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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


"It is clear that under the administration of [Academy] Master [Sente] Kiteway, the Academy has lost its way," Earlywine said. "It is my hope that the reintroduction of transparency to the highest levels of the Academy will restore the public's trust in the Academy and in the City Council."

--Nathan "Evil" Earlywine, shortly after rising to power following an impromptu election

The goal of the oversight committee was essentially to report to the City Council, and make sure the Academy was acting in the best interest of those in the city who look to it for guidance and excellence. The committee was not formed to take direct action itself, but to draft proposals to present to the City Council; however, the council's resolution forming the committee did allow for the committee itself to request authority for unilateral executive action if it becomes necessary.


  1. Academy Senior Fellow Astrid Lindstrom
  2. Academy Senior Fellow Inari Ekeba
  3. Cube Retrieval Team Member Garnet Reed
  4. Centrifuge CEO Halima Bourne
  5. Marmalejo College Dean Thomas Waxwick
  6. Cognivia Director of Research Dale Robarding
  7. PCAG Chairman Robert Zhi-Hui
  8. PCX Managing Director Giordana Moore
  9. Philanthropist Paulina Rudon-Birch

The initial longlist of nominations featured over seventy individuals and included education analysts, city planners, noteworthy artists and urban anthropologists. All of the appointees are themselves Academy graduates, and many have held fellowships. "The council was united in aiming for individuals who want to do the right thing by the Academy and by the city," said Council Member Ruth Sawyer. "In some ways the Academy embodies the heart of Perplex City. It transcends politics. It's important to respect that."


Initially, the committee and Sente Kiteway were coming at odds. Unsurprisingly, Kiteway refused to yield to some of the demands of the committee.

However, after Kiteway's key had been turned over to the Committee at the end of December 2006, certain notes came to light which implicated him in a PCAG investigation being conducted by the Substance Compliance Program. Though the two groups are not directly related, the information could not be suppressed, and one committee handed information over to the other.

After this exchange, Kiteway (as well as Ryan Cahill) was soon arrested, during the 2007 Academy Founder's Ball. Staging the arrest during the Ball was almost certainly a calculated power play by the Committee. By exercising their might in this way, they have established a sense of control over the Academy, and Sente himself.

Nearly a month later, after Cahill's full confession and Sente's release, Garnet Reed expressed "personal regrets" about his role in the whole sordid affair.

Finally, on 05-MAR-07, the News at The Point newscast reported the Committee had been disbanded. Sente Kiteway was quoted as saying "Put this difficult chapter behind us." Nathan Earlywine coolly responded "Time for fresh Beginnings."


Academy Oversight Committee

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