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People Involved: Violet Kiteway | Scarlett Kiteway | Kurt McAllister | Caine Johansson | Anthony Granier | Edwina Mountling | Jake Maine

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This is the transcript of what was seen to occur on Hobbs Island, in the Lancewood Archipelago. Violet and Scarlett went on a random hunt here, looking for clues from Anthony Granier. When they arrived, they discovered some sort of bunker, which had previously gone under the guise of a lighthouse. They started to need some help, so contacted Kurt, who setup a chat interface and viewer.

Note: Newer messages appeared at the top of the chat interface, so that the entire log read from bottom to top. The log below has been reversed to read in proper chronological order.

Original source script is here:


Important Findings, 26-SEP-06

It's The Cube!!! They Were building The Cube!! And yes it does have intelligence ... and .. IT"S TEH CUBE!!!1


[16:04] Violet: Kurt, you around?

[16:06] Scarlett: He's probably off reconfiguring the discombobulator or something

[16:07] Violet: Or hacking into the Academy's secret orbital weapons platform

[16:09] Scarlett: I bet he's stuck in a meeting with Garnet again

[16:10] Kurt: Sorry I'm late guys

[16:10] Kurt: I was stuck in a meeting. With your dad, actually.

[16:10] Violet: Oh yeah?

[16:12] Kurt: It was one of those open-ended meetings where I wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to know

[16:13] Kurt: But I think he's coming under a lot of political pressure, and he's concerned about Garnet's apparent expansion of authority

[16:13] Scarlett: Usual stuff then

[16:13] Scarlett: So are we going to go in, or what?

[16:13] Kurt: Go ahead

[16:15] Kurt: Could you check something for me though?

[16:15] Violet: The electricity again?

[16:15] Kurt: Yeah, more power glitches overnight.

[16:16] Violet: Want me to try the power again in the unloading bay?

[16:16] Kurt: Yeah, thanks.

[16:16] Violet: Just turned it off

[16:16] Kurt: Okay, I'm going to run some diagnostics

[16:17] Scarlett: What do you think the power glitches are?

[16:17] Kurt: I'm not sure.

[16:17] Kurt: I suppose it's hardly surprising from a facility that's almost 300 years old and has, apparently, been running constantly

[16:18] Kurt: But it just strikes me as being odd. Maybe there's something running on a timer or some power draw I don't know about yet.

[16:19] Kurt: Could be something interesting, could be nothing.

[16:19] Kurt: Can you turn the lights back on again?

[16:19] Violet: Done.

[16:19] Violet: So...?

[16:20] Kurt: So I'm not imagining things, there really was a power glitch last night, and it went farther into level 1 than before.

[16:20] Scarlett: Is it because we're here?

[16:21] Kurt: Maybe, but for all we know, it's been doing this every day for the last couple of centuries.

[16:21] Violet: Well, it's just speculation at the moment, so let's get on with it.

[16:23] Violet: I want to check out those files from Granier and Mountling again.

[16:23] Scarlett: Down to level 3 again. Fun.

[16:24] Kurt: Wow, I didn't know your key could transmit sarcasm.

[16:24] Violet: Yeah, it was an automatic upgrade when she turned 16.

[16:24] Scarlett: Very funny.

[16:25] Violet: See, it works so well!

[16:25] Violet: Okay, Mountling's desk. Time to get stuck in.

[16:26] Scarlett: Mind if I have a look around while you read through this stuff?

[16:26] Violet: Go ahead. I guess we won't be doing much exploring today anyway.

[16:27] Kurt: Are you trying Mountling's journal again?

[16:28] Violet: Yeah. I think I should have more luck today, I looked up some resources last night about the quirks of her particular dialect.

[16:29] Violet: Right. June 1736.

[16:30] Violet: "Targeting range and precision vastly improved today. Problem: horizon is still unstable, and functioning is highly susceptible to ... fields."

[16:31] Kurt: What's ... ?

[16:32] Violet: Electromagnetic, I suppose.

[16:34] Violet: It goes on: "Engineers have informed me that the facsimile thought processors are so small they can be overwhelmed by the material's functions."

[16:34] Violet: Then it just gets way too technical. All sorts of sketches and untranslatable scientific terms.

[16:35] Violet: I'll go forward a bit.

[16:35] Violet: February 1737. Aha.

[16:36] Violet: "Construction of GP-SCMS began this week. Some scientists are already calling it the 'Cube'. Have tried to discourage this line of thought, but it seems that old traditions die hard."

[16:37] Kurt: Any indication what she means by that?

[16:37] Violet: The traditions? Not sure; there's still a lot about pre-war history we don't know.

[16:37] Kurt: Humanities students, typical.

[16:39] Violet: "Our last attempt at compensating for EM interference failed, so I had no choice but to authorise construction of the Quiet Room. Woad will not be happy, but Adamek assures me she can deal with her."

[16:41] Violet: I can see the Quiet Room mentioned again further along in her journal, but it's not clear where or what it is, except for that Adamek visited it the next month.

[16:43] Violet: The writing here is more... irritated.

[16:43] Kurt: Really.

[16:44] Violet: Yes. If you actually read any books, Kurt, then you would be able to notice how handwriting varies depending on the writer's mood.

[16:44] Violet: Evidently the Adamek visit wasn't all that fun.

[16:45] Violet: She's written down a bit of dialogue here.

[16:46] Violet: "It has thought?"

[16:48] Violet: "Nothing that you would call thought, Master Adamek. It has intelligence, of a sort, but it can neither talk nor think."

[16:48] Violet: "What exactly is it for, then?"

[16:49] Violet: "It needs a weak intelligence to govern the trillions of material processors inside it, but you have no reason to worry. It has no capacity to disobey than any of your lackeys."

[16:50] Kurt: Ouch.

[16:50] Violet: I take it you don't speak to dad like that?

[16:50] Kurt: Not if I want to keep my job.

[16:52] Violet: I wonder what their relationship was like... Chief Scientist of Lancewood, and apparent creator of the Cube, and the Master of the Academy.

[16:53] Kurt: Unstable, clearly

[16:55] Violet: I wonder where Scarlett went off to

[16:56] Scarlett: I'm in the rec room

[16:57] Scarlett: I found a bunch of old newspapers

[16:57] Kurt: Anything else from Mountling?

[16:58] Violet: Yes, but not that I can read. Her writing gets very frazzled in the months after that entry. Not very surprising, given the catastrophe wasn't far off.

[16:59] Violet: I'm going to switch over to Granier's papers, I can read his stuff easier.

[17:01] Kurt: I forget to mention.

[17:01] Kurt: A certain someone came back from his wildly-extended holiday.

[17:02] Caine: Hey.

[17:03] Caine: Is this a private secret mission, or can anyone watch?

[17:03] Violet: Hey

[17:03] Violet: You know we have an audience, right?

[17:03] Violet: Although, Scarlett and I were saying we might stay here tonight to check up on the power glitches, so it's not like there's another way to say, you know, "hey".

[17:03] Caine: I'm not planning on getting involved. Just saying hi. Or "hey".

[17:04] Caine: Where's Lettie?

[17:04] Scarlett: I'm here! Hello!!

[17:04] Scarlett: /me waves

[17:04] Caine: Hey, cutie.

[17:04] Violet: Erm. Yeah. Maybe you could give us a moment?

[17:04] Scarlett: Sulk. Not like it's private anyway.

[17:05] Caine: Nothing ever is.

[17:05] Scarlett: And hello cutie yourself ;)

[17:05] Violet: Hmmm

[17:06] Caine: Listen to your big sis now :)

[17:06] Scarlett: Yawn. All she says is "don't touch that, don't eat those, put down that squid."

[17:06] Violet: So, Caine, how are you?

[17:06] Caine: Intrigued. Amused. You?

[17:07] Violet: I think there's a spider in my hair but I'm trying not to make a big deal about it.

[17:08] Caine: Mind it doesn't bite.

[17:08] Violet: Chance'd be a fine thing.

[17:08] Caine: Getting lonely out on that barren rock?

[17:08] Scarlett: She is! She is! She keeps on talking about you!

[17:09] Violet: Scarlett. You know if you disappeared down here no one would ever find your body, right?

[17:09] Caine: Funny. People keep talking about Violet round here.

[17:09] Violet: Hah. Well. Scarlett and her new squid-fetish aren't proving the *best* company it's true...

[17:09] Violet: I suppose that's a yes.

[17:10] Caine: You should be more careful with your flapping tongue. You're getting a reputation round the CRT, you know. Garnet reckons he's next in line.

[17:10] Violet: Huh?

[17:10] Violet: Oh for the love of Gyvann.

[17:10] Violet: ...

[17:10] Caine: Bruno told me about your night out.

[17:11] Violet: /me is struck dumb

[17:12] Scarlett: That's a first

[17:12] Caine: I'm enjoying the silence.

[17:12] Violet: You can tell Garnet he has nothing to fear from me. I know he's spoken for.

[17:13] Caine: I'll be sure to pass that on.

[17:13] Violet: I don't mean that otherwise I would...

[17:13] Violet: Oh ("&()!!&£*

[17:13] Caine: Don't you have adventuring to do?

[17:13] Violet: Yeah. Look.

[17:14] Scarlett: Go on, say it.

[17:14] Violet: Just. Sorry. For saying that stuff about the thing, you know?

[17:14] Caine: It's okay. Just go. Go and risk your neck.

[17:15] Kurt: If you're *quite* done, you two, let's get back to work.

[17:15] Violet: Yeah. OK. Look. Maybe we can have an awkward and embarassing chat again sometime in the future?

[17:15] Caine: You know where I am.

[17:15] Violet: I can always send the K-man to fetch you.

[17:16] Kurt: Or maybe you couldn't.

[17:17] Violet: So, Granier's files.

[17:19] Violet: There's a big bunch of papers from December 1736, which would be around when he got first arrived here, at least according to this chronology one of the guys on Earth, Rose, I think, sent me last night.

[17:20] Violet: The first one is a communique from the military, saying that Viehattle just broke the cease-fire against Perplex City.

[17:21] Violet: There's some analysis from the military's intelligence officers suggesting that it might have been connected to the material research programme.

[17:22] Violet: Basically, Viehattle may have found out more about what was going on at Lancewood than they should've known.

[17:24] Kurt: Perplex City certainly didn't have many friends back then.

[17:26] Violet: Ah, something interesting from only a couple of weeks after he arrived.

[17:26] Violet: "21 December 1736. The solstice of the cube was celebrated this day, but it was a fell fete indeed."

[17:28] Violet: "The Viehattle spies are convicted from out their own mouths."

[17:28] Violet: "Sikander went before the rifles proclaiming that victory should be theirs afore the season turns again."

[17:28] Violet: "A most distasteful spectacle. The men of Viehattle, if men they be rightly called, have none of the honor of a Plexian-born."

[17:30] Violet: "I have ordered the Wards confined, although the chances that they have obtained vital knowledge is slim indeed."

[17:31] Violet: "The men have made a joke of the matter. "Who shall ward the Wards?" they ask merrily."

[17:32] Violet: "There is a wariness now, though, about the place. Each man looks to his fellow and wonders if he, too, might plot our end."

[17:33] Scarlett: Check it out!

[17:33] Violet: Check what out?

[17:34] Scarlett: One of the newspapers I found in the rec room is about Viehattle taking Viendenbourg

[17:34] Violet: Huh

[17:35] Scarlett: "Fierce fighting sees Viendenbourg fall to Viehattle - August 1737"

[17:35] Kurt: Hmmm

[17:35] Violet: Interesting how this all fits together. I've got more from Granier as well.

[17:36] Violet: "1 May 1737: Dread news from our spies in Viehattle. I can scarce keep my cry of "wanion" locked in my breast."

[17:36] Violet: "Their foul work continues, bringing with it the terror of evil rains upon us all."

[17:37] Violet: "The Master has perused the reports. She is certain that they now have set objects in the firmament."

[17:37] Violet: "These weapons defy all natural law. We must now live in constant fear of what may drop upon us from the very skies."

[17:38] Kurt: Wow. I had no idea they were that advanced.

[17:39] Violet: There are a bunch more administrative records, but there's another journal right at the end.

[17:40] Violet: "13 July 1737: At last, a triumph worthy of all we have dreamed!"

[17:41] Violet: "My time here draws to a close - EM and I debated long into the night whom I should take with me to the city of the stout-hearted men and women of Lancewood."

[17:41] Violet: "I shall be sorry to bid her farewell, for we have been excellent companions to one another."

[17:42] Violet: "But we shall surely meet again when this dark horror is at an end. As it shall surely be, since our creation dwarfs all others."

[17:42] Violet: And that's it. That's what Granier did.

[17:42] Kurt: The question is, of course, what happened after he left?

[17:42] Violet: Yes...

[17:43] Violet: There might be more around the labs, or in Mountling's files, I suppose.

[17:44] Violet: But that'll have to wait. We're off to set up our camp here before it gets too dark outside.

[17:44] Violet: We have to get supplies from the boat.

[17:45] Caine: You're camping outside?

[17:45] Scarlett: It's going to be like a slumber party!

[17:45] Violet: You're still there?

[17:46] Caine: On a rock. In the ocean.

[17:46] Caine: (The slumber party, that is.)

[17:46] Violet: Kurt, you haven't got, like, my dad and my college boyfriend there too?

[17:46] Scarlett: Well, I wanted to go back to the port for more squid fun with Molly!

[17:46] Caine: Don't blame him. I've tunneled in from next door.

[17:46] Scarlett: But Vi won't let me.

[17:47] Scarlett: /me pouts

[17:47] Caine: Let the girl have some fun, Vi.

[17:47] Violet: You don't have to *see it*.

[17:47] Caine: A mouthful of squid never hurt anyone.

[17:47] Violet: We're not all such squid fans as you are.

[17:48] Caine: Ah, of course - you prefer a helping of tongue.

[17:48] Violet: OK, time for us to go then Scarlett.

[17:48] Caine: Look after her, Lettie. She tends to go wandering.

[17:48] Scarlett: What does he mean when he says... *oh*

[17:48] Scarlett: :)

[17:48] Scarlett: We'll just be braiding each other's hair tonight and eating marshmallows.

[17:49] Caine: Well, you take what you can get, I suppose.

[17:49] Violet: Yup. We'll probably look around some more about 3pm tomorrow?

[17:49] Violet: But Kurt, you'll wake us up if that power fluctuation happens again?

[17:49] Violet: So we can check it out.

[17:49] Kurt: Yeah, I'll be keeping an eye on it.

[17:49] Violet: Cool

[17:50] Caine: Sleep well. Mind the ghosts.

[17:50] Scarlett: Don't worry. Vi can just eat their faces.

[17:50] Violet: Enough now.

[17:50] Caine: G'night.

[17:50] Violet: G'night

[17:50] Kurt: Bye all

[17:51] Scarlett: Bye Caine and Kurt!