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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

This article is related to transcripts that span several days of adventure on Hobbs Island. Please see Hobbs Island Transcript for the complete list or pick an individual transcript:

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People Involved: Violet Kiteway | Scarlett Kiteway | Kurt McAllister | Caine Johansson | Anthony Granier | Edwina Mountling | Jake Maine

Related Topics: Lancewood Archipelago | Hobbs Island | The Receda Cube

This is the transcript of what was seen to occur on Hobbs Island, in the Lancewood Archipelago. Violet and Scarlett went on a random hunt here, looking for clues from Anthony Granier. When they arrived, they discovered some sort of bunker, which had previously gone under the guise of a lighthouse. They started to need some help, so contacted Kurt, who setup a chat interface and viewer.

The dates discovered during these events can be seen in relation to each other and PPC general history in the Timeline.


On Thursday, 21 September 2006 (269 PXC), Violet and Scarlett explored Level one of the bunker. They discovered it was a laboratory, self-sufficient in power from an undetermined source. The laboratory includes military-style barracks with bunks and a mess hall. One of the dishes served in the dining room was tansy pudding, an abortificant.

The lab opened in February 1732 (5 BC, PXC). Master Adamek was present for the opening. In 1733, the lab received a new "anti-air battery", which Kurt guessed is for a surface-to-air missle. We also learned that in December 1736, Viehattle ended the cease-fire and declared war on Perplex City.



Level two of the labs was explored on Friday, 22 September 2006. Two pressurized labs were discovered, with equipment such as a Class 5A Laser and a Magnetic Micromanipulator. Each lab had an observation room attached.

The lab's purpose appears to be for a Material Research