is there any power left on this level?

[16:59] Kurt: Two rooms left, including yours

[16:59] Kurt: 3 minutes

[16:59] Scarlett: I'm waving it by the door but it's not working!

[16:59] Kurt: You need to add more coils. Unhook the wires from the battery.

[17:00] Scarlett: OK, OK!

[17:00] Violet: I hear that noise again.

[17:00] Violet: I can't move it.

[17:00] Violet: How much time have I got?

[17:00] Kurt: 2 minutes, and the only room with power left is yours.

[17:00] Violet: I'm pulling out the drawers of the cabinet.

[17:01] Violet: There's someone outside the door.

[17:01] Scarlett: OK, I'm trying it again now

[17:01] Violet: I can hear that sound again. Horrible low moaning.

[17:01] Kurt: Violet, you've only got 1 minute, you have to get out of there!

[17:01] Violet: OK! I'm moving the cabinet!

[17:02] Scarlett: I think it's working, I can hear something moving in the door

[17:02] Violet: The door's shaking. I locked it but it looks like that's not going to stop them.

[17:02] Violet: There's a door behind the file cabinet!

[17:02] Kurt: Get out of there!

[17:02] Violet: He's coming in!

[17:02] Scarlett: The door's opening!

[17:02] Violet: Oh no no no!

[17:02] Violet: I'm out!

[17:02] Caine: Go! And block that door behind you!

[17:03] Violet: There are stairs, I'm coming Lettie!

[17:03] Violet: I can hear him behind me.

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:03] Kurt: What the hell is going on there?

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:03] DROWNING

[17:04] Kurt: Which of you is saying that?

[17:04] Violet: I'm on Level 2!

[17:04] Scarlett: I'm outside, and I'm trying to figure out a way to block the door once we're both out!

[17:04] Violet: Is that door open Lettie?

[17:04] Scarlett: It is!

[17:04] DROWNING

[17:04] DROWNING

[17:04] DROWNING

[17:04] DROWNING

[17:04] Violet: OK, I'm at L1

[17:05] Kurt: What's happening!

[17:05] Violet: We're leaving - Kurt can you lock the door behind us?

[17:05] Kurt: No, I can't!

[17:05] Scarlett: I'm using the crowbar to wedge it shut

[17:05] Violet: Lettie's OK

[17:05] Scarlett: I think that worked

[17:06] Kurt: OK, I've put an override on all systems, that should slow whoever it is inside down.

[17:06] Violet: We're OK, we're OK.

[17:06] Scarlett: I think I'm going to be sick.

[17:06] Caine: Just. Don't. Again. Ever. You hear me?

[17:06] Violet: You know, I. Yes.

[17:07] Violet: We're going back to the boat now.

[17:07] Scarlett: I really think I'm going to be sick.

[17:07] Violet: Caine, I. Thank you.

[17:07] Violet: But not in a soppy way.

[17:08] Violet: See, Scarlett, I told you you shouldn't have eaten all that squid.

[17:08] Scarlett: We left all our stuff in there.

[17:09] Scarlett: And your key.

[17:09] Violet: We're not going back for it. Not today anyway.

[17:10] Kurt: I'm going to keep monitoring the systems as best I can tonight.

[17:10] Kurt: You heading back to the port?

[17:10] Violet: Yes.

[17:10] Violet: But you know

[17:10] Violet: This isn't over.

[17:10] Caine: Vi...

[17:10] Violet: Yes?

[17:11] Caine: You should get yourself checked out. The radiation, you know.

[17:11] Violet: Hmm. Yes.

[17:11] Violet: I'll go to the doctor on the island in the morning.

[17:12] Caine: I think you should go now.

[17:12] Violet: Ok then

[17:12] Caine: Make sure she goes, Lettie.

[17:13] Scarlett: I will.

[17:13] Scarlett: Are those really guns, Vi?

[17:13] Violet: Yeah, I think so.

[17:13] Caine: You can put the safety back on now. Don't want you blowing a hole in the boat.

[17:14] Violet: Good point. You know. I think I might be in shock.

[17:14] Violet: Can you be in shock and know you're in shock?

[17:14] Caine: Lettie, I mean it: make sure she gets to a doctor. Now.

[17:15] Violet: Or is it like being mad, where if you think you are it means you're not?

[17:15] Violet: What *was* that thing down there?

[17:15] Scarlett: Yes.

[17:15] Scarlett: We're going to go now.

[17:15] Caine: Start moving her now.

[17:15] Scarlett: And if we decide to come back, we'll let you know.

[17:16] Kurt: Keep us updated. I'll keep watching the systems overnight.

[17:16] Caine: Don't forget to get yourself checked over too, Lettie. It's been a rough day for you both.

[17:16] Violet: OK, bye then.

[17:16] Violet: And thank you Kurt. And thank you Caine.

[17:17] Caine: Bye, Vi. Take care.

[17:17] Scarlett: Bye!

[17:17] Kurt: See you for now.