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People Involved: Violet Kiteway | Scarlett Kiteway | Kurt McAllister | Caine Johansson | Anthony Granier | Edwina Mountling | Jake Maine

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This is the transcript of what was seen to occur on Hobbs Island, in the Lancewood Archipelago. Violet and Scarlett went on a random hunt here, looking for clues from Anthony Granier. When they arrived, they discovered some sort of bunker, which had previously gone under the guise of a lighthouse. They started to need some help, so contacted Kurt, who setup a chat interface and viewer.

Note: Newer messages appeared at the top of the chat interface, so that the entire log read from bottom to top. The log below has been reversed to read in proper chronological order.

Original source script is here:


Important Findings, 25-SEP-06

. . .


Hobbs lab 3.png

[16:04] Kurt: Hello all

[16:04] Scarlett: Hey Kurt

[16:05] Kurt: How are you guys?

[16:05] Violet: Yes, we're good. I think Scarlett still has that squid smell to her though....

[16:06] Scarlett: Blech! I do not!

[16:06] Kurt: Incidentally, I noticed a power glitch in the level 1 unloading bay over the weekend

[16:06] Kurt: Can you guys have a look?

[16:06] Violet: Well what do you expect eating nothing but seafood all weekend?

[16:06] Scarlett: At least I'm entering into the spirit of the thing.

[16:06] Kurt: Guys?

[16:07] Violet: Okay, no problem, K-man

[16:08] Violet: I expect it was the fell forces of Hobbs Island.

[16:08] Violet: Did you see, Lettie and I are doomed for coming here? Doomed, I tell you.

[16:09] Kurt: It's a terrible fate

[16:09] Scarlett: We might just get our faces eaten off by ghosts. Do you think they can graft faces these days?

[16:09] Scarlett: I could ask to look more like Joya!

[16:09] Violet: There will be no face-eating.

[16:10] Violet: We're in the unloading bay now

[16:10] Kurt: See anything weird? Lights still fine?

[16:10] Violet: Seems like it

[16:11] Kurt: Okay. Maybe it's just my end then. Try turning the power off and then on again.

[16:11] Violet: No problem, give me a minute

[16:11] Violet: So, erm, just while we wait. Have you spoken to C today

[16:12] Kurt: Haven't seen him yet. Think he's catching up.

[16:12] Kurt: Do you want me to find him for you?

[16:12] Violet: No!

[16:12] Violet: I mean, er, no, don't put yourself to any trouble.

[16:13] Violet: I expect he doesn't want to talk to me anyway.

[16:13] Violet: Not that I really care one way or the other.

[16:13] Scarlett: You still loooove him.....

[16:13] Violet: Power's back on!

[16:13] Kurt: My system is registered that power change fine. Odd.

[16:14] Kurt: Probably just a glitch, nothing to worry about.

[16:14] Violet: It's the ghosts. Must be.

[16:14] Kurt: *Anyway*

[16:15] Kurt: I programmed an interface to a virtual access panel for Level 3

[16:15] Kurt: I've done pretty much all of the hard work decrypting their systems, there's only a simple access puzzle to enable the lift to access L3

[16:16] Violet: So solve it already

[16:16] Kurt: I thought I'd give it to the guys watching on Earth

[16:17] Kurt: So here's the link for the panel to access level 3.

[16:17] Kurt: Just in the interests of promoting interworld harmony

[16:18] Kurt: As soon as someone solves it, L3 will also become visible on the interface

[16:19] Scarlett: You sound very responsible like that, Kurt

[16:19] Kurt: Well, you know, I have to teach students at the Academy, I guess that's where it comes from

[16:19] Scarlett: Let's have a walk around, see if there's anything we've missed

[16:21] Violet: Anyway, I don't particularly care for 'C' any more.

[16:21] Scarlett: You do. You love him and you think about him all the time.

[16:21] Violet: You're not too old to be sent to your room, you know.

[16:21] Violet: Your room in Perplex City

[16:21] Violet: Or possibly a room I shall rent for you in Xia-Hifa.

[16:21] Scarlett: OK, I'll keep quiet. But sisters know these things, you know.

[16:22] Scarlett: She goes all squishy when she talks about him, Kurt. And then she realises she's gone squishy and she tries to pretend she was joking.

[16:22] Kurt: Do I really need to know this?

[16:22] Violet: I believe Scarlett has been infected by the blight of the archipelago: squid fever.

[16:22] Violet: Tragic really, but I'm going to have to shoot her. It's the only way.

[16:23] Kurt: It's best that she doesn't suffer too much.

[16:23] Scarlett: Hey!

[16:23] Kurt: By the way guys, you have to click on the 'Activate' button on that puzzle when it's done

[16:24] Kurt: Ah, someone got it

[16:24] Violet: Hurrah!

[16:24] Violet: Those kids on Earth eh? What will they do next?

[16:25] Violet: We're heading back to the lift now. Scarlett, leave that food alone.

[16:28] Violet: Hit the L3 button, K-meister

[16:28] Kurt: Doing so now

[16:28] Scarlett: Woo!

[16:28] Violet: Wow. Do we know how deep this thing goes?

[16:29] Scarlett: Hmm. It's not even too dusty in here. That's weird.

[16:29] Violet: There's a plaque on the wall

[16:30] Violet: Lancewood level 3, excavated June 1733

[16:30] Violet: They worked fast

[16:30] Violet: Can you imagine the amount of resources that must have been put into this project?

[16:30] Kurt: And on an island in the middle of nowhere...

[16:30] Violet: Okay, we're at the first room east of the lift

[16:31] Violet: Looks like it's completely empty... wait...

[16:32] Kurt: What's happening?

[16:32] Scarlett: OMG. That is so freaky.

[16:32] Scarlett: I don't even know how to describe this.

[16:33] Violet: For once I have to agree. This is freaky.

[16:33] Violet: Seriously, Kurt, I really don't think you have anything like this in the Academy.

[16:33] Scarlett: It's the light.

[16:33] Violet: Yeah.

[16:33] Kurt: What about the light?

[16:34] Violet: Well, it's...

[16:34] Scarlett: It's not normal.

[16:34] Kurt: Please try to make some sense.

[16:34] Violet: OK, so the light is coming from the centre of the room, right? Not just the centre of the ceiling, but the centre of the room.

[16:34] Violet: Except there's nothing there.

[16:35] Violet: It's as if there's a lamp in the middle of the room.

[16:35] Scarlett: But there's *nothing* there.

[16:35] Scarlett: Like, if I put my hand into the light...

[16:35] Violet: Don't do that!

[16:35] Scarlett: No, look, it's fine.

[16:35] Violet: I don't think you should do that again.

[16:35] Kurt: Look guys, seriously. It must be a hologram or something. There must be a projector somewhere.

[16:36] Violet: I'm telling you. This room is totally empty, and I know what a hologram projector looks like. Plus there's no hologram that can do what's happening here.

[16:37] Scarlett: There's just nothing there. Just light.

[16:37] Violet: Seriously, K-meister. What could make this happen?

[16:37] Violet: And is it likely to eat our faces?

[16:37] Kurt: Well...

[16:38] Scarlett: Well?

[16:38] Kurt: Probably not.

[16:38] Scarlett: It's really pretty.

[16:38] Scarlett: The light is kinda... twinkly.

[16:39] Violet: I may regret saying this but, just to prove the point, I'm going to close the door.

[16:39] Violet: It's a blast-door. No light source could pass through it.

[16:39] Violet: There, see. There's light in the middle of the room.

[16:39] Scarlett: I feel like I could just pick it up and take it with us.

[16:39] Violet: I think we should move on.

[16:40] Scarlett: Hmm. Radiation lab.

[16:40] Scarlett: Is there some cool, fun, non-lethal kind of radiation to which this could be referring?

[16:41] Kurt: I doubt it

[16:41] Violet: I think we're going to give that whole room a miss.

[16:41] Violet: No point solving one of the foundational mysteries of our civilisation and then dying slowly of wasting diseases.

[16:43] Violet: Energy lab here

[16:43] Scarlett: Sounds exciting

[16:43] Violet: Unfortunately we can't get in this one either, it's sealed shut by blast doors with very scary glyphs on them.

[16:44] Violet: There's a bunch of cables leading off from here to the other floors.

[16:44] Kurt: I suppose this is the thing that could be powering the facility

[16:46] Violet: Finally, a room which we can actually enter: the offices

[16:47] Violet: Cleaned out again, no papers.

[16:47] Scarlett: There's a picture on the wall.

[16:47] Violet: Oh! I recognise them! Or at least, I recognise two of them.

[16:47] Scarlett: Hey, I know her.

[16:47] Violet: Yup.

[16:47] Violet: That, dear Scarlett, is our distant ancestor, Vianne Adamek herself.

[16:48] Scarlett: She looks nothing like mummy.

[16:48] Violet: Oh well.

[16:48] Violet: And that's Rifa Woad of the Perplex City Defence Forces.

[16:49] Scarlett: We learned about her in conflict history I think.

[16:49] Scarlett: Who's the third one?

[16:49] Violet: According to the inscription, that's Mountling.

[16:50] Scarlett: Huh. That's her.

[16:50] Scarlett: She's quite pretty!

[16:50] Violet: Because yes, Scarlett, that's how we should be judging one of the most brilliant minds of her generation.

[16:50] Scarlett: I was only *saying*.

[16:50] Scarlett: What's this written here? I can't make it out.

[16:51] Violet: It's a quotation from Adamek

[16:51] Violet: "This isn't just a magical peephole, ladies and gentlemen. A device that can transmit light from any point to any other can do anything."

[16:52] Violet: So, Kurt. Is everything becoming clear or just getting more confusing?

[16:52] Kurt: I think it's a bit of both.

[16:53] Kurt: Clearly they were investigating the properties of this 'material' that makes up the Cube... and it sound like its capabilities are vast

[16:53] Violet: Hmm

[16:54] Violet: Moving on for now...

[16:54] Scarlett: Vacuum lab

[16:54] Scarlett: I wonder what that means

[16:54] Scarlett: Apart from there being a vacuum inside, obviously

[16:55] Violet: Well, we can't get in here either. Same old blast doors. But there's damage.

[16:56] Scarlett: Yeah... it's blackened all over, and some bits look newer than others.

[16:57] Violet: There's a little sign here, on the side.

[16:57] Scarlett: They like their signs, don't they?

[16:58] Violet: "In memory of Cook and Kennard, who reached the stars"

[17:00] Scarlett: How sad.

[17:00] Kurt: I wonder who this Kennard was... there's a family of old pre-war Kennards, but not much about him.

[17:01] Violet: The last room in this zone is the computer room.

[17:01] Violet: Even weirder and more sophisticated than the ones on the other levels.

[17:01] Violet: And of course, there's a corridor here.

[17:02] Violet: So, K-dog, you know what we were saying over the weekend?

[17:02] Kurt: Violet. I am neither a dog, nor a meister. I am a man, yes, but not a 'K-man'

[17:03] Violet: Sorry, I couldn't see that last message. But about the floor plan.

[17:03] Scarlett: What about the floor plan?

[17:04] Violet: We were saying how much it looks like... well. It looks like the 3rd Power symbol.

[17:04] Scarlett: I think I just got a chill down my spine.

[17:04] Violet: Either that or the shadow men are coming for you.

[17:04] Scarlett: Don't say that!

[17:04] Scarlett: That's really creepy.

[17:05] Violet: The question is, what does it mean?

[17:05] Kurt: Could just be a coincidence.

[17:06] Violet: Right. The floor plans of the Lancewood Lab, researching the Cube, being identical to the group who claim the Cube is theirs?

[17:06] Kurt: Okay, maybe not, then.

[17:07] Violet: But did the 3P steal the symbol? Did they build the labs? Was the Academy the same thing as the 3P before the war?

[17:07] Scarlett: And if the 3P built the Cube, was it them who used it to destroy the city? While they were safe here at Lancewood?

[17:07] Violet: What makes you think it's a weapon?

[17:07] Scarlett: I don't know. Adamek said it can do anything.

[17:08] Scarlett: I think I'm scared.

[17:08] Violet: You know. I'm sure "anything" doesn't mean "everything".

[17:08] Violet: Can it create chocolate milkshake? Probably not.

[17:08] Violet: Can it turn back time? I shouldn't think so, given that this lab wasn't actually built in a day.

[17:08] Violet: Can it mend a broken heart?

[17:09] Violet: OK, now I'm sickening even myself.

[17:09] Scarlett: It's OK. I think I feel a bit better now.

[17:09] Violet: Right. Onward.

[17:10] Violet: The stores are at the other end of this corridor.

[17:11] Scarlett: Mmm, Academy chocolate

[17:11] Scarlett: We should tell dad to make this stuff.

[17:12] Violet: And we've got a computer room... no, looks like a server room... to the east

[17:13] Violet: Room to the west of the stores is the workshop

[17:14] Violet: All sorts of high tech machining tools. And weapons.

[17:14] Scarlett: I don't think I've ever seen a gun in real life.

[17:14] Violet: I suggest we *don't* touch them.

[17:14] Violet: Last thing we want to do is let off a centuries-old weapon of unknown power.

[17:15] Violet: Scarlett, that means you. No touching. Not even a little bit. Save your curiosity for the squid.

[17:15] Violet: We're moving on.

[17:15] Scarlett: The infirmary's next.

[17:16] Violet: How appropriate. Next to the weapons.

[17:16] Violet: Various kits, labelled: radiation exposure, burns, frost damage.

[17:16] Scarlett: Suicide pills.

[17:17] Violet: Where?

[17:18] Scarlett: Here. In a nice tin box with a neat label.

[17:18] Violet: One presumes they didn't have to use them, then. If they're still here.

[17:18] Scarlett: Can we go on?

[17:18] Violet: These seem to be administration offices.

[17:19] Violet: Granier and Mountling have offices next door to each other. How sweet.

[17:19] Violet: There's even a connecting door! Wait, you don't think they used that for...?

[17:19] Scarlett: Doesn't your office connect to someone else, Kurt?

[17:19] Kurt: Caine. And this line of thought stops here

[17:20] Violet: So there are a few papers in Granier's desk. Do you think this is what he meant his children to find?

[17:20] Scarlett: Look at this. "The Viehattle Group."

[17:20] Scarlett: Jonathan Sikander, executed on Granier's orders following his leaking of information. Mary and David Ward were confined and 'aggressively questioned'.

[17:21] Scarlett: Happened in December 1736, and the report says that Viehattle formally broke the cease-fire against Perplex City and joined Anjsbourg at that time.

[17:21] Scarlett: Execution. Ugh.

[17:22] Violet: I suppose he did want his children to "forgive" him.

[17:23] Violet: There are a lot of papers here, it'll take a while to go through them.

[17:23] Violet: Let's have a look at Mountling's office first.

[17:23] Scarlett: Nice.

[17:23] Violet: Very plush indeed.

[17:24] Scarlett: And look, some sort of work journal!

[17:26] Violet: Sigh

[17:26] Kurt: What's that?

[17:27] Violet: This writing is tiny, plus Mountling's using an odd dialect.

[17:27] Violet: Let's see...

[17:28] Violet: March 4th. First sample arrives in PR1. Intense optical and - I think - magnetic observation, using resonance imaging.

[17:29] Violet: March 10th. Coherence = 0.17s. Must increase - exponential effects.

[17:30] Violet: July 1732. Doping began last month... increases coherence time, easier control.

[17:30] Violet: It's hard to tell whether I'm translating this right... the terms are very different from what I learned in college.

[17:31] Kurt: Makes broad sense to me so far, keep on going.

[17:32] Violet: November - Breakthrough! Molecular processors. Must interface with own systems to dampen loops. Coherence at 9s.

[17:33] Violet: A later entry has something about requesting more authors... no, sorry, programmers, for Lancewood.

[17:33] Scarlett: I can't believe you can read that stuff.

[17:33] Violet: Hey, remember, this is what I do!

[17:34] Scarlett: Except when you're not playing poker or moping around.

[17:34] Kurt: Ahem.

[17:34] Violet: Indeed.

[17:35] Violet: There's a big stretch of stuff which is just indecipherable... I can't make out anything until three years later. November 1735.

[17:35] Violet: Researchers require more material; beginning to reach physical limits.

[17:39] Violet: Also, "Received proposal for combining material with facsimile thought. Even optical connects are too slow - material needs embedded reflexive controller."

[17:40] Scarlett: What's that supposed to mean?

[17:40] Kurt: Sorry guys, mislabeled some of the rooms. Fixed now.

[17:41] Scarlett: Honestly Kurt, what would Dad think?

[17:41] Violet: Ach, this is just too frustrating.

[17:41] Violet: I'll try one last bit.

[17:43] Violet: Next entry is in December. "Have proposed Northern Expedition to Adamek. Must discover method to mine and safely transport more material. Request political support."

[17:43] Violet: That's it, I'm done. I can't read this right now.

[17:44] Scarlett: Yeah, it was getting boring. Let's head out.

[17:44] Scarlett: This is another office. Administration.

[17:44] Violet: Nice and empty. No obscure diaries.

[17:45] Violet: Big room full of generators and electrical equipment, but mostly all mothballed.

[17:46] Kurt: I suppose if the Energy lab is powering everything, there wasn't any need for the generators any more.

[17:46] Violet: Makes sense.

[17:46] Violet: Finally, meeting room and toilets.

[17:47] Scarlett: I'm just going to dash inside, sorry.

[17:49] Scarlett: OK, I'm back. I was thinking...

[17:49] Violet: I thought I could smell the wood burning.

[17:49] Scarlett: Do you think we should, you know, tell someone about all of this?

[17:50] Violet: Who would we tell?

[17:50] Scarlett: I don't know. The police maybe?

[17:50] Kurt: Even Helena Frye's not sure we can trust them. They hardly seem to know what's going on themselves.

[17:50] Scarlett: The government?

[17:51] Violet: Well we *know* we can't trust them. Remember Karen Moro?

[17:52] Kurt: Yeah, her handler must have had some sort of governmental influence, given the way they used her dad.

[17:52] Scarlett: What about Dad?

[17:52] Violet: ...

[17:52] Scarlett: Yeah

[17:52] Violet: I'm sorry.

[17:53] Scarlett: Maybe we should tell, you know, everyone.

[17:53] Violet: In a leaflet-drop?

[17:54] Scarlett: No. I mean, we take everything we've found to the press. If we don't know what the government would do with it, and we can't trust the police and Dad is, might be.... Maybe telling everyone's safer than only telling a few people.

[17:54] Violet: I don't think we're there yet.

[17:54] Kurt: Yup. This isn't really news. It all happened centuries ago.

[17:54] Violet: But it's worth thinking about.

[17:54] Violet: K-bird, you and I could perhaps spend some time this evening collating everything we've found into some chronological order?

[17:54] Scarlett: What about me?

[17:55] Violet: Didn't Molly say she and her sister are squid-munching this evening?

[17:55] Scarlett: I'm not sure I'm in the mood.

[17:55] Violet: You should go. You'll enjoy it once you've got going.

[17:55] Scarlett: Yeah, maybe.

[17:55] Scarlett: OK then. We're going back to the port.

[17:55] Violet: Maybe you can keep an eye on the power overnight Kurt, see if you can spot where that outage started. I might be able to fix it.

[17:56] Kurt: I'm not staying up all night for that. But, OK, if I spot something I'll let you know.

[17:56] Violet: I figure we'll come back around the same time tomorrow to have a look at Mountling and Granier's files a bit more.

[17:58] Kurt: Can't you take them with you?

[17:58] Scarlett: Uh, I don't think so, Kurt.

[17:58] Violet: They're huge. Plus, we're in no hurry right now.

[17:58] Kurt: Fine, fine.

[17:58] Violet: Plus, you're not here to carry them for us.

[17:59] Kurt: Ah, so the real reason comes out!

[17:59] Violet: Hah, yep. See you tomorrow, Kurt!

[17:59] Kurt: Bye!

[17:59] Scarlett: See you!